«Tiny dancer chetyrnadtsatiletnyuyu» Degas sold for 13.3 million pounds
ARTinvestment.RU   04 февраля 2009

Last night in London were trading Impressionist and Modern works of Sotheby's, the results of which can be called good

Yesterday in London the bidding works of Impressionist and Modern Sotheby ' s . They have been quite successful. Of the twenty-nine of the buyers have found twenty-two, of which six passed a note in one million pounds sterling. Total volume of trades - 32 564 300 pounds (46 238 050 dollars).

main «star» auction, of course, was a sculpture by Edgar Degas (Edgar Degas) «Little Dancer chetyrnadtsatiletnyaya», which Sotheby's experts evaluated in the 9-12 million pounds. Japanese specialist in Impressionist art Yasuaki Isidzaka (Yasuaki Ishizaka) bought the entire work for 13.3 million pounds (19.1 million) *. Now it is the most expensive sculpture Degas. The previous record belonged to another instance of «Little chetyrnadtsatiletney dancer», which has 12.4 million acquired in November 1999, billionaire Francois Pinault (FrançoisPinault). A copy of which was sold at auction yesterday, five years ago was worth almost three times cheaper: Sotheby's auction on 3 February 2004, he went for 5 million pounds (9.2 million dollars for the then exchange rate). Yesterday's newsmakers Yasuaki Isidzaka is «author» of the main record Degas: at auction Sotheby's November 3, he bought a pastel «Holiday Dancer », which became the most expensive paintings ever sold at auction .

Sold «Little chetyrnadtsatiletney dancer» Madeyski Sir John (Sir John Madejski) is not the only one who managed to earn a good product, purchased several years ago. The second line in the list of the most expensive lots took great «Street Scene» Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, which yielded 5.4 million pounds (7.8 million dollars) at estimeyte 5-7 million pounds. Sold work bought her in 1997 for 1.98 million pounds. Kirchner painting - two-sided: on the back of it you can see the portrait of professor of archeology and art historian Boto Graff (Botho Graff), written by Kirchner in 1914.

Among the unsold lots are allocated Degas pastel «Dancers in the foyer» picture and Fernand Leger (Fernand Léger) «A trip to the country», which Sotheby's had high expectations: The first work was estimated at 3,5-4 , 5 million pounds, the second - in the 4-6 million. In addition, did not find a buyer «Caryatid» Amedeo Modigliani (Amedeo Modigliani), which Sotheby's experts have estimeyt 6-8 million pounds. This non-traditional for the Italian artist's work is interested in only one buyer, who proposed for her 4.7 million. This figure did not impressed, and as a result, cloth remained unsold.

In response to these failures to third place in the rating of the lot took off, from which no one expected such pryti: picture of Joan Miro (Joan Miró) «Women and the birds at night». For the Catalan surrealist work, estimated at 750 thousand - 1 million pounds, fought a few customers, including eminent dealers Jose Mugraby (JoseMugrabi) and David Benrimon (David Benrimon). The winner came Nahmad David (David Nahmad), an influential member of the family of art dealers ( namely Nahmady, among other things, offered 60 million dollars per picture Malevitch «Suprematist composition» at last year's Sotheby's ). He bought the canvas Miro for 2 million pounds (2.8 million dollars).

Fourth place shared by two images: «Istanbul I» Oskar Kokoschka (Oskar Kokoschka), and «Around Kolliura» Andre Derena (André Derain). Both works were sold for 1.5 million pounds (2.15 million dollars), within estimeytov (1,2-1,8 and 1,4-1,8 million million, respectively). Kokoschka work put up for auction heirs of Czech industrialist Oskar Federer (Oskar Federer), which received its restitution in 2007.

The fifth place was the picture «Circus fun» our compatriot Chagall . Estimeyt this work was 1,2-1,5 million pounds, and she had 1.4 million (almost 2 million dollars).

After reviewing the results of bidding, it can be concluded well- market expressionists works of art . Among the authors of works falling within the top-six lots, two painter - Kirchner and Kokoschka - are representatives of this course in the art. Creativity and Derena Shagal can be described as close to expressionism. In addition, many other «ekspressionisticheskie» lots, presented yesterday at Sotheby's, - works by Egon Schiele (Egon Schiele), August Macke (August Macke) and the Max Pehshteyna (Max Pechstein) - had quite a decent amount.

* All prices include the Buyer's Premium.

Material prepared Yulia Maksimova

Sources: artinfo.com , sothebys.com , bloomberg.com , artinvestment.ru

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