Transparent hint: Dominique Perrault in Paris' Pompidou Center
ARTinvestment.RU   11 июня 2008

In a glass aquariums in Paris's Pompidou Center exhibition begins today, the French architect Dominique Perrault, the well-known in Russia as the author of the new building of the long-Mariinsky Theater

It's actually the second stage of the Mariinsky Theater, we had the chance to see not only at the exhibition in Paris. It promised to open this year - after the 2003-meters at the architects of the East and West was selected as the draft Dominique Perrault. Why not come out, even to repeat the tired. Perrault receives an order, designs, and then he tried to say: «painted - and go from here». That was in 2004, when it tried to declare the project a new contest. Just do not get, but then the very fact uperlas horn expertise, and Monsieur drive from the yard. Then we have repeatedly said that Perrault did not know how to build and tepericha when nadoedalu alloys, we will build the theater without any Perrault Perrault and even better. Then continued to boil in a Russian team, continued their recent happened just recently, when the Russian customer Perrault - North-West Department - gave the project another neighbor remodel organization. In short, the theater is not built, and when it will be built and how it will be built - no one knows. (And the show, incidentally, was prepared the day before the opening.)

Perrault argued, resisted, but without the brain, and for all that get up the image of a man who knocked at doors and trying to us something to prove at night and whispered: «Mariinka my Marinka». Maybe because it was, but now, I can assure you, he recovered from harmful passions. He has what to do, and this exhibition are just displays.

In France, such architectural premiere at the Pompidou distributed with great analysis: the last 12 years there were only five - Christian de Portzampark, Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvelles, Richard Rogers, Tom Maine, now - Perrault. These exhibitions have to walk. These large personalki is not just a way to scratch the architectural ego. They see just fine, which is really the architect and that he was about himself with the thought. Jean Nouvelles, for example (to be taking Prittskerovskoy Prize, which he received this year), has built an electronic maze of dark, full of magical special effects - a cave architectural magician and sorcerer. Plans, sections, construction - it was all sweep on the margins who are fun.

Dominique Perrault, in contrast, made a very simple and very clear exhibition. It is located on the first floor of the center and opened the street on three sides. Any passerby can see 18 white podiums on which exhibited the main project of the architect. At each stage - a screen that shows the facility is already completed, the construction phase, or computer animation for the project. Here's how it looks. Near - plans and the design layout. Here's how it thought and done. And the real details of construction. Here's what he had done. You can understand how much it is paying attention Perrault Construction - It is not his first education is not even an architect, a civil engineer.

2008-s - good year for Perrot. Completed two large works - European Court of Justice in Luxembourg and University of Seoul - artificial canyon created by the two sides down main staircase and the glass wall of University of shells lying below ground level. Complex construction, designed at the same time with the Mariinsky, but somehow already built. The following year, completed the Olympic tennis courts in Madrid, with a drop-down, as the box, roof, and hotels in Milan - two with a slight inclination of divergent matt-black tower on the gold surface shell - like the two Italian ladies, with gold cover, swing in the rhythm of their steps on the Via Montenapoleone.

Journalists attacked in the opening chorus of Dominique Perrault on the fate of the Mariinsky Theater, and then it dragged him into a corner, where the options were issued in the project, design models and drawings of the dome. All this is now - not paper, and museum exhibits. They are given to the museum Pompidou Center, the Russian government because they already do not seem to be useful. So, actually, he answered.

Officials in St. Petersburg, promising to transform the project Perrault, is now offering to give up the golden dome, for which the draft and was selected as a jury. Head North-West Directorate announced that the tour all over Europe - but no one takes to make a dome: too wisely. During meetings with Perrault, I was not feeling that he does not know how to make a dome. He is on something expected, but that - not now say. Apparently, the Mariinsky-2 will turn into a practical shed by mobilizing lamblike Tajiks and Moldavians and other high-tech room of the main building of command. In contrast to St. Petersburg directorate, which has the task to build the Mariinsky, Perrault was a mandatory task to build the Mariinsky well. That's the difference.

By amusing coincidence, next to the layout of the Mariinsky glass zaleg tramp quite Petersburg species, which looked an integral part of the project. «And this is who? Gergiev, without the theater? »- Has asked a journalist. Perrault made a view that is not heard.

Interview with Dominique Perrault:

- Mariinka for you - closed page? Or not yet?

- Yes and no - it is three years of my entire studio. We loved it and tried to make it complete.

- break the contract was very painful?

- Yes, besides the fact that it was a heavy moral blow, he addressed a workshop and in financial terms. Fortunately, we had more projects.

- you know what's happening with the project?

- I'm still no official news. The fact that I have - more or less random documentation, which is also out of date again. I can not influence this project, I do not know what it is.

- diagonally across from the Mariinsky stand in the same room is the stand of the University of Seoul, which began at the same time, but already finished.

- Yes, this is another example of working with a Western architect. This project is ten times more than the Mariinsky, no less complex operationally, and he is ready. He built. This is in Korea, France, China, in Spain, but perhaps not in Russia.

- your employer argues that it is impossible to build your dome - none is taken.

- This can not be. There are many businesses in Britain, Germany and Spain, who were willing to work with me over the construction of the dome. The roof of the Olympic courts in Madrid is much more difficult to set up than the dome of the Mariinsky, but it is designed, calculated and constructed. A year later, it will work.

- Does this mean that the promise of a theater without Perrault Perrault was just empty words?

- I do not know to expect that my former Russian partners. But I do not have any resentment, much less malevolence.


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