Idols of the XX century in the auction "three centuries" July 14
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Head to the auction No. 42 "Idols of the twentieth century. Autographs, letters, manuscripts. Painting, drawing, photography," opens Saturday, July 14, at 14:00. In the directory — 211 lots

Manuscripts of scenarios, Sergei Parajanov, autographs of poems by Alexander Galich and Bulat Okudzhava, inscripti Victor Shklovsky, Gennady Shpalikov, Yevgeny Yevtushenko, Brodsky, Victor Krivulina, paintings and drawings by Dmitry stelletsky, Alexei Pakhomov, Meer Axelrod, Eugene Kropiwnicki, Anatoly Zverev, vahrich of Bahchanyana, Komar and Melamid, Eugene mihnova-Войтенко, photos of stars of Russian cinema and leading representatives of the Leningrad underground were included in the collection "Idols of the twentieth century".

Online-каталог auction.

In the first section "Autographs, letters, photos" contains unique material from private archives of several generations of the Russian intelligentsia. Opens 10 lots of sabrinadeep Friedland-Крамовой — poet, actress, translator, mother, writer Ludmila Shtern, whose hospitable Leningrad apartment was not only the center of literary life, but — for the younger contemporaries — bridge connecting the Silver age and avant-garde 1920-е practice 1960-х. Of particular value is a collection of poetry by Konstantin Lipskerov "Sand and roses", inscribed by the author, Lilya and Osip Brik. In his youth, Hope Friedland close contact with representatives of Oposa and retained adolescent photography and her unpublished manuscript is dedicated to the love of the sonnet is now world-famous linguist Roman Jakobson, Victor Shklovsky books with delicate inscriptions. You should pay attention to the unpublished manuscript of the poems itself Friedland-Крамовой and her photos — of the portrait in the play "free-style Comedy" (1922), home made picture with Joseph Brodsky in Boston (1990-е).

In the archive of the "quiet poetry" of Vladimir Sokolov interesting notebook his youthful poems, inscripta and letters friend of the poet — Yevgeny Yevtushenko.

Natalya Ryazantseva — writer of cult movies 1960-х ("Wings" Larissa Shepitko, "the Long goodbye" by Kira Muratova) and one of the most gifted women of the "thaw" — like a magnet attracted the talented and extraordinary personalities. In the collection of the auction — was her future husband, Gennady Shpalikov "New Mayakovsky", given to her with a touching author's inscription to the memory of the trip to Leningrad, the portraits and autographs of two of the poems of Alexander Galich with dedication.

absolute top-лоты auction — manuscript three scenarios of Sergei Parajanov. Poignant "Confession", which began in 1969, during illness, deferred for 30 years. To favorite design Parajanov returned at the end of life, but — did not have time to implement. Not been lifted, and a Christmas story, "Miracle in Odense" (1973) based on the biography and works of Hans-Христиана Andersen with Yuri Nikulin in the title role. Work on running in the production of the film was interrupted from-за Parajanov's arrest and subsequent trial. The third lot from the archive Director — draft of the script of the documentary film "Pectoral" (1971).

Moscow's First love Bulat Okudzhava after his move from Capital Olga Batrakova. Their romance (1959-1960) was Platonic, but no less passionate and dramatic. Enchanted a young girl, Okudzhava was worriedreal poetic rise and Olga have dedicated a number of works, including received wide fame ("I need someone-нибудь to pray..."). In the catalog of the auction included an autograph of an unpublished poem, "How much evil in your nature...", typescript copies of poems with author's corrections, letters to the poet from Leningrad with sketches of everyday life of the literary circles. You cannot ignore the two collections Okudzhava, donated his Muse with the same "thirty love".

Interesting photos of Vladimir Nabokov, Joseph Brodsky, Mikhail Baryshnikov, inscripti Eugene Rhine, Joseph Brodsky, Anatoly Naiman from the collection of journalist and photographer Natalia Sharipovoy, the letter of Sergey Dovlatov the editor of the publishing house "Soviet writer" Olga Saur. Close section of the letter Paul Antokolsky, Boris Polevoy, Stepana Schipacheva, David Samoilov, books with autographs of Arseny Tarkovsky, Mikhail Dudin, Konstantin Vanshenkin, etc. from the archive of the poet Zenobia Valconca.

Section "Poets and artists", covering more than a century of the period include a portrait of the addressee of most of the poems of Anna Akhmatova artist and sculptor Boris Antrepo works by Dmitry stelletsky (1906), sketch illustration to Alexey Pakhomov to the poem by Samuel Marshak "the Ball" (1934), exquisite drawings of the first wife of Ivan Bilibin and a lover of Daniil Kharms Renee O'connel-Михайловской (1940-е),"Evening landscape" godfather of nonconformism Yevgeny Kropivnitsky (1959), a portrait of the poet Lev Ozerov Meer Axelrod (1967),the book of Henry Sapgir, designed by leading representatives of the unofficial art of Viktor Pivovarov, Oleg Vassiliev and Erik Bulatov (1960-70-е), graphics artists of the Bronze age Eugene mihnova-Войтенко, Anatoly basin, Boris Kocheyshvili, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Igor Voroshilov, Vladimir Yakovlev (1960-90-е), "The astral body GIBEL" conceptualist Dmitry Prigov (1989), project from the series "Monumental propaganda" of the fathers of Sots-арта Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid (1993) and collotype of vahrich of Bahchanyana (2004). Undoubted top-лотом is "Portrait of Marianna Sokolova-Роговской" does not need representations of Anatoly Zverev. The image of the poet Oleg Okhapkina, one of the theoreticians of the concept of the Bronze age, created Natalieirene, the mother of Dmitry Shagin — founder "Mitkov". This is a community of writers and artists author presents books and graphics of Shagin, Vladimir Shinkarev, Victor Tikhomirov, Vasily Golubev, Olga and Alexander Florensky. Moscow underground reflects a distinctive group of writers-метаметафористов, DOOS, which stood at the origins Konstantin Kedrov, Elena Katsyuba, Alexander Chernov, Alexey Parshikov and Olga Sviblova. From the archive theorist "metamerism" are small collections of "Dosova" rooms "metagate poets and for poets", autographs graphic poetry published by Victor Hoppe in 10 copies of the "Book of honor" autographed by Konstantin Kedrov and Alexander Eremenko. Victor Hoppe is known not only as master livre d'artiste, but also as the author of sculptures and art-объектов. This facet of his talent in the open directory portraits Fazil Iskander, Svetlana Litvakand Vsevolod Emelina.

In the section "Bronze age" the organizers of the auction, allocate a private matter of the dissident Andrei Amalrik, rare photographs of the deceased in the Prime of life of the Leningrad poet Leonid Aronzon, whom contemporaries often contrasted to the future "nobelity" Joseph Brodsky, letters and autographs of the key figures of uncensored literature — Sapgir Henry, Arkady Dragomoschenko,, Victor Shirali, Vasily Filippov, Viktor Krivulin, Boris Grebenshchikov.

In the final catalogue section "Photos" includes the work of leading artists photos-андерграунда — Boris Smelov Vladimir Okulov, the Glory Mikhailov, Gennady Prikhodko, Nikolay Matrenin, Vadim Filimonov, as well as portraits movie-кумиров of the twentieth century, made during the filming of films with their participation, — Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Anatoly Papanova, Valery Zolotukhin, Lyudmila anything, Leonid Filatov, etc. are Crowned with a collection of portraits of Bulat Okudzhava and Bakhyt kenzheev's by the famous photographer Alexander Tyagny-Рядно from the series "Homoscriptus".

pre-Auction exhibition is open until July 13, from 12:00 to 20:00 at the address: Moscow, street Garden-Кудринская, 25, "Antique center on the Garden", 3-й floor gallery of the Auction house "Antiquarium" (office 302).

Phone: 7 (495) 374-50-90; e-mail:

Source: press-релиз auction house "Antiquarium"

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