"Perceptions of the history of science" Michael Ezuchevskogo
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In the State Darwin Museum An exhibition of graphics and paintings of Mikhail Dmitrievich Ezuchevskogo. This year marks 130 years since the birth of this talented but little-known public artist

The State Darwin Museum (Vavilov Street, 57) opened the exhibition "Sketches of the history of science." She will present the viewer's attention many graphic and pictorial works MD Ezuchevskogo , including out-of - artist's brush vivid portrait images of scientists from different eras, people who were carrying in a fundamentally new scientific thought and devoted their lives to this seemingly elusive truth. Almost a century these works were kept in the collections of Darwin museum and now, shaking off the dust of ages, encouraged by the audience.

This year marks 130 years since the birth of Mikhail Dmitrievich Ezuchevskogo, a talented but little-known public artist, a master of the historical genre and portraiture, whose life was full of shocks, yet less who were unable to break this strong creative nature.

Mikhail Ezuchevsky (1879-1928) lived and worked at the turn of two centuries. By education, he was military, but by vocation - the artist.

Ezuchevsky was born, the end of XIX century, the golden age of Russian culture, but on the approaches have been the twentieth century. Keepers of the spiritual life of this time of change, called the Silver Age, served as a family of nobility "nests". Home Ezuchevskih Caricyno near Moscow was the center of this spiritual principle. This period of life of the artist and some of the most significant for the country's history the inhabitants of this wonderful home tell documents from family archives Ezuchevskih presented at the exhibition "Sketches of the history of science." This touching picture, priceless documents and early graphic work of the artist (1900-1910-ies): "Self-Portrait" (1905, pastel), "Flowers in a Vase" (watercolor), "a water horse" (coal); notebook with landscapes, met in the Crimea and Egypt.

In 1920, AF Kots, founder of the Darwin Museum and then there is an old acquaintance of Mikhail Dmitrievich, invited a talented artist in the museum he created evolution. The artist worked in the Darwin Museum last ten years of his life. This was the heyday of his creativity, is the summit, to which he moved his whole life.

The exhibition "Sketches of the History of Science" will be exhibited paintings from the various cycles of creative artists, most of them will be released for the first time. This is especially true of paintings from the series "Science and religion". Decade, they were kept in the vaults of GDM and the first time brought to the court audience. They depict famous around the world outstanding scientists, each of which is laid on the altar of science, not only the power of his talent, but the best years of his life, and sometimes even life itself: Aristotle, R. Bacon, J. Kepler, Copernicus, G. Galileo, D. Bruno, Bacon, Newton, G. W. Leibniz, Kant, Auguste Comte, Herbert Spencer, E. Mendel, Charles Darwin.

The exhibition will also be told about how manifested itself MD Ezuchevsky after the revolutionary upheaval of 1917, when the people who lost everything and left the debris of the nobility of Atlantis, had to survive and fit into a new life, with great difficulty finding their place in the new, the other country. As brilliantly educated man, as a true talent, he found and proved himself on the field of culture. Ezuchevsky engaged in conservation of cultural property to the former Russia Empire, as well as illustrative and educational activities. In this section, visitors will learn that Ezuchevsky in the commission, together with the famous Russian artists Viktor Mikhailovich Vasnetsov and BM Kustodiev took a very active part in the development of military uniforms for the Red Army, in Among the famous Budyonovka and not less than the famous Red Army uniforms. Documents and drawings tell visitors about this unexpected event in the life of the artist.

The exhibition runs until February 14, 2010.

Source: darwin.museum.ru

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