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ARTinvestment.RU   29 июня 2017

In the State exhibition hall "Ark" July 4, opens the exhibition and a pupil of Kazimir Malevich and Vladimir Tatlin — artist Zenon Komissarenko (1891-1980)

the Beginning of the twentieth century — the time of great discoveries — was marked by the collapse of the old and birth of new philosophical, aesthetic, political and other concepts. All the revolutions that make up the content of this legendary era are directly reflected in the art, creating the ground for a wide variety of experiments in visual and musical culture. The ideas of constructivism, Suprematist theory of cosmic bodies, the technologies included in the limits of the art object in the real space, the mounting principles of cinema was realized in the works of Zenon Komissarenko — forgotten artist, a pupil of Kazimir Malevich and Vladimir Tatlin.

the Exhibition is based on a unique collection of works of the artist 1960-х years from the private collection of Michael Alshibaya. Animated experiments Zenon Komissarenko the beginning of the twentieth century, which had a radical effect on discoveries in the field of domestic animation presented in the exhibition together with contextual materials from the archives of the Russian state archive of literature and art and the collections of the State Central cinema Museum.

Special place is occupied by works of contemporary artists. Inseparable from the traditions of the Russian avant-garde three-dimensional compositions of Andrey Krasulin talk about the latest dialogues of space and the artistic image. The subject turned to the world, they keep it alive texture and at the same time belong to the minimalist tradition of Russian art of the 1960-70-х.

Design of Vyacheslav koleichuk, their spatial layering and dynamic properties open new possibilities for the development of the ideas of Russian cosmism. Features Matvey Stetsyuk, built on the basic strategies of constructivism, represent relief images of teachers Zeno Komissarenko — Kazimir Malevich and Vladimir Tatlin.

Source: press-релиз state exhibition hall "Ark"

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