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Nonconformists in Red Square
ARTinvestment.RU   01 сентября 2007

Exhibition of Painting and Drawing 1959-2000's representatives «another art» from private collections made under the title victory last name in the hall of the State Historical Museum until September 30, 2007.

Exhibition of Painting and Drawing 1959-2000's representatives «another art» from private collections made under the title victory last name in the hall of the State Historical Museum until September 30, 2007. The event, organized by the gallery «Konoser» ( www.connaisseur.ru ) with the assistance of the Moscow collateral Bank and developer RIGroup, has become perhaps the most notable event of the summer off-season. Not only because of the seasonal holidays and forced the information quiet, but also because of its vulnerability to criticism. Browsers angry that the organizers clearly overdo with the introduction of the exhibition «another art» very large proportion of artists of the second and third row. And the first name shown only a dozen - one or two of work for everyone. With so loud the name of a selection of pieces, probably, can be regarded as a cause for frustration. But this criticism would have weight if it was a large museum project, where the balance of exposure can be supported by generous reserves and funds. You could complain that, in largely lost educational function. But «nonconformists in Red Square» - a private project, gallery, commercial. And «museum» Only on-site implementation. Works more or less well-known sixties not only highly expensive (this is bad, though), but also in deficit, and need to sell what is available. Few of the first names? Therefore, it is necessary to develop the second row, closer to the first host of the place in history (it can also have errors), make out the legend, to seek and promote previously unvalued elements of innovation - all the normal gallery work. It was a course, get to the commercial side potaktichnee. But to criticize the project for lack of broad representation and historical objectivity is hardly correct. They are no one claimed. Just some goals.

Conditionally «first echelon» unofficial art was represented by the following names: Ely Belyutin, Nikolai Vechtomov, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Lidia Masterkova, Ernst Neizvestny, Vladimir Nemukhin, Dmitry Plavinsky, Yevgeny Rukhin, Edward Steinberg, Vladimir Yakovlev, Vladimir Yankilevsky . Abstractions (the main genre of the exhibition) was represented by works of such artists as Yuri Vassiliev, William Bruy, Sergei Volokhov, Clara Golitsyna, Vladimir Grishchenko, Vladislav Zubarev, Andrei Pozdeev, Svetoslav Chernobay.

Particular attention is drawn to two almost same collage Dmitry Plavinsky 1988. «Landscape with the notes 1» and «Landscape with notes 2». Plavinsky encrypts no real melody symbols, it notes - story, metaphor. We prove interesting, intelligent and with a very decorative compositions.

is also interesting to abstract-expressionist graphics Vladimir Nemukhin. «Dead fish», «Ten Bubnova» - rare for exhibitions examples of the 1970's, made even before «Bulldozer vernisage».

No, you can often see and symbolic abstraction Yevgenia Rukhin (one of the real organizers of «Bulldozer» exhibition in Belyaevo in 1974). The major auctions such compositions do not appear. Petersburg's avant-gardist known for more than others, monochrome, «polymer» abstractions, and then color ... Also, by the way, in 1973.

Of the names that are not on hearsay, like Sergei Volokhov. The exhibition includes three of his works made in the aesthetics, closest to the socio-Art (more precisely, to his «domestic», rather than the political wing). Volokhov since 1991, lives and works in Belgium. He has exhibition in a legendary cafe «Blue Bird» (1969), along with friends Komar and Melamid, the exhibition is to host foreign «Izmailovo» in the 1974-meters in Hall «Beekeeping» to VDNKh in 1975-m. Things interesting, the process of thought slender (the artist was present at the opening of the exhibition and the fascinating story of those times, including the «buldozerke», who saw his own eyes).

A large part of the display has a creative Eliya Belyutina and individual artists of the studio «The new reality». Of which represented more than 20 gigantic abstractions inventor «temporal art» Vladislav Zubarev. Here the emphasis is, and has not yet been set. Generally, the memoirs of the sixties is difficult to find a good attitude to experimentation «belyutntsev» and their teacher. It is just that, among all those who visited the studio of «home charger» vybilis unit. Mention that the classes Belyutina in time to attend and Vladimir Yankilevsky - participated in the «Taganskaya Exhibition» Studio Belyutina.

Is it worth it to go to «nonconformists»? Yes. Probably yes. Despite the apparent growth of interest in the Sixties, the rapid rise of the auction and gallery prices, the capacity simply to look at the work of the representatives of «the other arts» in public places gets very little. So as not to pre-show and not «vas-vas» Gallery, and with the easy, fun ... So, any Industry Exhibition - an event by definition.

At «nonconformists» is the atmosphere, there is a decent professional design (light, hanging, etc.), there is, finally, some things are very worthy of the Sixties, whose importance for the history of art has generally. Man a little puzzle-hold time at the exhibition with a greater benefit than just a curiosity. It should go to see the unusual «geometric» Rukhin, pay attention, how well Vulokh under the varnish on the right light or stand in a large-scale graphics Yankylevsky. And to lift the mood of the judges is, for example, loveable reservations directory - for example, a photo with «" Bulldozer Exhibition "in Izmailovo» (funnier it would be «... in the pavilion" Beekeeping "in the" Manege "»). Those who are simply emotionally pleasing Russian post-modernism, to go to the exhibition, accompanied by better understanding people. Otherwise you can leave alone «discovery», that Ely Belyutin almost chief nonconformist-innovator, brought up a lot of talent and «Russian patriarch of modern abstraction», and significant past the first line and did pass, did not appreciate. However, the understanding of scheduling can be the most: simply use the empirical rule that one little hang (one, two, three works), and a «chief». With few, as usual, save.

Source: www.connaisseur.ru

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