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"Scoop": "Russian art of XX century"
ARTinvestment.RU   05 октября 2016

20 Oct 2016 19:00 auction house "scoop" holds an evening auction No. 145. The catalogue contains 110 lots — of the classics of pre-revolutionary art and the works of the masters of socialist realism

Online-каталог auction.

In the catalog it is worth noting sketches Mstislav Dobuzhinsky for the play "Cossacks troops Platov in Paris", staged in 1926 at the Paris theatre-кабаре "Bat" Nikita Baliyeva. Of no less interest and "Shrovetide" by Alexander Benois — sketch of scenery for Igor Stravinsky's ballet Petrushka, which premiered in 1911 in Paris ' théâtre du châtelet.

To genre painting of the Soviet period belongs one of the top-лотов auction — painting "Skiers" Anatoly. (1950-е), exhibited at the exhibition of the Institute of Russian Realist Art "Soviet sport" in London in 2013. Interest is the canvas "the Sabbath day" Tkachev brothers (1973), written during their creative heyday. Special mention deserves the picture of "let's smoke" by Leo Narodytska, the name of which refers to one of the most popular songs of the great Patriotic war.

Extremely widely represented landscape painting: "View Lugetskiy virgin of the Ferapontov monastery near Mozhaisk in Moscow-реке" Sergei Gerasimov from the collection of the national artist of the USSR Vladimir Igoshev and two very distinctive landscape George of Nyssa — "Winter. 41-й year" and "Green road". The works of Nyssa consistently cause interest of collectors; moreover, as the world's auction practice, it is one of the most expensive artists of the Soviet period: his work "Over the snow" (1964) was sold at auction at Sotheby's for £1.76 million (estimé £500-700 thousand). The two papers presented and one of the most famous landscape painters of the Soviet period, Alexei Gritsai: this "Summer evening" (1980) and a unique example of the early work of the painter — landscape "Volga" (1940). Save some pre-war works of the painter, in the art-рынке similar paintings appear very rarely.

At the auction offered a selection of views of Moscow. One of the top-лотов auction, of course, you can call the canvas of people's artist of the Russian Federation Andrey Gorsky "the Morning of may at the Bolshoi theatre", Museum level which is noted by many experts and collectors.

"Sverdlov Square", written by a disciple of Konstantin Korovin Sergey Pichugin, is not only artistic but also historical interest. There was a version that it was written in the late fifties, however, one detail in the picture allowed us to attribute it to an earlier period: the painting depicts a trolley with one door for boarding and alighting passengers, and such trolleybuses operated in 1940-х.

Moscow was the main theme in the painting of Boris Rybchenkov, who left detailed memories of his youth: "had to walk a lot and drive in Moscow, because one school was on Petrovka, the second — have Podvesov on Kalyaev, the third — on Novoslobodskaya, Butyrsky Shaft. During these trips and travels, I observed life in the streets of Moscow and eagerly sketched what he saw in an album for memory. This, of course, does not exclude my work from life on the streets of Moscow. So I got the theme, and a theme that has become home for the rest of my life."

In the auction catalogue it is possible to allocate a whole gallery of portraits created by the outstanding painters of the twentieth century: "Portrait of Professor Nikolay Petrovich Remizov" hands-Pyotr Konchalovsky, and the "Girl under umbrella" Aristarchus Lentulov, and "portrait of the artist N. N. Zolotarev" Evsey Moiseenko.

In the auction catalog and there is an unusual lot — doll piggy and stepashky, who starred in the program "good night, kids" in the early 1990-х. It seems that these heroes have existed since the advent of this transfer, but it is not so. The program "Goodnight kids" aired in September 1964, and its first presenters were very different characters: Pinocchio and the hare Tepa, dolls fast and fumble, Chizhik the dog and Alyosha-почемучка, fairy tale Nut, and many others. In August 1970-го "born" Stepashka — obedient, inquisitive Bunny is very diligent, polite and considerate. Interestingly, the artist Natalia Golubentseva — "voice" Stepashky — so got used to her character that was glued together with photo in his ID of the honoured artist. 10 Feb 1971 in Studio appeared piggy — soul of the company, a naughty pig who is constantly naughty, gets into different stories and learning from their mistakes.

it is Obvious that the artists-куклы every day starred in programs that eventually needed replacement. Were made new and the old were sent to museums or gave them the figures of the TV. Piggy and Stepashka presented at auction, appeared on the screens in the early 1990-х, and at the end of the shooting period was donated to one of the employees, the collection of which has been so far.

pre-Auction exhibition is open from 3 to 19 October 2016 at the auction house "SOVKOM" at the address: Moscow, St. Schepkin, 28, from 11.00 to 18.00. Phone: 7 (495) 684 9191; e-mail: [email protected]; the website: Sovcom.ru.

Source: press-релиз auction house "scoop"

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