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Yesterday the best auction in the history of Christie's
ARTinvestment.RU   16 мая 2013

Record Christie's auction brought $ 495 million. Abstraction Jackson Pollock bought for 58.4 million dollars, the picture of Jean-Michel Basquiat - for 48.8 million dollars, the work of Roy Lichtenstein - for 56.1 million dollars

Yesterday's evening sale of postwar and contemporary art were the most successful in the history of the auction house Christie's. Total revenue was $ 495 million. Prior to yesterday's auction Christie's all-time record held auction of Impressionist and Modern in November 2006, where the gain by selling 491.5 million and where the "Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer" by Gustav Klimt went for 88 million. The main rival, Sotheby's is far behind Christie's in respect of the net sales of a single auction. For a competitor so far the highest score - 375.1 million dollars. Gained so much of contemporary art auction at Sotheby's in November 2012.

yesterday were beaten 12 personal records, including the work of Joseph Cornell, Hans Hoffmann, Pietro Manzoni, densely Philip, Richard Serra, Luc Tuymans and Julie Meret. And the top three champions were Jackson Pollock, Roy Lichtenstein and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Three important works of these artists have become top-lots evening.

Jackson Pollock
№ 19, 1948. 1948
Paper on canvas, oil, enamel paints. 78, 4 x 58,1
Christie's. 15.05.2013
Estimate: 25-35 million dollars
Result: 58.4 million dollars
Source: christies.com

work of Jackson Pollock «№ 19, 1948" in the technique of casting paint on canvas easily overcame the estimate of 25-35 million dollars and reached a hammer price of 58.4 million. Head of contemporary and postwar art Christie's Brett Gorvi (Brett Gorvy) bought the work for the client. Painting «№ 19" refers to a key period in the works of Jackson Pollock 1947-1950 years, when he had just invented the technique of dripping and was, as ever, is productive in it. critic Clement Greenberg once said that one of the work would be more than enough to declare Pollock one of the greatest artists of his time. surprisingly, this «№ 19 , 1948, "with a vengeance surpassed the previous record of more recent work« № 4, 1951, "sold for 40.4 million dollars in November 2012.

Jackson Pollock

Roy Lichtenstein Woman in hat with flowers.
1963 Acrylic on canvas . 127 x 101,6
Christie's. 15.05.2013
Estimate: more than $ 30 million
Result: 56.1 million dollars
Source: christies.com

work by Roy Lichtenstein "Woman in a Hat with Flowers" in 1963, they refer to the same name of Cubist portrait of Picasso's got a diamond magnate Laurence Graff for 56.1 million dollars . British billionaire was about to retreat when the price reached 46.5 million, but in the end still snatched victory from Brett Gorvi. lucky owner of a masterpiece of Liechtenstein has admitted that it was one of the most expensive of its purchases. According billionaire Graff, he decided to make a birthday gift - a picture he had seen in textbooks. previous record for a work of Liechtenstein May auction in 2012 amounted to 44.9 million dollars.

Jean-Michel Basquiat
blurred head (Dustheads).
1982 Acrylic on canvas, oil pastels, enamel paint in the can, metallic paint. 182,8 x 213,3
Christie's. 15.05.2013
Estimate: 25-35 million dollars
Result: 48.8 million dollars
Source : christies.com

Fight rates on canvas by Jean-Michel Basquiat "blurred head (Dustheads)» ended in a resounding score of 48.8 million. Against the background of the achievements of Jackson Pollock and Liechtenstein, this figure may not look as impressive, but compared with the previous personal record for the artist at $ 26.4 million relating to November 2012, is a leap in the auction skies. Painting «Dustheads» wore estimate of 25-35 million dollars. For telephone customer image acquired a couple of drug addicts employee Christie's Loic Guzer.

Among the works of European artists of particular note "achromia" by Piero Manzoni sold for a record 14, $ 1 million. "Abstract Painting. Darkness (613-2)" Gerhard Richter has found a buyer for 21.9 million dollars, well above the upper limit of the appraised value. This result could produce much more impressed if the yesterday at Sotheby's other work Richter -" Cathedral Square, Milan "- not sold for 37.1 million dollars .

significant share of the auction proceeds brought works from private collections of the legendary crooner Andy Williams and philanthropist Armand and Celeste Bartos. During the works from the collections of 46 and paid 30.2 million dollars respectively.

not gone unnoticed work Mark Rothko « Untitled (Black on burgundy) ": while the estimate of 15-20 million dollars for the lot was 27 million. And the work of Willem de Kooning's" Woman (Blue eyes), "in 1953 earned 19.2 million dollars in the evaluation at 12-16 million. The owner of the lot has become a New York dealer Dominique Levy. During a record 25.9 million dollars to the buyer on the phone was sold to the abstraction of Philip densely "In memory of Fellini».

Top 10 lots in the evening Auction Christie's «postwar and contemporary art" May 15, 2013, New York

№ lot


millions of dollars

millions of dollars



Jackson Pollock number 19, 1948. 1948
world auction record for the artist's works



anonymous buyer


Roy Lichtenstein Woman in hat with flowers. 1963
world auction record for the artist's works



private collector from Europe


Jean-Michel Basquiat blurred head (Dustheads). 1,982
world auction record for the artist's works



private collector from Europe


Mark Rothko's Untitled (Black on burgundy.) 1958



buyer of U.S.


PHILIP densely memory of Fellini. 1958
world auction record for the artist's works


25, 9

anonymous buyer


Roy Lichtenstein Nude with a yellow flower. 1994



Anonymous User


Gerhard Richter Abstract Painting. Darkness (613-2). 1,986



anonymous buyer


Willem de Kooning Woman (Blue eyes). 1953



buyer of U.S.


PIERO Manzoni achromia. 1958
world auction record for the artist's works



private collector from Europe


Willem de Kooning Untitled XVII. 1984



Anonymous User

Prepared by Mary Onuchina, AI

Source: Press Release Christie's, artinvestment.ru

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