The auction of the "literary Fund," June 15. A brief summary
ARTinvestment.RU   21 июня 2019

Last Saturday, the auction house "Russian enamel" has sold paintings, drawings, porcelain, books, maps, autographs, photos, etc. on 57.9 million RUB Top-лотом became a beautiful work of Valentin Serov – 18.75 million RUB.

the Auction was held in the spacious hall of the Fashion Museum in Gostiny Dvor in two sessions – the first sold paintings, graphics and decorative-прикладное art, and the second was trading for rare books, autographs, photographs, posters, papers, cards, etc.

most lots bought over the Internet. For almost the entire first session of the auction devoted to fine arts and PDI, the number online-игроков exceeded 100 people. Situation has not changed with the transition to the second-hand section again over a hundred people registered to attend via the Internet. With tangible contribution to the sales statistics of the evening introduced, and participants in the audience, and phone buyers.

in the context of the first session of the auction house earned 40.08 million RUB, and the second brought 17.8 million rubles., i.e., total revenues amounted to just under 58 million.

In the section of fine arts all the lots are not conventionally traded from 1 ruble, but in fact the bargaining all the time started with a high enough online or absentee bids. Only a couple of lots were left without buyers. As many as 45 lots left for a six-figure sum (100 thousand roubles), four lots exceeded 1 million. and one lot sold for eight-figure amount.

talking about the top-лоте bidding – the work of Valentin Serov "After the battle of Kulikovo" (1895). The thing that is called history. In 1894, the Historical Museum planned to decorate is at the stage of registration hall of Moscow a large mural on the theme of the battle of Kulikovo and entrusted the work of Valentin Serov. The artist has created at least 8 versions of the sketches, but despite the tremendous hard work, from performance panels in the end refused. According to the memoirs of I. E. Repin, it happened the day after the visit of the Commission of customers. By-видимому, they are unable to appreciate the author's intent, and stung the artist did not wish to prove his innocence. Nevertheless, there is still a picturesque sketches, one of which was sold at auction "Russian enamel" for 18.75 million rubles.

Among the other top-лотов session art and decorative painting by Zinaida Serebryakova "Peterhof" (the hammer price of 4 million rubles); four-metre socialist realist painting by Alexander Osmerkin "Kalinin plant "hammer and Sickle"" (hammer price of 2.2 million rubles); three graphic works by Boris Anisfeld (total revenue for the two still lifes, and written in 1917, "Biblical scene" - 2.51 million RUB); "self-Portrait" by Andrei Petrovich Ryabushkin (460 thousand rubles); icon "Lord Almighty" in a silver frame (460 thousand rubles) and others.

I would Especially like to mention bargaining for two drawings of an outstanding theoretician and practitioner of architecture, masters of the avant-garde architectural fantasies of Iakov Chernikhov. Graphic works of the 1920s-х years exhibited from the collection of the author's heirs. For a small (11 x 11.2 cm) composition from the cycle "Architectural miniatures" phone buyer gave 170 thousand rubles. But the main event, of course, was the appearance at the auction of medium format (41,6 cm x 60 cm) Suprematist "Compositions". For her the fight entered the Internet, two participants in the hall and the two telephone buyers. The hammer price was cranked up to 1.2 million rubles, the Winner again took customer orders over the phone.

Among the works of unofficial artists mention "Portrait of George Costakis," written in 1955- 1957 Anatoly Zverev (a lot went to a telephone buyer for 550 thousand rubles); and portfolio of "Leaving Moscow" 20 serigraphs of artists such as Kabakov, Prigov, K. Zvezdochetov & others (in the struggle of Internet and phone at the lot won the last for 550 thousand rubles).

On the second trading session of the "literary Fund," June 15 also found the place impressive sales. 3 million roubles to a telephone buyer left the first edition of "Grammati Slavonic" of Melety Smotritsky (1619). Over 480 thousand RUB online-игрок won the first book of L. N. Tolstoy's "war stories" (est 280-300 thousand rubles). Up to 750 thousand rubles was bargaining for a handwritten letter to Anna Akhmatova Joseph Brodsky, in which the poet describes his journey through Italy.

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