Arcimboldo exhibition at Vienna
ARTinvestment.RU   03 июля 2008

In the Vienna Kunsthistorisches Museum showed an exhibition of one of the most amazing authors Renaissance - Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He created the human head from the fruits, plants, animals and other gifts of nature - and they can enjoy for hours

Many of Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526-1593) seems to sometimes only by a reception. He created the human head from the fruits, plants, animals and other gifts of nature, and these optical games lure cleaner singing sirens, you can enjoy for hours. In fact, Arcimboldo more diverse. What, in fact, enabled him to get among the few universals, the very artists whose works are like no less than the general public.

At the exhibition in Vienna Arcimboldo submitted encyclopedic completeness. 150 works, not only aptly describe his legacy, but also to recreate the atmosphere in which talent prostupil Arcimboldo. The museum shows the history of art and custom portraits and religious paintings, which he studied in Milan, which started with stained glass and murals for the Milan Cathedral. From Italy, and called him to his court Habsburgs. Arcimboldo a quarter century, settled in Prague and Vienna, and the longest tour in the end turned out to be a critical period in his life. He was responsible in particular for updating Kunstkammer Habsburg, fascinating exhibits that so influenced the world of his paintings. Like many enlightened people of their era, Arcimboldo professionally studied nature, its laws and forms. The result was the understanding of man as the collection of all natural elements. Thus, the portrait of Emperor Rudolf II, famous for its patronage of art, a person is a hero complex, from bricks of vegetables - pumpkin, beans, courgettes and repy. For reputation Arcimboldo won the title palsgrave, although some canvases and even encrypt beyond recognition. In Vienna, under the three pictures on the mirror. Just looking at the reflection, one can understand what is depicted on the canvases that look otherwise meaningless set of lines and color patches.

Success in contemporaries was enormous. Poets published books in honor of his paintings, and philosophers have felt in the apotheosis of Mannerism reflected their own ideas artists imitated, tirazhiruya archimboldovskie Subjects in endless engravings. Now researchers have put forward a suggestion that the source of inspiration Arcimboldo was the Leonardo da Vinci. In the working notebooks of Leonardo kept a lot of outline, with similar scenes. After the death of Leonardo, these notebooks over by his student Bernardino Luini, a friend's father Arcimboldo. But this circumstance is unlikely to annul the significance of the hero of the exhibition. It is not simply improved reception, but by placing it on the stream, managed to avoid banality.

It is unlikely that the artist himself is most appreciated, such a picture. Master of all trades, he built fortresses and placed courtiers holidays, decorated knight tournaments, balls and royal weddings. That is, from a known point of view, was the most important thing in all the centuries of art - propaganda authorities. But, returning to Milan, was perceived primarily as an artist-intellectual, whose ideas and creativity were at the heart of many treatises of historians and thinkers, humanists. This did not prevent him from being completely forgotten in the next century, and even the Habsburgs, his favorite tools work appeared anonymously as «school Leonardo». It took three centuries to understand how important it is for art. Truth involved surrealist, starting with Max Ernst and Dali sought Arcimboldo one of the Aristofanom and Freud, where to build your own genealogy «paranoidnogo letter».

The result is clear. Already the first retrospective of Arcimboldo, held 20 years ago in Venice, became a sensation. This winter in Paris, he has collected almost half a million visitors. Last year, a New York gallery offered Arcimboldo canvas for 4 million dollars. The case was before подорожания oil, and today it is able to raise the price rather smile.


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