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Первый профессиональный сервис по выдаче займов под залог произведений искусства

Review of forthcoming «Russians bid»
ARTinvestment.RU   07 июня 2008

Russian week in London: Thousands of lots 2,5, 5 days, 10 auctions

Christie `s. «Orthodox icons and religious items», June 9 (14.00), 230 lots

In the first auction of Russian week in London included not only Russian but also Greek icons (although these are not far). Only in this auction - the icon «St. George killing the dragon», written in the XVI century, it was estimated at 120-150 thousand pounds. Much of the most ancient and valuable icons come from private collections, which at different times exhibited in Antwerp.

Bonhams. «Russian bid», June 9 (14.00), 241 lot

This auction includes the old Russian art, and avant-garde and modern art, and applied. The main lot, which is proud of the organizers - is a sheet of Natalia Goncharova «sailboat», which comes from the collection of Sir John Rotenshteyna, the former in the mid-twentieth century, the director of the Tate Gallery. The artist gave him the picture itself, obviously dogadyvayas about his place in world art. On the sail ship, she wrote: «N. G. 1 ». The painting is 1,5-2 million pounds.

Probably successfully sold and a large canvas Alexandra Exter «Venice», one of the preliminary development of the artist to sign the Soviet pavilion at the International Biennale in Venice in 1924 (estimeyt 400-600 thousand pounds).

From the classic painting of the most visible image - «Girl, let soap bubbles» Alexei Kharlamov (400-600 thousand pounds).

painting of the second half of the twentieth century at Bonhams higher than the old one. Here and «Composition with matryoshka» nonconformists Yevgenia Rukhin, established in honor of the birth of his son's friend (40-60 thousand pounds), and «The Kingdom of England» Oscar Rabin, and the unusual composition of the dolphin poluabstraktnaya recently deceased member Lianozovsky Group Lydia Masterkovoy (120 -180 thousand pounds).

Sotheby's. The evening auction of Russian art, June 9 (19.00), 58 lots

Cream of the collection at Sotheby's is presenting an evening auction. The most expensive thing - Natalia Goncharova's still life in which fruit or a kubofuturisticheski fractions, whether reflected in the faces of crystal vases (2-3 million pounds), this picture of the artist gave to Guillaume

Apollinaire. Dimmish color «Allah» Marc Chagall - one of the earliest known of his works, and the earliest we've ever put up for auction (1,4-1,8 million pounds). In the three leaders on estimeytam got Ivan Aivazovsky: at an auction quite unusual for a canvas depicting Pushkin and Mary Raevsky (1,2-1,8 million pounds). One day in 1836 Pushkin met at the 19-year-old novice artist, and instruct him: «Work, work, young man, that's the most important». «Since then, already my favorite poet, became the subject of my thoughts, inspiration, and long conversations and stories about it», - then remembered Aivazovsky and created two dozen drawings and paintings dedicated to the poet. In this picture most of the canvases is the sea, Pushkin and Raevskaya girl, playing with a foot wave, placed in a corner right.

Sotheby's. «Russian fine art», including a collection of works by Alexander Yakovlev, and Nikolai Kalmakova, June 10 (10.00 and 14.30), 377 lots

directory of the auction intimidating thick, very remarkable part of it - a collection gathered by the French aristocracy, Martin du Norom, who once nabredya at the Paris flea market on the work of symbolist-surrealist Kalmakova Nicholas decided to return the name of neglected and the Russians, and French painter. In addition, the collector was able to get the work of Alexander Yakovlev, directly from the artist's sister. In the 200-300 thousand pounds valued canvas Jakovleva «Bather» from the collections of the French, for an oval canvas Nicholas Kalmakova for the first time are asked so much - 120-150 thousand pounds.

Auction is divided into two parts, each of which begins with the manner of classical art and ends with works by contemporary artists. Between them vklinilis sculpture dancers in the style of al-deco work by Dmitry Chiparusa of bronze and ivory (the most expensive estimated at 100-150 thousand pounds).

Bonhams. Russian Photography Collection Lev Borodulin, June 10 (11.00), 148 lots

auction house was lucky to take possession of a collection of famous Soviet photographer, 30 years working in Israel, Lev Borodulin. This collection of master of sports and reportage photography to collect for themselves (print classics, Grinberga or Rodchenko, for the most part, not vintage, but later). In addition, selling photos of the Lions Borodulin made them when he was a correspondent «lights» (from 500 to 4 000 pounds).

Bonhams. «Russian books and manuscripts», June 10 (14.00), 162 lots

This auction house holds first Russian secondhand bidding. Chief rarity for them - chetyrehtomnik Dante from the library of the Russian Empress Elizabeth (10-15 thousand pounds).

Christie's. «Russian painting and applied art», June 11 (14.30), Lot 464

Christie `s, which is not (yet) a contemporary Russian art, brought together in one auction of paintings, graphics, applied arts (including orders and weapons). The main names - Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, on the cover of the catalog - «Crucifixion» Goncharova - the canvas on which a crucified Christ features Mikhail Larionov (1,5-2,5 million pounds).

Cloth Larionova «red cherry» (1902) - an experiment with the possibilities of the young artists of color and light, and «May Day» (1904; 500-700 thousand pounds) - the result of the experiment.

At the auction presents rare in this day of the two main samples of creative work of Russian landscape - Shishkin and Levitan. «Mast forest in Vyatka province» Ivan Shishkin - is a smaller version of the famous picture of the same name (stored in the Tretyakov Gallery); from 1920's are in private collections in Copenhagen (400-600 thousand pounds). A «road» Isaac Levitan - this is the famous picture (on levitanovskoy same picture) Vladimirki, which left exiled to Siberia (500-700 thousand pounds).

In the list of lots of the same auction a great pair of paintings by Peter Konchalovsky. One - is a portrait of actor Kabuki Todzyuro Kavarasaki, who came to Moscow on tour in 1928 (0,8-1,2 million pounds). The wife of the artist wrote: «The actor posed passing traffic, and to execute it, every time he read a monologue, which ended this leap, then he get up, do bow and then began a monologue. Only after many times Peter was able to catch this movement ». But on the other model is no problem - «Krotolov Fedor Petrovich» (1938; 180-220 thousand pounds) is sitting quietly on the grass near his prey.

Sotheby `s. «Russian art and Faberge items», June 12 (10.30), 241 lot

At the auction - all that is not art: from icons to sculpture and silver tableware. The most brilliant lot - besprinkle diamonds mark the Order of Andrew, originating from the corona jewelry Russian Empire (400-600 thousand pounds).

MacDougall `s. «Russian art of the first half of XIX-XX century», 12 June (11.00 and 14.00), 292 lots

auction house had long ago turned the Paris School, which once set for themselves. Now at auctions MacDougall `s exhibited the same set of Russian art, which traded in other major London houses. In the classical painting - a landscape by Ivan Shishkin «Merekyul - in the country» (estimeyt 0,75-1,5 million pounds) and «Moonlight night in Odessa» Ivan Aivazovsky (0,8-1,8 million pounds). An innovation in this section is a great compilation of works of 1920-1930's, where, in particular the work of the representative of St. Petersburg «silent art» Nicholas Tyrsy «Nude model Yashel Fund»; according to experts at home, the best of the few works by the artist, appearing at auction (80-120 thousand pounds). Here the Soviet academician Sergei Gerasimov, a student of Vladimir Filonov Luppiana ( «revolution as a stage of evolution», 250-300 thousand pounds) and «derevenschika» Arcadia Plastov.

MacDougall `s. «Russian post-war and contemporary art», June 13 (11.00 and 14.00), 255 lots

his collection of contemporary Russian art auction house more proud. Top-lot - a giant poliptih Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid «History of the USSR» (600-900 thousand pounds). This 58 abstract pieces - one for each year from 1917 till 1974 th (year «Bulldozer Exhibition »).

25 porcelain figurines Grisha Bruskin under the title «Everywhere life» estimated at 100-200 thousand pounds. And on the cover of «modern» volume catalog delivered one of the six canvases from the series «Railways» Mikhail Roginsky - with mchaschimsya locomotive (an average of 18-30 thousand per canvas).


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