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Watercolors Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov School watercolor Sergei ANDRIYAKA
ARTinvestment.RU   13 декабря 2008

In the museum-exhibition complex watercolors Schools Sergei ANDRIYAKA an exhibition «Teacher of the imperial family. AP Bogolyubov (1824-1896). Watercolor »from the Saratov State Art Museum AN Radishchev

In the museum-exhibition complex Schools watercolor Sergei ANDRIYAKA (Gorokhovskiy trans., 17), the project «Masterpieces of Museum Collections» an exhibition «Teacher of the imperial family. AP Bogolyubov (1824-1896). Watercolor »from the Saratov State Art Museum AN Radishchev.

The title of the exhibition was chosen not accidentally. Alexei Petrovich Bogolyubov had a great influence on the artistic tastes of Tsarevich Alexander Alexandrovich (the future Emperor Alexander III), and Empress Maria Feodorovna took lessons from the artist drawing. The works that the imperial couple are part of the exhibition.

AP Bogolyubov (1824-1896) was a Russian landscape and marine, Professor, Full Member of the Imperial Academy of Arts, author of over 150 watercolors that were part of the royal collection, the patron of young Russian artists in Paris and a well-known public figure. As the grandson of AN Radishchev, in memory of him, he created a museum Radischevskaya - Russia's first provincial public museum (Russian Museum was opened only 13 years later), in our time become a major center of artistic and cultural life of the Volga and belonging, along with Hermitage and the Tretyakov Gallery to the most valuable objects of cultural heritage of the Russian Federation.

In the exhibition, more than 120 drawings and watercolors by Russian and foreign artists from the Saratov State Art Museum named after AN Radishchev. The core of the exhibition is more than 30 watercolors AP Bogolyubov and graphic works from the collection of the artist referred to them as a gift to the newly established museum. The exhibition reflects the strong ties to the terms of the Bogoliubov academic artists and members of the Association of traveling exhibitions, friendship with many European artists and members of the Russian Imperial family.

exhibit striking abundance of names of artists of first order. It includes drawings and watercolors VD Polenov ( «Ancient ruins»), VI Surikov (« The figure of a girl »), Ivan I. Shishkin ( «Oaks», «Les», «Forest the road»), Vasily Vereshchagin VP ( « Folino near Rome »,« Bogomoltsa Kiev »), lists brothers Makovsky.

A number of works on display at the exhibition, the founder of the museum belong to the disciples: AK Beggrovu , NN Gritsenko , AA Kharlamov . There are relics associated with the life of the Bogoliubov - drawing his beloved wife's untimely bygone NP Nechaeva portrait painted by the father of SG Chirikova. Undoubted adorn the exhibition will be 14 drawings and watercolors friend and fellow AP Bogolyubov to the Academy of Arts, a historical painter FA Bronnikova (1827-1902), demonstrating the wide range of genre and the variety of techniques the artist.

In addition to samples of the Russian charts, to the exhibition includes drawings and watercolors of Western European masters: K. Koro, ZH.-A. Gyudena, J. Jerome, L. Izabe, A. Neville, E. Lepuatvena (French School ), O. Achenbach (German School), P. Schindler (Polish school).

The exhibition gives an impression not only on the characteristics and history of one of the most significant collections Radischevskaya museum, but of the entire graphic arts middle - second half of XIX century. The last half-century collection in this volume is not displayed. Many watercolors and drawings are exhibited for the first time.

The exhibition will run until 1 February 2009.

Source: andriaka.ru

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