Top lots of Russian art at auction Bukowskis in Helsinki 13-14 May 2009
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At the tender will be issued imperial furniture from the Winter Palace

13-14 May 2009 Bukowskis auction house put up for auction in the Spring of Helsinki significant section of Russian art, which is almost half of the total trading volume.

Nahodka Finnish furniture from the Imperial Winter Palace in St. Petersburg has become a sensation on the art market. «We sincerely hope that this unique set will take their places in the living room decorated Silver Winter Palace», - said Maria Ekman-Kolar, a specialist in furniture Bukowskis. Estimeyt headset of 100 000 - 150 000 Euro.

Among the other top lots forthcoming auction of a collection of Faberge firm, the four paintings I. K . Aivazovsky , imperial porcelain and other works of art.

«The long-standing historical and cultural ties, as well as proximity to Russia, allowed Helsinki to become one of the major auction centers of Russian Art», - said Maria Ekman-Kolar.


The most significant works of Russian art - painting IK Aivazovsky «Taking a Turkish steamer" Mersin "Russian cruiser" Russia "in the Black Sea 13 Dec., 1877», zapechatlevshaya historical episode, which occurred during the Russian -Turkish War (1877-1878). Variant same picture is in the Naval Museum in St. Petersburg.

Another top will lead canvas Konstantin KA Korovin , where Anna Y. Korovina shows, the wife of the artist. The painting is a typical representative for the artist's version of songs, which combined genres of portraiture, interiors, still life.

Also in the auction will be works by the greatest masters of Russian painting AV guinea , I. Shulttse , LF Lagorio , K. Konstantin Makovsky , Ilya Repin .


The most unique section is a lot of the imperial furniture. Set of silver furniture of the 11 items included in the decoration of private rooms of Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, - Silver Winter Palace sitting room.

unique furniture was performed in the workshop of master furniture Nikolai Fyodorovich Svir in St. Petersburg in 1894. Suite was the first order of the imperial couple Svir vendor courtyard and classic style furniture was a tribute to the Empress conservative taste.

Thumbnails for furniture were carried out by architect Nikolai Nabokov, who in general has developed a draft design of personal rooms of Nicholas II and Alexandra Feodorovna, including draperies. Cooperation Nabokov and Svir began during the reign of Alexander III, when the project Nabokov in a factory was set up Svir finish imperial yacht «Polar Star».

Based on the inventory numbers, surviving on some furniture items, supposedly set to consist of 15 items, of which four have not yet been found. Along with this finding all the furniture of the imperial couple, private rooms in the Winter Palace has been detected, with the exception of furniture from the imperial bedroom, and referred to the missing items from the silver room. In 1920 Soviet authorities sold the work of the Winter Palace, including the furniture.

«The emergence of the market for antique furniture silver room, until now known only by a few old photos, without exaggeration can be called sensational, - said the deputy director of the Museum-Reserve Tsarskoe Selo Iraida Bott. - Excellent safety of allowing professionals once again ensure the highest level of skill of Russian furniture, doing yard orders. It would be highly desirable that the items shall be forfeited, returned to its historic place ».

In a continuation of a successful auction, held last autumn, at this auction for sale works Faberge firm, most of which are performed by masters of Finnish origin. In this pair of strings is worth noting dvusvechnye silver candelabra, made by Julius Rappoport, and a couple of piles for the vodka in the form of the work of Mikhail Elephant Perkhin.

Section decorate a large silver tureen made master Kosyrevym Alexei in Moscow in 1784, and the punch-bowl with unbottled spoon charka work, and 12 brothers Grachev.

Among the works of Russian porcelain is worth noting majestic pair of vases porcelain factory in St. Petersburg and the two dishes of the imperial period of Alexander II.

Another outstanding matter of going out of the imperial house, was richly decorated with flint shot rifle manufactured Gavrilov Permyakova master in St. Petersburg (about 1770) to Catherine the Great, and given to Paul I, the Swedish envoy row Johan Christoffer Tolly .

Source: press release Bukowskis

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