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Wife Chapter Lehman Brothers will sell at Christie's paintings worth $ 20 million
ARTinvestment.RU   29 сентября 2008

Kathy tail, known as a major collector of works of art, is given at the November auction, Christie's work Willem de Kuninga, Arshila Gorky, Barnett Newman and other famous artists

November 12, at New York's Christie's auction will be a very rare image of the abstract expressionists, including three drawings Willem de Kuninga (Willem de Kooning). Representatives of the auction house declined to disclose who gave works to the auction, but some experts say that the seller - well-known collector of tail Kathy (Kathy Fuld), the first ladies of the recently bankrupt bank Lehman Brothers Robert tail (Robert Fuld).

Robert and Kathy lap among the of 200 major works of art collectors in the world . Last year, the head of the family income was 34.4 million dollars. But the collapse of the bank and struck on his state: last week he sold shares of Lehman, which a year and a half ago were worth 247 million dollars in total for 500 thousand.

In addition to drawing de Kuninga at Christie's will be five works of Barnett Newman (Barnett Newman), four - Arshila Gorky (Arshile Gorky ) , and four - Agnes Martin (Agnes Martin). Top-fathomable deemed enchanting «Woman» de Kuninga, written in 1951. It is expected to yield about 4 million dollars. Another outstanding work, drawing Arshila Hills «The agony. Study I »(1946-1947) previously estimated by specialists at the auction 2.8 million dollars. This work - sketch of the famous painting «The agony», which now adorns the wall of the Museum of Modern Art in New York (MoMA). Another top lot - the nameless black-and-white abstraction of Barnett Newman in 1960. Her estimeyt - 2 million dollars. In 1997, this figure has been sold at the New York Sotheby's auction for 244.5 thousand dollars. According to the catalog of reasons-Newman, one of the former owners is the multibillionaire Ronald Lauder (Ronald Lauder) - the same who in 2006 bought the most expensive painting in the world, a portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer Gustav Klimt brush (Gustav Klimt).

Kathy tail specializes in graphics and is considered one of the world's major collectors of works on paper. «It buys [graphic works. - Ed. ] the highest quality, - said New York dealer Joan Uoshbern (Joan Washburn). - If we have a good picture, then we invite them to it». Tail, and her husband often provide work from their collections at the exhibition: for example, in 2002 they lost two of its «nyumanov» on the artist's retrospective at the Art Museum of Philadelphia. The couple is actively cooperating with museums: Kathy tail even a vice-chairman of the Board of Trustees of MoMA. She promised to give the museum a few works from his collection, including works by Jasper Johns (Jasper Johns) and Louise Bourgeois (Louise Bourgeois).

Christie's announced the sale of works from the collection of lap four days after the collapse of Lehman Brothers, what happened on 15 September. But that does not mean that because of the difficult situation millionaire husband immediately rushed to sell their treasures. The negotiations for works at auction began in the summer. According to head of postwar and contemporary art Christie's Kappellatstso Amy (Amy Cappellazzo), the agreement with the auction house was reached in August. According to one New York dealer, works from the collection of tail, in particular the figure of Jackson Pollock (Jackson Pollock), and appeared in the June fair of contemporary art Art Basel.

bank Lehman Brothers, who until recently headed the spouse Kathy tail, has a major corporate collection. They say that soon all those works of art go under the hammer .

Sources: bloomberg.com , artinvestment.ru

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