The "phenomenon of the Artist Peace in Yaroslavl
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The 125-th anniversary of the birth of Mikhail Sokolov Xenofontovich

Today, 19 September, in the Yaroslavl Art Museum kicks off Project "The phenomenon of Artists the world." He is confined to the 125 th anniversary of Michael Xenofontovich Sokolova .

«Sokolov was in a romantic life and art. Art was his idol, and he was a priest ... it's art, he served as the medieval paladin his lady heart. At the billboard was written Sokolova old saying all the knights of art: "Life is short, art is long" ... In art, he realized his dream of beauty. He was an apostle of beauty. It was his aesthetic credo ».

NM Tarabukin" Materials for a biography of Mikhail Sokolov ", 1948

Mikhail Sokolov Ksenofontovich - the most outstanding personality, which gave Yaroslavl domestic fine arts 1910-40-ies. His name was not found in the list of artistic associations of the first half of XX century: not belonged, did not participate - though indifferent to the ideological struggle fronts did not stay. In the history of art is preserved as a separate art "unit" and, moreover, very much. His "stubborn images of romantic landscapes, quaint calvary, vintage women's hats mannered" live in paintings, graphic sheets, camp miniatures (which apprentice Nicholas Lehman wrote as a "little big painting »).

His career initially formed from the usual order of time components: impressionism, cubism, futurism. In 1910 he participated in exhibitions in his native Yaroslavl in 1917 showed work at the exhibition "World of Art in Petrograd. Teaching in a spirit of avant-garde movements in Yaroslavl, Tver, and then met with the provincial rejection of new art forms. Therefore, in 1923, Sokolov was in Moscow, a teacher of fine arts studio Proletkult. "We were far left - Futuro", did "beautiful reliefs and other on the situation at that time. All of this was the greatest of folly, but still as it was good! How much was the faith in the truth of any "isms" - later wrote the artist.

Heritage Sokolova has more than a thousand graphic works and paintings, but during his lifetime, he created a lot of thought lost. "I have until 1923 all that I have created - I have also been destroyed ... if that was preserved, who donated one of me. " The artist was generous with gifts to his friends, and time has kept these gifts.

In 2009, the Yaroslavl Art Museum received a legacy of another MK Sokolova, also a native of Yaroslavl, Fyodor Ivanovich Pankov (1889 -1937), which includes not only his own work, but more than 50 graphic works by Mikhail Sokolov. Among them a unique part of a seemingly lost forever - of the 1910-ies, a futuristic period. This is a sketch of the St. Petersburg period, still life and composition with a slightly kubizirovannoy form, graceful pen drawings and charcoal, concise portraits of concrete and imaginary characters. The museum also received a number of works that are the signature "Yaroslavl", and dated to 1916-1917 years, which confirms the constant visits of the master in the town of his childhood in Moscow and Petrograd.

Yaroslavl Art Museum - the main Heritage keeper Michael Xenofontovich Sokolov. Over the past two decades, the museum has organized more than a dozen personal exhibitions: in GosNIIR, Tretyakov Gallery, the gallery "The Ark", the British Embassy, CHA (all - Moscow), Anna Akhmatova Museum (St. Petersburg), Germany (Kassel ), in museums and galleries in cities of Russia (Kostroma, Vologda, Ivanovo, Rybinsk, Kirov, Ryazan, and others), several exhibitions in the Yaroslavl.

name MK Sokolova is among the most important artists in the history of Russian culture 1920-40-ies. His works are represented in the permanent exhibition of the Tretyakov Gallery, none of the major projects dedicated to the art of XX century, is not without master works. The artist has always been widely known in the circles of connoisseurs and collectors.

«... I want to eternity! Funny. Is not it? Oh so now I'm hungry for life to all living things ... How I would like to share this passion for life, that you understand all the charm of life, its indisputable - that no disasters can not change its course - they ripple on the water - a small space in a puddle of rain the past, and life - a full-blooded ocean, an immense , eternal, concealing himself in miracles (the miracle which never dreamed of, and the wise and the sky, the rights of my poor Hamlet )».


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