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Andrew Grositsky in the Tretyakov
ARTinvestment.RU   01 октября 2007

Andrew Grositsky (b. 1934), the representative of non-Russian post-war art. Ideas and memorable expression means that it develops in the late sixties, are at the crossroads of «Russian pop-art» and «metaphysical painting».

Prior to October 14 in the Tretyakov Gallery on the Crimean shaft, 10, last exhibition Grositskogo Andrew (b. 1934), the unofficial representative of Russian postwar art. Ideas and catchy, expressive means of the artist as he develops from the late sixties, are at the crossroads of «Russian pop-art» and «metaphysical painting». It is no coincidence that reviewers art market can not come together in the definitions «new corporeality» Grositskogo: someone compares his ideas with the work of Mikhail Roginsky and Yevgenia Rukhin, as someone with thoughts Krasnopevtseva Dmitry and Vladimir Вейсберга. Consideration of the world through the world of people, the study of «biography» and inner peace thing ... Heroes unusual orgalitov Grositskogo become anachronistic its century of life - old pipes, rusty padlocks, pokorezhennaya dishes, squeezed tubes. In short, a lot of artistic metaphors, creative idea to fix frozen time plus firm texture style of expression. Things in paintings, objects Grositskogo tried to escape from the frame, towering above the plane orgalita - looks very decorative.

In the biography Grositskogo difficult to find mention of the participation of high-profile shows (or Manezhnaya nor «Bulldozer», or «Beekeeping»). There are mainly records of «kvartirnikah» and other less visible semi exhibitions. On the other hand, work is in some Grositskogo meeting Nancy and Norton Dodge, assembly Candy and Jacob Bar-Gera, after adjustment, he participated in the famous «Other Art», and in our time - in the «Russian pop-art», perhaps, one of the best exhibitions of 2000-ies, which Tretyakov collected in addition to the concurrent exhibition of Andy Warhol (and get more in contrast). Also it means a lot. In short, it is the name for the ear, the artist interesting.

price parameters for the work Grositskogo are still in a formative stage. Information about sales in overseas auctions there. The database artprice.com There are several records of sales of small things on the Russian «Gelos» in 2006 price around 1000 euros for a small (52 × 35) orgalit «tube on the green» 2005. Benchmarks are considered, of course, you can not. On the pricing parameters can speak only for items of investment quality (texture, size about 130 × 80), but they are something much more expensive. The main sales are in the gallery market. Perhaps we can say that collectors and investors so far form the foundations, in giving the collection of the Grositskogo, and because prices do not bite. In addition, Grositsky quite active in recent years and the market has a lot of mid-2000's, is not inferior to the level of service 1970 - 1980.

noticed that after the large-scale exhibitions in major venues of the museum recognized artist jumps in the price of a new wave of interest. Maybe by tens of percent. In general, the investment potential of Grositskogo now is pretty high, and there are conditions to make it in the next few years «the biographies of things» rose in price faster than the market.

Source: www.tretyakovgallery.ru , www.art4.ru

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