In exile, in jail, in exile. The bronze age is on the auction "three centuries"
ARTinvestment.RU   28 июня 2017

July 1 "Antiquarium" conducts 31-й live auction — "Rare and valuable books. Literature and art of the Bronze age. Painting, drawing, photography". In the directory — 405 lots

Online-каталог auction.

the First part of the catalogue amounted to lifetime editions of Alexander Pushkin to Daniil Kharms, paintings and drawings by Alexander Benois to Viktor Popkov, theatrical sketches from Mstislav Dobuzhinsky to Oleg Sheintsis, engravings and lithographs from Ivan pozhalostina to Alexander Yakovlev in the photographs of recognized masters of the early twentieth century to the XXI century, etc. read More about it: "Collector classics at auction July 1, in the "Antiquarium"".

In the second part of the auction for the first time in Russian practice auction "KABINET" offers for auction a collection of "Literature and art of the Bronze age". For the first time, the era of 1950-80-х years, has become one of the key in the development of national culture and liberation from the heritage of Stalinism, appears in all its integrity, the inextricable relationship between literature and the visual arts.

the term "Bronze age", introduced by the poets Vladimir Ohapkina and Slava len, — takes in two hundred lots catalogue its material component. Three sections dedicated to the Bronze age, partly recreate existed in those years a special environment, a total art space, uniting representatives of the Bronze age.

pay Particular attention to the archive of the poet Henry Sapgir, including the manuscript of the play "Pinocchio" with its author's corrections, photographs and graphics friends — iconic artists of the Bronze age — with their inscriptions: "lianozovtsev" Eugene, Valentina and Leo (sentenced to ten years in the camps) Kropiwnicki, Vyacheslav Sysoev (two years in the camps), Viktor Pivovarov (forced emigration, 1982), and co-author of the almanac "Metropol" Anatoly Brusilovsky.

the works of leading artists of the period — of another member of the Lianozovo group of Oscar Rabin (deprived of citizenship, 1978), Dmitry Plavinsky, Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid (emigrated in 1977) from the collection of Alexander Glezer, Igor Voroshilov from the collection of Gennady Aygi, Anatoly Zverev, Igor Snegur, Eugene Chubarov, Vladimir Titov (emigrated in 1982), Leningrad Boris Koshelkov, "Arefieva" Richard Vasmi and Shalom Schwartz were entering "the Bronze age. Fine art".

Classic examples of "anti-Soviet" — political samizdat — manuscript defector Igor Guzenko and reproductions of the book "Stalinism as a spiritual phenomenon" opens "the Bronze age. Literature." Private and artistic life of the informal literary Moscow can be seen in rare photographs Venedikt Erofeev and his classmate Lena Fame, the autographs of poems of Henry Khudyakov (emigrated in 1974), Tatiana Shcherbina, the letters of the poet Olga Sedakova and artist Anatoly Belkin, books with autographs of conceptual Vsevolod Nekrasov and Dmitry Prigov from the archives of the poets — Lena Vladislav and Tatyana Shcherbina.

Unofficial Leningrad unthinkable without a samizdat magazine "Watch," the poetry of Viktor Krivulin, Elena Shvarts, Sergei Stratanovich, Peter Chahine. Their pictures, autographs, copies of lifetime editions and magazines with publications included in the St. Petersburg section of the Chapter. A special place is reserved in it threethe brightest representatives of the underground, and deliberately, and forced to be in exile, — to Konstantin Kuzminsky, Alexei Khvostenko and Anri Volkonskogo — from typewritten copies of poems and pictures still Leningrad period before letters, autographs, published in exile, recordings on tape, made in Paris.

the Works born of the creative unions, included into the category of "Bronze age. Poets and artists". Books and graphics of Gennady Aygi and Nicholas Dronnikov, autographs of poems Tamara Bukovskaya, her portrait and illustrations to the series", Gikomero", made one of the greatest masters of this period, Valery Mishin, paintings and drawings by Vladimir Aleynikov, autographs and letters of transporantov Ry Nikonova, Sergei Sigea, Boris Kudryakova, art experiments Boris Constrictor, as well as the original illustrations and books, designed "Mitki" — Olga and Alexander Florenskie, Vladimir Shinkarev, Vasily Golubev, posters of the poet and artist Vladimir kotljarova Tolstoy.

Three waves of Russian emigration — from the first, who had ordered to other banks forced the passengers of the philosophy steamer and in a hurry left the Crimea ships, to the third, with its sung by Alexey Khvostenko fragile little vessel Oleg Kohanevich, — is presented in the section "Tamizdat". Two lifetime editions of the novels "King, Queen, knave" and "courage" of Vladimir Nabokov, with their sophisticated-щегольским craftsmanship and a piercing sympathy for the little man, and rare photographs of the writer taken during a party at his publisher. Letter by Yuri Ivaska to Dmitry Bobyshev (1979). Books with dedicatory inscriptions to the chief editor of the magazine "the Verge" Natalia Tarasova from the poets Igor Chinnov, Hope Donskoy, Gisela's, Lachman, Nikolay Tatishchev, Rodion Akulshina. The first collection of Alexander Galich "Songs" published by "Sowing" in 1969. Autographs Igor Burykina, Vasily Aksyonov, Sergei Dovlatov, Mikhail Gendelev, Natalia Gorbanevskaya (emigrated after the arrests and stays in psychiatric hospitals) and Irina Ratushinskaya (after five years in the camps expelled from the country).

pre-Auction exhibition is open until June 30 from 12:00 to 20:00 at the address: Moscow, Sadovaya-Кудринская, 25. Auction house and gallery "KABINET" (in the building of "the Antique centre on the Garden").

Telephone: 7 (495) 374 50 90, email

Source: press-релиз Auction houses and galleries "KABINET"

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