Exhibition of Illarion Golitsyna
ARTinvestment.RU   28 мая 2008

May 20, 2008 at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts (St. Prechistenka, 21) was the opening exhibition of the People's Artist of Russia, Full Member of Russian Academy of Arts Illarion Vladimirovich Golitsyn (1928-2007) to the 80 th birthday

May 20, 2008 at the Russian Academy of Fine Arts (St. Prechistenka, 21) was the opening exhibition of the People's Artist of Russia, Full Member of Russian Academy of Arts Illarion Vladimirovich Golitsyn (1928-2007) to the 80 th birthday.

The acknowledged master of contemporary visual art, Illarion Golitsin inherited highest artistic tradition of his teacher - the famous VA Favorsky. The artist has sought to open a «its space», in which all subjects are interrelated and indivisible. Starting in 1950 with a linocut, he came across a free pattern for a strong, hot and filled with light painting watercolors.

descendant of the famous kind of Prince Golitsyn, left a vivid mark on Russian history, Illarion Vladimirovich was a worthy successor to its ancestors. A man of high moral ideals, nobility and generosity of soul, he was respected by artists of different generations and different aesthetic predilections.

Creative Range Golitsyna unusually wide and varied. On display are paintings, graphic and sculptural works created in the 1960's - 2007 years, from the collections of the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the International Confederation of Unions of Artists and family collections of the master.

IV Golitsyn was born May 20, 1928 in the family graphic artist Vladimir Mikhailovich Golitsyn. In 1953 graduated from the Moscow Higher Art and Industrial College (former Stroganov), worked in the studios of I. Nivinskogo. In his first work (a series of linocut «Weekdays suburb» and others) have already been seen the next big artist, attracting mild humor, lyricism, poetic ability to convey in the ordinary and everyday. The quest through a small, private disclose perennial fabric of human existence, giving represented a philosophical tone, - features inherent in the best works of Russian literature and art.

In recent years, Illarion Vladimirovich particularly worked in the painting. He wrote: «I have been painting regularly, do not remember the big breaks in their work. Always believed its primary aim. It is bottomless, infinite. The fact that I worked in various media, I think his advantage ». Spiritual generosity, sincerity and expressiveness distinguished works of the master.

Express J. Golitsyna filled with historical associations, broadcasting a live link times. Since 1970 the artist began to work over the cycle «The Red Room». He says his family against the backdrop of ancient family portraits of the famous kind Golitsyn. These portraits, as acknowledged by the master, «has always been part of the interior ... and part of my life». This is not just a favorite pictorial motif, but the powerful sound of a color image. In the works of the artist concluded his reflections on life, its transience, the change of generations. «My painting is largely connected with the portraits of ancestors. I was born and grew up under them. They are to me always and consistently acted ». The artist is drawn to the image of his father, an inventor and artist, a Marine Science Institute, the expeditions to the ice breaker party «Malygin», a repressed and tragically died in prison in 1943. Nobility and love imbued with portraits of the mother, nee Sheremetev. In comparing past and present - the meaning of the master.

World Illarion Golitsyna unique in that past and present, there exist a spiritual space, poetic and real at the same time. Historical Association to return us to a distant era of Peter the Great - through the dark old portraits on the walls of red новогиреевского home - in the tragic days of Stalinist repression, as in-mournfully sad picture «Trubetskoy».

I. Golitsin writes with nature landscapes and urban forms that are perceived by part of «red» Interior. Miraculously, the living experience of art merged with the century-old history of the family Golitsyn. The works of recent years, light, harmony, filled with air and light, free to effuse out of the windows to open, different from earlier - with a powerful, irresistible nature of color.

In the engravings, drawings, watercolors and paintings of the master there are subtle, exquisite in color landscapes of Dmitrov, where the 20-ies was exiled family Golitsyn, images of Moscow and dear to the hearts of Russian provinces, self-portraits and portraits of his relatives people.

special creative freedom characteristic of the paintings, written Dyagunino in the village where the cottage I. Golitsyna. In one of the most recent works - «Dyaguninsky pie» - an abundance of songs collected in one animal, the local color (the red cow, a black bull, white horse, pink clouds) are not typical of earlier forms of distortion - all showed a sense of humor the artist, his openness Fortunately, his delight in the beauty of the surrounding world.

organically included in the exhibition of sculpture artist from limestone and wood, painted in watercolor. «The last five years in the village and the ruble crash limestone, fascinated by its white surface. Спил magnificent limestone Watercolor falls on him wonderfully. Limestone is very much around my house on the Upper Volga! .. »- Said V. Illarion of his obsession with the sculpture, which helped him to better and brighter than reveal his vision of the good and beauty.

Over the long creative life IV Golitsin was awarded numerous awards and honors both in our country and abroad. His works are in collections of major museums in the country: the State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin Museum Pushkin, the State Russian Museum and other museums in Russia, as well as private domestic and foreign collections.

Illarion Vladimirovich Golitsyn belongs to the galaxy of artists, to identify the person of Russian artistic culture of the second half of the twentieth century.

Exhibition of works by 15 June, 2008.

Source: www.rah.ru

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