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ARTinvestment.RU   07 июня 2008

Erected in the XVI century aisle Archangel Cathedral of Moscow Kremlin, dedicated to St. Uaru, will now be available again for visiting - after nearly 80 years

opening side of St. Uara Kremlin Museums celebrate 500 anniversary of the Archangel Cathedral, as well as continued long-term program for the restoration and opening of previously inaccessible to the public space in the museum of the Kremlin.

The last 90 years side was used for household needs, and now back here some icons - including the miraculous icon of St. Uara, as well as the sarcophagus and the restoration of a shrine with the holy relics Евфросинии Moscow - in the world of Princess Евдокии D., wife of Dmitry Don.

side of saintly martyr Uara was one of the most visited places of the Kremlin. This saint is considered the main applicant for the unbaptized. The composition of the iconostasis are not described. But eight restored icons for a variety of grounds - just here. And of course, the main sanctuary - a miraculous icon of St. Uara the beginning of the XVIII century, one of the last works of the masters Armory.

Sarabianov Vladimir, head of the restoration team at the Ministry of Culture of Russia: «It is written in the tradition of Armory, thin drawing with gold work. She was under several layers of recordings, many lost, late spots ».

itself is wonderful architecture side. This is the only remaining temple in Moscow besstolpny era of Ivan the Terrible. Restorers discovered most masonry and the original painting. Side, like the Archangel Cathedral was painted «by brick».

Andrei Batalov, deputy director of Moscow Kremlin Museums: «We are not able to restore those parts of the cathedral. And here - it all aside. That possibility - the first time ».

The largest number of issues led to the movement in side the relics of St. Евфросинии. Shelter for many years was in an underground chamber of Archangel Cathedral, badly injured, and because of the dampness, and because of the sulfur, which is used in the restoration of the XX century. In addition, the words of Elena Antonova, head of the department of Research Institute of Restoration, all the components are damaged due to salt, which sprinkle the area. Now restored sarcophagus, but cancer was recreated from photographs.

Andrei Batalov, deputy director of Moscow Kremlin Museums: «Museum does not prevent the faithful attached to the holy moscham who are in cancer. To do this, and it was cancer ».

In Soviet times, was placed in the side entrance to the chamber of air-conditioners. It had taken into account when adjusting room.

Elena Gagarina, General Director of Moscow Kremlin Museums: «Interior adapted as exhibition space, which occasionally can be used in churches to».


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