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Sensation Phillips: "beetle" Kabakov 6 million
ARTinvestment.RU   29 февраля 2008

Fans of contemporary Russian art from the Phillips auction in the head was supposed to be a mess. The Russian lots were put in the world's evening auction on 28 February, several works included in the international daily auction 29 February

U fans of contemporary Russian art from the Phillips auction in the head was to receive porridge. Some interesting Russians have lots of the world's evening auction on 28 February, several works included in the international daily auction 29 February, but for clarity Pushcha February 28 is still held miniature «Russian bid» - sale of four dozen mostly lots of corporate assembly Livet Reichard Company.

to admit that just from some of these compact «Russians bid» Phillips 28 February special sensations are not waiting. But it turned out quite the contrary.

Actually, there was the following. Since the work of «beetle» 1982, sold nearly 6 million dollars, converted from 2, 932 million pounds, Ilya Kabakov have won just two positions in the ranking of top-12 Russian artists and is located so far on the 8 th place among Konstantin Somov ( « Rainbow ». 7, 33 million dollars), and Alexander Yakovlev (« Portrait of Basil Shuhaeva in his studio ». 5, 56 million dollars). Things, of course, highly decorative, conceptual. Like the increase in the hundred times book illustrations (Kabakov, as you know, to make a living graphic design). However, it is possible that a buyer can read the conceptual depth of the quatrain:

I found a beetle in the grass.
black beetle, a brilliant.
For a collection of my
pulling out my beetle,
jump strekochet .
It is a collection of my
not want to enter.

Erik Bulatov position is not won. He stayed for 12 th place, but only with a new record for his creativity. A previous record was 1 in 59 million dollars for a canvas «Do not lean». Now canvas «Glory to the CPSU» (blue sky, a giant slogan overlap), the main advantage of which is - well known for publications, has already sold over 1, 084 million pounds, which is more expensive than two million dollars. Another small step pricing - and over 11 first place an artist of world importance has become de Nicolas ( «Mediterranean». 1954. 1, 2936 million pounds) will potesnitsya. To calm her, never knew that such a social art. By the way, from an interview the multi-year-old knows that Erik Bulatov direction for social-Art did not identify, take it higher. But cautious sarcasm «Glory to the CPSU» does not have the breadth of stylistic interpretations. In general, the result of regular-riddle. Without the accompanying lyrics прорубиться to deeper meaning of the work will not just.

Evening for the main characters of the auction a day in different ways. D got to the point with the price forecast of 900 thousand pounds for the work of Erik Bulatov «Sky and the Sea» (1985). When estimeyte 300-500 thousand pounds selling price was 916 thousand pounds. But with the installation Kabakova «Music» (1988) to 500-700 thousand pounds estimeytom situation was confusing. In published reports the results of the auction lot 171 did not appear. Usually this is when things are not sold. But according to other sources, «Composer» find a buyer for 420 thousand pounds (excluding the auction house commission). Prior fine art traditionally less liquidity in the Russian media buyers than the picture format. But it has.

A similar situation with a lot number 176 - seven pentaptihom Yankylevsky: it is also not in the list of auction lots sold. According to other sources, pentaptih really has not found its buyer. Estimeyt was relatively small - 150 thousand pounds, so it is likely, despite the obvious advantages of work, discouraged buyers of its gigantic size.

Of the lot, do not remember the number of zeros on the price, it is worth noting «Space List» Dmitry Plavinsky. According to D, the artist is one of the three most significant masters of the unofficial post-war art. In his search for creative artistic gesture not replaced the Renaissance painstaking craftsmanship. Before etching, or butter-class «Turtle Moscow» simply captures the spirit of careful study of the smallest detail. That is affecting not only the idea and composition, but also the basic labor. One such picture, you can write a few months. So, nobody is working in our postmodern times. But Plavinsky remains true to itself - and the style and habits. Most of the year the artist works as an institution in American studios, and then comes to rest in Moscow. Experts and connoisseurs «other artists» become his most things on the gallery market, and lining up to new works. At auctions «oil» Plavinsky did not appear. So «Space list» - a rare case. Scale polutorametrovaya work was sold for 78, 5 thousand pounds - with eightfold excess estimeyta. New owner can be congratulated with a good acquisition. If the overpayment is not much, but the thing this class will increase rapidly in value.

Trades February 29 is not replete memorable things Russian artists. Let's say two. First, the stunning beauty of acrylic «City. Twilight »(1970) Vladimir Yankylevsky. Size dvuhmetrovy - to the limit, but at most times. Not disturbing story, you can hang anywhere. It is no coincidence, perhaps, the upper estimeyt was 12 thousand pounds, and the care is registered at level 66, 5 thousand pounds.

And the impression of the installation «Big Eight (G8)« (2007), a gifted young artist Andrei Molodkina rather as negative. Running successfully found a theme with a sculpture of oil pleschuscheysya in the cavity of the cube of acrylic glass, the artist clearly overdo. Transparent tank with a cavity in the form of G8 is connected to the giant tube, chetyrehmetrovoy, photography masters world, whose people in 30 years, few will remember. For private viewing sense, the photograph turned out to be quite superfluous. Get all straight text, but because the work has lost much valuable nedoskazannosti. Left the impression that the depth value of metaphor, antiglobalism and generation issues, visible in the same sculptures Molodkina «Christ» and ¥ € $ (the latter, incidentally, will be sold March 12 at Sotheby 's to estimeytom 30 thousand pounds), were limited to a simple short-term phrase. Like sarcasm dead social art changed irony Cap art. Work «Big Eight» estimeytom with 35-45 thousand pounds is not sold. In any case, an interesting artist, I would like to wish good luck. I hope to Sotheby 's, all will be well and transparently.


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