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Together with the «Study of selfportrait» Francis Bacon at auction postwar and contemporary art will be paintings by Christie's Jean-Michel Basque Luchio Fountains and Gerhard Richter as well as graphics from the collection of first ladies of Lehman B

November 12 in New York held an auction Christie's, on the works of postwar and contemporary art. On the evening auction will be exhibited 75 works, many of whom have never before appeared at auction. It was expected that the auction will be 227-321 million dollars.

Top-lot evening auction is a painting of Francis Bacon (Francis Bacon), entitled «Study of self». This work, estimeyt which is provided only on request, was written in 1964, in a very difficult period of personal and creative life of British painter. In the early 1960's painting of Bacon delights critics, namely left-catalog reason it works and a monograph by John Расселла (John Russell). But personal tragedy has marred the success of the artist: in 1962 in Tangier died of his favorite people, Peter Lacy (Peter Lacy), with whom Bacon later called «four years of endless horror». The artist told that Lacey was very nervous during his hysterical seizures destroy all that come across him by the arm. Despite this, Bacon loved Lacey, descended on him with a mind and could not live without it. Some time after the death of beloved artist met George Dyer (George Dyer), and started new relationships painful. «Study to self», presented at Christie's, an excellent passes that confusion, in which the artist.

Now, Francis Bacon is the author of the most expensive work of post-war painters. In May, Roman Abramovich bought his «Triptych» 1976 to 86.2 million dollars that is the highest price paid this year for a work of art. Self-artist highly traded in the market. This spring the small «Three Etudes for self» yielded 28 million dollars at Christie's in New York and at London auction in June, the other «Three Etudes» went for 17 million pounds (34 million dollars).

Another top lot auction - picture of yet another martyr of contemporary art, the black child prodigy, Jean - Baskov Michel (Jean-Michel Basquiat) . Basque was one of the most distinguished personages of New York art community, the 1980's. He wrote to friends of experimental music, was behind the fashion for hip-hop and graffiti and wrote zhutkovatye canvases on which depicted African-American culture heroes. Painting «boxer», which is exposed to auction, it is considered self-painter. It comes from the collection of an American musician Lars Ulrich (Lars Ulrich).

There is a canvas and one of the most famous artists of Italy - Luchio Fountains (Lucio Fontana). Oil on canvas with holes called «Spatial Concept (Celebration on the Grand Canal)» is part of a series «Venice». This is the only work Fountain, dedicated to the famous Venice Carnival. In addition dyrochek, pieces of cloth decorated with Venetian glass.

current record in the works Gerhard Richter (Gerhard Richter) is 7, 9 million pounds (16 million dollars). This amount was paid in February this year for giperrealisticheskuyu song «candle», known to music lovers on the cover of the famous album Daydream Nation group Sonic Youth. Record «Candles» can be beaten on 12 November: At the tender exhibited «abstract painting», estimeyt which, as well as preliminary estimates of Bacon, the Basque and the Fountains, has not been disclosed, and «Odzu», estimated at 10-15 million dollars. Ability to prevent the crisis of the new record Richter? Shall We See in two weeks.

In addition, Christie's will present a very beautiful creations of classic avant-garde sculpture: «Pauchihu V» Louise Bourgeois (Louise Bourgeois) with estimeytom 1,5-2 million, «Constellation and red knife» Koldera Alexander (Alexander Calder, 3-4 million) and «Circles and angles» David Smith (David Smith, 6 -8 million).

At the auction catalog consists of 16 paintings done by the heroes of abstract expressionism Willem de Kuninga (Willem de Kooning), Arshilom Gorky (Arshile Gorky) , Nyumanom Barnett (Barnett Newman) and Agnes Martin (Agnes Martin). According to rumors, these works come from the collection of Kathy tail (Kathy Fuld), wife of chapter bankrupt bank Lehman Brothers .

Top lot among the works of young artists - «DOB in a strange forest» Takashi Murakami (Takashi Murakami). In his works Murakami creates psychedelic universe, in the center of which usually have a big-eared boy Mr. DOB. In the works of Japanese artist is a pretty establishment surrounded by colorful glazastymi (probably hallucinogenic) mushrooms, toothy inflatable balloons and flowers smiling broadly. Monument «DOB in a strange forest» - Mr. DOB in a mushroom - estimated at 5-7 million dollars.

High estimeytami can also boast the work of Jeff Koons (Jeff Koons), Richard Prince (Richard Prince) and Peter Doig (Peter Doig) . All these works are characterized by their authors: a wooden figure of great comic Basseterre Kitona (Buster Keaton, 5-7 million), similar to a poster for the film depicting the horrors of the canvas with a dark nurses (5-7 million) and the mysterious metaphysical landscape (3-4 million), respectively.

Material prepared Yulia Maksimova

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