Russian art of the XIX — beginning of the XX century in the house "KABINET" on December 6
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At auction — rare collection of remarkable portraits of Russian emperors from Peter I to Alexander III

the auction house "Cabinet" is the new year's auction of Russian art.

Online-каталог auction.

Portraits of emperors were required in the official institutions of the Russian Empire, so they ordered the EN masse artists. Often it was indicated precisely which of the existing portraits of the head of state should be considered exemplary. Exactly this pattern was copied by the artists of different rank. The organizers of the auction indicate that, despite the fact that presented on the auction the portraits are not signed, they performed at a high professional level and significant not only art, but also from a historical point of view as revealing artifacts of the era.

a Portrait of Peter I made in the second third of the XVIII — XIX centuries Iconographic basis of his was the portrait of Emperor Peter I, established a court painter to Louis Caravaca in 1722 It is the portrait, painted by Louis Caravaca, Empress Catherine II gave to the sculptor Etienne Falconet as model for the creation of the face "the Copper horseman". From the same private collection occurs, and a portrait of Emperor Paul I (1800-1840/1850-е.), modeled on the portrait of the Emperor, made by V. L. Borovikovsky in 1796, the history of the existence of this picture, reflected in the inscriptions on the back. The portrait was purchased in the Chapter, and then transferred to the "public office". Traditionally later the uniform of the Emperor was rewritten in the new form sample.

Portrait of Emperor Alexander I in the late 1820-х. on the model of the 1809 portrait of the work of academician S. S. Schukin was created from two of the artist from his Studio: one wrote the figure of the Emperor, and other prescribed person. According to the archival documents it is known that S. S. Schukin has repeatedly received government orders to create portraits of the Emperor for public institutions.

deserves Special attention is a portrait of crown Prince Alexander Alexandrovich (future Emperor Alexander III), painted by Ivan izvekova in the mid 1870-х. This upscale painting before the revolution was in the collection of the life-гвардии regiment, as evidenced by the seal in the form of a Scorpion on the back of the canvas.

Continues to "Imperial" thread in the graphic section a drawing of Adolf Iosifovich Charlemagne "24 Nov 1741", which is episode Palace coup of 1741, when the cesarevna Elizabeth Petrovna, surrounded by guards, marches to the Winter Palace to become the new Empress of Russia.

Amonggraphic works offered for sale attract the attention of two small works. One of them — sided figure V. A. Serov, depicting lions from St.-петербургского zoo. In 1896-1899, the artist executed a series of drawings from nature. He later used the sketches when working on illustrations to the fables of I. A. Krylov.

the Second iconic work — picture of Ilya Repin "Christ in Gethsemane", made in 1888, It represents the original version of the picture of "Betrayal in the garden of Gethsemane" created Repin in 1888 and are now in the collection of the State Russian Museum.

Not the least interesting in the collection of the auction and graphics of the XX century In particular, there are symbolic etchings Plavinsky "the Old house" (1968) and "Chinese landscape" (1969), copies of which are in the collection of the State Museum of fine arts named after A. S. Pushkin, and a selection of great subtlety of execution of sketches of theatrical scenery Mstislav Sorovskogo. This undeservedly forgotten talented artist, as written by organizers, was the discovery of the"theatre of the auction".

Auction # 37 (98) "Russian art of XIX — beginning of the XX century" will be held on 6 December 2017 at the address: Moscow, Krymsky Val, 10, CHA, hall № 1 (1-й floor). Start of trading in 18:00.

pre-Auction exhibition is open from 30 November to 6 December, from 11:00 to 20:00.

Tel.: 7 (499) 238-14-69,

Source: press-релиз auction house "KABINET"

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