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Paintings by Boris Grigoriev will be exhibited at Sotheby's
ARTinvestment.RU   11 октября 2008

Auction house Sotheby's put on sale in the section «significant Russian works of art» three paintings artist Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev on behalf of the Museum of Berkshire (Berkshire Museum) in Pitsfilde (Massachusetts)

4 November, 2008 The New York Office of the auction house Sotheby's put on the sale of three paintings by Russian artist Boris Dmitrievich Grigoriev on behalf of the Museum of Berkshire (Berkshire Museum) in Pitsfilde (Massachusetts). The Museum will be offered jobs Grigor'eva «Peasants, fife» - one of the most important in the cycle Visages du Monde ( «Faces of Peace», 1920-1931). There will also be on display for auction pictures «Chaban», which depicts Russian poet Nikolai Klyuev, and «The man with the pipe».

«Our auction will be given a unique opportunity to acquire first-class work with a wonderful Grigor'eva provenansom», said Sonia Bekkerman, senior vice president, head of Russian art auction at Sotheby's New York. «For the first time I saw these three pictures, I was literally fighting their bone strength and mental strength. These works are of high skill Grigor'eva performance, but also reflect the artist's unique ability to express the psychological state of stress using color and line. This is the most significant works by the artist from ever appearing on the market, with the exception of a single canvas from the collection of Rostropovich - Vishnevskaya, which was sold at auction Sotheby's and currently is on display Konstantinovsky Palace near St. Petersburg. Auction house Sotheby's pochtet to honor the opportunity to put to tender this work on behalf of the Berkshire Museum ».

Revenue from the sale of these paintings will allow the museum to replenish its collection with new acquisitions and to improve the storage of collections. The works will be offered for auction in the section «significant Russian works of art» with the preliminary estimate of 7-10 million U.S. dollars.

Painting «Peasants, fife» of the cycle, Visages du Monde ( «Faces of Peace» 1920-1931) - outstanding work Grigor'eva. This is a profound psychological sketch depicting ordinary peasants torn from nasizhennyh places and confused by the world of industrialization, but still fiercely fighting for survival. The painting «The Peasants, fife», one of the greatest paintings by Grigoriev, the artist depicted two peasant musicians performing folk songs in the streets of the seaside village. The impressive figures, placed in the foreground, seen against the backdrop of a monumental «patchwork» widely spread landscape, as if reflecting the character and rhythm of the music performed. Grigor'ev was very keen on folk music, which is considered an integral feature of the peasant culture, but it is rarely reflected in the works of fine art. Preliminary assessment of the painting «The Peasants, fife» - 4-6 million dollars.

This picture «Chaban» , dating from the year 1920, depicts Russian poet Nikolai Klyuev, the leader of «peasant poets» the beginning of the twentieth century (estimeyt 2,5-3,5 million U.S. dollars) . Grigoriev had put the portrait in the series «Ras», and the next year to use it as a fragment of a huge canvas, a masterpiece «Faces of Russia».

«Man with pipe» - this is one of the most important works by the artist, a plot which, as in the case of painting «The Peasants, fife», was reused Grigor'ev in large-scale canvas Visages du Monde ( «Faces of Russia») 1920-1931 years (preliminary assessment of 0,6-0,8 million U.S. dollars). The painting depicts a peasant, one of those Boris Grigoriev often seen in France, especially in Brittany, where he watched their lifestyle and traditions.

«The decision to part with the three pictures were taken by Grigoriev, after careful analysis of the collection, which began in 2005, partially financing the project of cataloging, calculated for the year, has made the Institute of Museum and Library Services [The Institute of Museum and Library Services. - Ed .]», - said the executive director of the Museum of Berkshire, Mr. Stuart A. Chase. «In the process of this work by means of the invited experts we have been able to understand the importance and value of these paintings. These paintings, as far as we know, have never been exhibited, and we have no plans to preserve and develop the collection of Russian art, to ensure they do not fit into the logic of the rest of our collection. As a result, they can be regarded as a source for new acquisitions, which will enrich our museum. Pictures Grigoryeva is extremely important for Russian art, they deserve to be profiled in the exhibition section, where they will engage experts in this field that can not be done at the Museum of Berkshire ».

Berkshire Museum was founded in 1903. Three paintings by Grigoriev received in the museum collection in 1948 as a gift Bordman Crane Josephine (Josephine Boardman Crane) and her sister, Mrs. Florence Bordman bales (Florence Boardman Keep). Mrs. Crane, wife of Marshal Vintropa Kerin (Winthrop Marshall Crane), brother of the founder of the Museum of Berkshire Zenasa Kerin (Zenas Crane), has made a significant contribution to the development of culture and education in America. She lived, and in Massachusetts, and New York, was founder of the Museum of Modern Art (Museum of Modern Art), and also played a key role in the creation of the Metropolitan Museum of Art (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), Morgan Library (Morgan Library) and the School Deltona (Dalton School). Mrs. Crane was enthusiastic collector of art and life she gave, or gave his collection of works from various museums. She was among those who exercised the most significant support for the Museum of Berkshire, where Mrs. Crane has organized many educational programs and over 35 years was a member of the Board of Trustees. Her love of art to share a sister, Mrs. Florence Bordman bales - philanthropist, whose name is linked with the gift of museum paintings «Peasants, fife».

Source: Press Releases auction house Sotheby's

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