"Countless diamonds..." anniversary collection "literary Fund" for the December 15 auction
ARTinvestment.RU   12 декабря 2018

Catalogue of the auction on Saturday was 200 lots — rare books, autographs, letters, icons, painting, graphics. Start bidding at 14:00

the participants will be offered: lifetime publications of Alexander Pushkin and Vasily Zhukovsky, Russian icons and Imperial China, the first publication of Mikhail Lermontov, and Vasily Rozanov, paintings and graphics Nikolai Bykov, Ivan Shishkin, Nikolai Klodt, Alexei Corina, Ivan Kazakov, Konstantin Somov, Victor Borisov-Мусатова, Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Alexander Makovsky, Ivan Bilibin, Pavel Kuznetsov, Aleksandra it creates the-Потоцкой, autographs of Maximilian Voloshin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, Anna Akhmatova, Lev Gumilev, the work of representatives of social realism: of Hope Kashina, Mikhail Frolov, Yuri Volkov and recusancy: Ilya Kabakov, Oscar Rabin, Erik Bulatov, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, letters and works of Arseny Tarkovsky, Alexander Galich, Gennady Shpalikov, inscripta and drawings of Joseph Brodsky, the first unpublished poems and short stories of Sergei Dovlatov and others.

Online-каталог auction.

With the name of Rembrandt van Rijn has one of the top-лотов collection — "portrait of the Philosopher in the Cabinet" approved for the purchase of the State Hermitage as the work of a disciple of the great master (see here).

for the First time in world practice on the auction presents a full-scale work of Alexei Pakhomov — one of the best Russian portrait painters — set of 31 illustrations for the short story by Nikolai Tikhonov "From sea to sea", created in 1926 (see and here). To publishing the masterpieces belongs to the "Book of the Marquise" by Konstantin Somov. Stylistically impeccable and erotically daring, the so-called "Great Marquis" was released in an edition of 50 copies (1918).

Special attention should be paid to the lots, shrouded in a veil of emotional and received a special illumination from related stories. These, of course, include the memoir "the prisoner of the Caucasus" by Fyodor Tornau, with its dedicatory inscription "memories of the Caucasian war" in 1864 (see here, ). Portraits of a married couple, Hippolyte and Helen of Dealnow painted by Nikolay Rachkov (1864) and Nikolay Bykov (1860-е), a descendant of which is now the figure of the Russian art-рынка. "The three graces" Viktor Burenin (1856) written 19-летним a graduate of the Imperial Academy of arts in perfect symmetry late Empire and not assume that he will be one of the bile from literary critics and speak in a sarcastic parody of the first poems of Anna Akhmatova. Memoirs about Akhmatova Alexander Blok (1965), written for the filming of the Leningrad television with her edits and editorial notes. Autograph of the poem "Without edge blue..." (1946), her son Lev Gumilev. Letters younger brother Akhmatova, Viktor Gorenko (1970-е), telling about their relationship, and philosopher Isaiah Berlin's (1980-е), the meeting of which with the poet commented on Joseph Stalin: "it Turns out our nun now receives British spies...". Pictures by Boris Pasternak, made in the years of the great Patriotic war in Chistopol, along with a letter of the author portraits — Valeria Avdeyeva (see here).

a Collection of Joseph Brodsky's "View from the hill" (1992) — XXIV instance of 25published — were donated by the poet's closest friends Lyudmila and Viktor stern with a poetic inscription, corrected errors and entered the missing lines in a poem dedicated to Mikhail Baryshnikov.

the trial of a novice poet and future eminent writer preserved in the archive of a classmate of Sergei Dovlatov (see here).

With the names of two poets in Moscow linked to the work of the representatives of unofficial art — Oscar Rabin, Alexander Kharitonov, Dmitry Krasnopevtsev, Viktor Pivovarov, Lev Kropivnitsky, vahrich of Bahchanyana, Vladimir Nemukhin. Many of them have dedicatory inscriptions to Henry Sapgir. Particularly notable cycle of four lithographs "a Drop of life", drawing-поздравление for the New year and the first samizdat copy of "60-е" — kind of "artistic confession" Ilya Kabakov — with a dedication to another representative of conceptualism, Lev Rubinstein.

the Classic part of the collection begins with a section devoted to Russian icon painting. Faces of the Almighty and the saints appear in images "Nikola Mozhaisky" (end of XVII — beginning of XVIII century) "Saint Archangel Michael" (early nineteenth century), "Tikhvin mother of God with Reverend Euphrosyne" (the end of XIX century), "Savior" (1886), in icons of the nineteenth century, devoted to the main Orthodox holidays.

In the section "Maps" — "Description of Moscow, Russia and Tatarstan" (1562), the plan of the Moscow Kremlin — "Kremlingrad" (ser. XVII.), which reflects what was happening at that time, the reorganization of the main attractions of the "ancient", "Modern General map of the Russian Empire" and "Map of Muscovy, Poland, Little Tartary and the Black sea" (beginning of XVIII century) — brainchild of one of the best cartographers and engravers of his time, Hermann Mall.

In the section "Engraving, lithography, woodcut" impressive panoramic views of the former capital of the albums "the Plan ... St.-Петербурга with the image of the nobles thereof avenues" (1753) and "around St.-Петербурга" (1761). The current capital is represented by the "old square" and "Stone bridge" from the Suite Gerard Delberta "views of Moscow" (1799), and a colorful chromolithograph of the famous album of Alexander Veltman "Description of the New Imperial Palace in the Kremlin Moscow" (1851). On the lithographs of the "Historical description of clothing and weapons of Russian troops" by A. V. Viskovatov (ser.The nineteenth century) captured the first Emperor of the Romanov dynasty — Mikhail Fedorovich, Alexei Mikhailovich and Fedor Alekseevich.

deserve Special attention propaganda posters in a lurid style (1914), created by major figures of the Russian avant-garde — Kazimir Malevich, Aristarchus Lentulov, and Vladimir Mayakovsky (see here).

In "Rare books" — almost never occur in the market of Peter the edition "polydorus Virgil Urbino eight books on the inventors of things" (1720). Lifetime editions of the classics of Russian literature: two "Poems" (1829) and "History of the Pugachev rebellion" (1834) by Alexander Pushkin, "Ondine" of Vasily Zhukovsky (1837), the issue of the magazine "Otechestvennye Zapiski" (1840) with the first publication of poems by Mikhail Lermontov and a review of Vissarion Belinsky in the novel "a Hero of our time". Workshistorians: "the Key to the History of the Russian State N. M. Karamzin" Pavel Stroyev (1836), "Biographies of the Russian generalissimos and General-фельдмаршалов" Dmitry Bantysh-Каменского (1840-1841), "Great and enigmatic personality of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries," Eugene Karnovich (1884), "generalisimus Suvorov Prince" Alexander Petrushevsky (1900), "world war II" Peter's Field (1911-1912), "General-адъютанты of Emperor Alexander I" the Grand Duke Nicholas Mikhailovich (1913). These printed masterpieces of the late XIX — beginning of the twentieth century — "Catalogue of my collection of Russian engraved and lithographed portraits" Alexei Morozov (1912-1913) from the library of artist-нонконформиста Lev Kropivnitsky, the three-volume "Asian Russia" with a truly monumental Atlas (1914), and finally, elegant cabinets, filled with books from the miniature library "Chips", published by F. A. Ioganson (1894).

made by the Imperial porcelain factory by a Royal decree of Nicholas I, decorative plates, painted by leading artists (1828-1830), portrait miniature on bone of XVIII — of the XIX century, silverware, porcelain Kornilov brothers ' factory Gardner, Dmitrov's factory in Verbilki and LPF — in the section "Arts-прикладное art".

pre-Auction exhibition is open until December 14 from 12:00 to 20:00 in the galleries of the Auction house "Antiquarium" at the address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Кудринская, 25, in the building of the "Antique center", 2-й and 3-й floors.

Phone: 7@-(495)-374-50-90, email info@anticvarium.ru.

the Auction will take place on 15 December at 14:00 at the address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Кудринская, 25.

Source: press-релиз Auction house "Antiquarium"

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