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Auction Running
ARTinvestment.RU   30 ноября 2007

Results of the London «Russian Week»: Sotheby's, Christie's, Bonhams and MacDougall's.

Russian week in London was similar to the winter session for collectors заочников. came to learn the program must be four auction houses, to go to all the views Pre-advice, visiting a dozen case of trades, and keeping presence of mind, bear examination. Without any pity for Some collectors who would like to always be in some auctions tried to put the days and hours of tender butt, and even at the same time: the type to determine that important to you - Bonhams and Sotheby's, MacDougall's or Christie's? A Swedish about Bukowski's forgotten? Also in late November, and what a pity, not in London. It remains to be grateful even Phillips de Pury for the fact that though he never went to his successful post-war and contemporary art, dilatory interest from the traditional «Russian» program.

It is not accidental, historically Sotheby's and Christie's deliberately avoided crossings in time. This is not a conspiracy (for conspiracy and on other occasions they have responded), but a sensible precaution to buyers to finish to come in themselves. But with the emergence of new players past polites a thing of the past.

After browsing catalogs of Russian bid leaves the impression that would be selected from all directories of этак thirty, and would, if not «auction dreams», a very memorable representative bidding. However, history does not know the subjunctive mood, a history of bidding is no better than its older sister. It was clearly felt that the organizers are finding it increasingly difficult to ensure a well-filled. With all the seeming abundance of (all for sale in the «Russian Week» was billed more than 1 200 works and objects), lacks not only the masterpieces, but just remember things. Even in post-war art - that is, in the developing segment, which is by definition not yet be «vycherpan», from season to season are invited to all the less good work. And interestingly, the second-line auctions chance to discover such things is hardly no more. Works Sixties is not something that is becoming smaller, just the transaction is in the gallery market or in private. Today you can get a good price and without the auction.

But back to the past bidding.

Getting Started «Russian Week» get quite higgledy-piggledy. On Tuesday, the media reported on the eve of sensational result for the meter «bells» Natalia Goncharova - 3 million pounds. This thing brought to Sotheby's pre-show in Moscow, public relations wherever possible. However, a number of collectors, accustomed to trust his own eyes, the impression that this work only three values: the author's name, meter size and approximate year of establishment. You had to be strong connoisseurs to discern its innovation in 6-10 million dollars, which is eloquently called estimeyt. In general, perhaps it was a sensation that the work left by their minimum estimeytu.

The other newsmakers - soft and small «town in southern Russia» Aristarchus Lentulov - sold for 1.7 million pounds, ie 200 thousandth exceeded the upper estimeyta. People versed surprised by this result. We know that with Lentulov investors in general, you should be especially alert, because a lot of themselves guess what. From the catalog description, it can be concluded that the existence of a specific thing only since 1973, with the theme of one of London's galleries.

 Collection, 1988.

OLEG Tselkov. Collection, 1988. 1988. Oil on canvas. 100 × 100. Estimeyt: 60-80 thousand pounds. Sale price: 60 thousand pounds. Bonhams. 26.11.07. Lot number 145

From Monday Bonhams auction in London, too, particularly not wait. Nothing sensational. Auction makes only the first steps in the Russian program, so many collectors it just did not go (sorry then). As a result, obtained without crowbars price, all small and srednebyudzhetno. And, no dramas. Visitors quietly made a few good shopping (lots not sold much at all).

Very very odious in its neautentichnosti «Zvereva», carefully removed from AZ, and other questionable things, understandably, not interested. However, and at competitive prices, even some good things have not been sold.

among the best purchases you can recognize the work of «Rush Hour» Seeds Faibisovich purchased for 55 thousand pounds 1 . The artist, one can say only a year ago, entered the commercial clip of Modern Art, and is now sold fantastically well - so that 100 thousand pounds, converted to U.S. dollars are no longer for him overpayment. I am sure that the «Rush Hour» will continue to rise in price. The distinctive feature Faibisovich - «life photorealism» - the same Russian phenomenon, as a genre «life cinema». And let «rush hour» depicts a scene not in Moscow and in New York City subway - it's even better. So even if a person was reached, first, Europe, and secondly, not distorted face imminent asphyxia. Here are just a name to locate the best: the standard scene in Moscow is more in line with the eleven o'clock in the morning, not rush hour, of course.

«Collection 1988» Oleg Tselkova brushes - work decorate the cover of the auction catalog - sold for 60 thousand pounds plus commission. Normal commercial size meter is often provenans «gallery Nahamkina», and the price of standard Tselkova no cause for surprise. So - quietly and calmly, almost unnoticed, yet in a quiet Bonhams - was sold to one of the best works Tselkova. It is felt that this is the best thing among the many works appearing at auction in recent years. Four nailed-face masks almost perfect - technically, on the topic of performance, according to mood. In a few days, and MacDougall's will be sold «A woman with a cat» of the same year, in the same glowing azure color, far larger. Also a good thing, but the word «the same» in this case is of particular importance.

Very good purchase made purchases «Songs» 1987 Edward Steinberg - continuing the philosophy and geometric ideas first Russian avant-garde. 12 thousand pounds - a couple of years ago was the same face value, but in dollars.

It is improper for cheap - just 13 thousand pounds - the buyer received the picture is almost dvuhmetrovaya Ernst Neizvestny «Tree of Life». In Russia, for the work of this class are asked about 60 thousand dollars. Was suspicious and estimeyt - 3-4 thousand pounds. A trick can be a long dream. Obviously, the work of this class very late. It is hard to imagine that the very old honored Maître sits and technically draw huge song. Yes he can not reproach: «name» to work with assistants - this is the normal production process, so do many «first name». Ideas same Neizvestny are still strong, but the theme «The Tree of Life» - one of the most important in his work. In the same negative picture of the specific work «glamorous» colors (blue and pink do not knit with creativity conqueror bronze) and a clear abundance in the market of new works, especially if a commercially-oriented (almost all the Russian auctions offered comparable levels of things). However, less negative, and 13 thousand pounds for the «Tree of Life» - it is profitable.

 Still Life with geometric objects.

VLADIMIR ВЕЙСБЕРГ. Still Life with geometric objects. 1978. Oil on canvas. 54 × 57. Estimeyt: 40-60 thousand pounds. Sale price: 82,1 thousand pounds. Sotheby's. 26.11.07. Lot number 56

Well, the work of «Metaphysics» Vladimir Вейсберга over their price is almost always sold. And this time is the average «Still Life with geometrical objects» cost the buyer to 82 thousand pounds. Too much, given the very small size, but the price alone. Noteworthy that at Bonhams is very cheap for Moscow standards sold Sots Art and post - shows thematic collectors promorgali new auction. All in all, record home prices level checker 1,2 thousand pounds, 3 thousand, 5 thousand ... Only a pro could be mentioned that the record auction Bonhams steel works of Ivan Pohitonova (for the landscape with a lake paid 240 thousand pounds), and ... «Monastery »Vasily Sitnikov. The painting was bought for 192 thousand pounds plus commission. No comments ...

Morning Tuesday 27 November 2007, buyers of Russian regular session Sotheby's met in a good mood. A small but colorful graphics «bylinas» Russian artist Ivan Bilibin «Queen Militrissa» was sold in excess of top-three estimeyta over 150 thousand pounds. Even with an outstanding decorative element, it does too impressive for the price of the small size on paper.

From the record by the standards of the day exceeded estimeyta sold picture «Winter» Mikhail Nesterov. As the author of numerous works of art variation phenomenon lad Bartolemeos (Sergius Radonezh future) is particularly highly valued religious subjects. But mysticism «Winter» other: it is rather a reflection of the Russian soul, not the main topic Nesterova. And the decorative side is not unquestionable. Suppose that among the advantages of a good commercial size, but the final price to 434.9 thousand pounds, it was difficult to assume. Maybe pay for a name?

But then replaced «Winter» Nesterova came «Spring». In 252,5 thousand pounds cost the buyer a geometric composition with the title of David Burliuk brush. Thing for the famous Russian futurist highly unusual, if not strange. Even collectors, good knowledge of art Burliuk, admitted that never before encountered such. Dating is not, therefore, assume that the work done in the 1950's, in exile (just before 1958, when it has already been published). Most things written Burlyuk in America - is designed in the aesthetics of naive genre scenes from rural life (such as Russian or American), still lifes, portraits sometimes. A «Spring» - this is a Suprematism with kontrrelefom, reconciliation Tatlin with Malevich on the painting Burliuk. I do not determine whether this genre of surrealism? However, it is known that Burliuk to emigrate to rethink the idea of avant-garde, to catch up, embodied not by then, in the turbulent years of prognostic revolution. Perhaps, «Spring» - part of the nostalgia. In short, whatever one may say, a buyer «Spring» became the owner of a very unusual canvases, which can give more emotion than any usual bunch at ocean shore.


Mikhail Schwarzman. Ieratura. 1970. Oil on canvas. 100,5 × 75,5. Estimeyt: 25-35 thousand pounds. Sale price: 82,1 thousand pounds. Sotheby's. 27.11.07. Lot number 329

The second part of the trading Tuesday at Sotheby's has been in the post-war art. The quality of the compilation of the sixties, it was not very impressive, and because the price of Sotheby's standards are not amazing. Of the total number of vybilsya up for auction «Ierature» Mikhail Shvartsman. Estimeyt tease and provoke - 25 thousand pounds, is now unlikely low. However, the quality of work and below average. As a result, care was recorded at around 82.1 thousand pounds.

predictably not for sale «Portrait of a Boy» 1974 - a large gouache of Vladimir Yakovlev. Things Bright, interesting, so the problem is probably in the figures: in 2005 the portrait was bought at inflated prices at that time, 14.4 thousand pounds, and probably for two years has not had its «digest».

And of course, an event of the day November 26 was the sale of the curtain bidding «Still Life with cuttings and jugs» Dmitry Krasnopevtseva. The museum of modern art Art4.ru (Moscow) have just finished the best exhibition of the works of masters of the mystical still life - a retrospective of 67 works, some 20 of which can be easily attributed to the best in creativity. There is reasonable assumption that the masterpieces Krasnopevtseva (the most powerful of the valuable period) there is no more than a hundred. A total value of the period (roughly 1963), about five hundred. So that's sold 26 November, the thing is fully capable to enter the hundred best. Work is not a small, 69 cm in height, but it was a little more ... I feel like Krasnopevtseva size of a particular: it seems that each additional centimeter orgalita significantly in the works plus. Trading Results - a fivefold excess of the ceiling estimeyta and 122,9 thousand pounds. Almost a quarter of a million dollars. At the current market seems to be done. Nevertheless, collectors, experts believe that the buyer made a very advantageous purchase: for that price more than reasonable. Especially remembering Sitnikova at Bonhams for 192 thousand pounds of ...

sensations November 28 at Christie's expected from the sale of «Collections Somova» - a few tens of canvases and drawings, most of which were kept in the family model the artist. Advertised canvas «Leisure traveler» was sold for 972.5 thousand pounds. Why so interested buyers is quite puritanical in plot and execution of the thing remains a mystery. But the most expensive work of the «Gallery Somova» became the best of carryings picturesque «Love prosecution», 1935, which is estimeyta 200-300 thousand pounds to 1.58 million pounds. The same riddle, as well as the size of the creation story noticeably smaller - only 46.1 x 38.2. On the other hand, do not underestimate the size of 30 cm: «Egg Rothschild - Ivanova» 2 there was just such a height, and sold in the same day by 18 million in terms of dollars, as soon eclipse any sensation of Somova.

Among the important works sold at Christie's November 28, experts noted the «Portrait of Alexander Tikhonov» (1922. Oil on canvas, collage, glass, plaster, door bell. 67 x 58 cm) work of Yuri Annenkov. Cloth, completed two years before the exile, is one of the most significant in the works of Russian innovator. Estimeyt 0,9-1,2 million pounds transferred to the result of 2 million pounds excluding commissions. The high price - 1.15 million pounds - and paid for «Sex and Marseilles» (1923. Oil on canvas. 81.3 x 65) painted by Boris Grigoriev.

 The depth of space.

Oleg Vasiliev. The depth of space. 2004. Oil on canvas. 71,6 × 61. Estimeyt: 16-20 thousand pounds. Sale price: 43,7 thousand pounds. Christie's. 29.11.07. Lot number 1272

Trades Christie's the next day, November 29, 2007, was of infinite time and infinite Pohitonova Ivan Alexander Yakovlev, coming lengthy strings of dozens of works. Surely good purchases made fans symbolists and miriskusnikov (Lanceray, Kuprin, Saryan, Kuznetsova). Strings as the post-war art has turned very inexpressive. It was a lot of unsold items, including a sculpture by Ernst Neizvestny meter and a fairly strong work by Natalia Nesterova. Out of luck are the medium canvas «Depth Space» Oleg Vasiliev, sold for 43.7 thousand pounds, with a 2.5-fold excess estimeyta.

interest was the story «Chicken God» Krasnopevtseva. Despite the solid provenans (work bought from the artist in 1969, kept in the Faberge Arts Foundation, Washington, DC 1990), the thing has got a doubt, especially after the exhibition Krasnopevtseva in Moscow. Krasnopevtseva admirer of art, collector Igor Markin, that the exhibition could be seen the picture with a very similar fragment, only the level of the museum. Begs the version that sotbisovsky «Chicken god» is a sketch of a future masterpiece, seemed not very wealthy, as the artist sketches performed rarely and mostly in pencil on paper. Nevertheless, from other collectors, and knowledgeable manner Krasnopevtseva posmotrevshih before the auction «hen god» alive, no doubt the authenticity of things have arisen. So, despite the gossip, «Chicken God» was sold for 60 thousand pounds.

The most interesting first day of the auction lots MacDougall's, covering the «Russian week», are the three «picturesque formula» Paul Mansurova - a significant representative of «organic» - special narrow lines in the Russian avant-garde. Interesting man of destiny, worked with Tatlin, Malevich, Filonov, was arrested CZK, sat in prison, then worked as a pilot department Inhuka, designed futuristic ballet, helped the Soviet authorities in the field agitpropa. In 1928, with the occasion traveled to Italy for the exhibition and in the USSR decided not to return. Thanks so and lived to great age (1896-1983).

radical theoretical framework to explain the painting of Mansurov leave the buyer, but for the viewer is visually «picturesque formula» represent a highly elongated (usually vertically), geometric compositions on the tree. Interestingly, while the closeness of artistic language best things organic lines are very modern and very high interior. Auction catalog is not distributed on the existence of the works, however, you can make some assumptions. The first is represented «formulas» dated 1973 year, and the rest - more later, that is, they appeared in the wake of the return to the Russian avant-garde fashion. We know that in the first years after the emigration experiments Mansurova did not find any response in the room even experienced in France. That's why artist friends of Sonia and Robert Delaunay advised him to take up the design - the creation of thumbnails and generate ideas for the Parisian fashion houses. At this field have Mansurova things went significantly better. Turned out that the difficult years he «peresidel» in the art, and somewhere in the 1960's in Europe again raised interest in the Russian avant-garde and Mansurova reminded about his radical ideas of the 1920-ies. These «picturesque formula», obviously, just from the late series. Unfortunately, all three bids submitted for items estimated versed people featured mediocre quality. Moreover, the complete works of one of the obvious, is questionable. So the investment potential of specific things, probably not high.

In general, the «organic» remains a very promising area for investment, but it is worth recalling that such purchases - an inheritance prepared, well versed collectors. Another matter that has little Mansurova forge. Certainly not as enthusiastically as Suprematists.

November MacDougall's offered customers a number of works from well-known American collections of Roman Tabakmana. Not once in this collection to appear at auction items of quality above average, but with significantly higher estimeytami. At this time of the works could provide a picture of Vladimir Вейсберга «Composition» and «Still Life» Dmitry Krasnopevtseva. Estimeyty traditionally been highly exaggerated - it was obvious. On the other hand, today, all measurements are too conditional, given the potential for price increases «first name» in «other art».

 Still Life.

DMITRY Krasnopevtsev. Still Life. 1981. Orgalit, oil. 62 × 56,5. Provenans: collection of Roman Tabakmana. Estimeyt: 170-250 thousand pounds. Not sold. MacDougall's. 29-30.11.07. Lot number 390

All the more so that in terms of color and composition «Still Life» Krasnopevtseva from the Tabakmana exceeded sold two days earlier at Sotheby's over 122 thousand pounds «Still Life with smithereens and jugs», but lost to him in size. On the contrary, the composition Вейсберга, good size, did not reach the masterpiece of aesthetic criteria. In doing so, remember the two things were revalued in estimeytah times in a half or two. In the end result is not exactly natural, but not surprising: both works were not sold. A year later, «Still Life» Krasnopevtseva will be remembered as a missed opportunity.

Almost dvuhmetrovaya «Composition 1» Ernst Neizvestny strings in MacDougall's very decorative and a garden. There is a feeling that this is a form of protest against the master of all-out commercialization, protest in the spirit of the late Picasso. The work was done, as if by the method of success: a recognizable plot, the right size, durable machines, color, highest degree of completeness - everything matching. For any other things - solid pros. But not for violent Neizvestny what he remembered in the same seventies. Why do we complete this, why this gloss acrylic? Why Mayakovski elected Tyutchev intonation?

Maybe it is now difficult to understand, but in twenty years, the differences razmoyutsya, lose dramatically? Not sure. In the meantime, have a two-fold excess estimeyta and 24 thousand pounds - the initial level of prices in Moscow.

Of course, in the sale on 30 November remembered Tselkov. «The woman with the cat and the butterfly» Oleg Tselkova from the collection of Edward Nahamkina, as already mentioned, one of the best works of artist from ever appearing at auctions. It does not contain the ugly story lines, while preserving the original periphrastic Tselkova. Ok! And how is it already forgot that Tselkov - it is not, Haim Soutine, quiver is not required to. In short, the success of «The woman with the cat and the butterfly» ubereg not even a great estimeyt this exceptional canvases. The result also exceeded estimeyt twice and reached 164.8 thousand pounds - 370 thousand dollars.

Portfolio Nemukhin and Rabin presented in the compilation of MacDougall's, too, were more than memorable. It seems that such a lot and still have time. But try to find in Moscow, now things Rabin 1960 or Nemukhin 1970, and it is insight. The deficit is not the word. All the more surprising that the great periods of the securities sold within estimeytov. Works in all respects «right» to investment collections. For example, in Rabin's not often see the bouquets. Nemukhin fans could count on quite recent work (on the market, even items of the mid 2000's), but its oil to buy the 1970's already a big success. Moreover, the exact thing nemuhinsky «Joker», deserves some of the same epithets as mentioned above, the mask-face Tselkova. Feedback connoisseurs, «Joker» - one of the best if not the best work Nemukhin to appear on auction bids.

for sell at MacDougall's work Petersburg avant-gardist Yevgenia Rukhin relevant, perhaps, more conservative estimates (though not a fact). But the specific abstraction refers to a rather valuable in his work: collectors prefer these brown dense compositions.


Mihail Chemiakin. Butcher. 1988.
Black paper, oil pastels, 215 × 150. Provenans: Edward Nahamkina assembly. Estimeyt: 25-40 thousand pounds. Sale price: 29,3 thousand pounds. MacDougall's. 29-30.11.07. Lot number 365

interesting to note that in the «Russian Week» in almost all the auctions were in abundance the work of Mikhail Shemyakin, the artist, the thing which, until recently, were not included in an open competitive traffic. Earlier bids met primarily run the schedule and work of theatrical repertoire. It is quite another matter - «Butcher», ensnared in MacDougall's, again, from the Nahamkina. This thing is not for everyone, of course, it is not in line with the carcasses Haim Soutine and Francis Bacon bulls, but, like them, has the sort of expression that is not for decoration but for the strong emotions. The result - 29.3 thousand pounds.

Continuing the theme of «things are not for everyone» mention Vladimir Yankylevsky meter canvases from the series «Woman of the Sea» 1999.

Both are published in his album (it still can be bought in Moscow), and in large measure decorative. Masterpieces are not named, but things, of course, the investment quality. Trading Results - 39,75 thousand pounds.

According to D, the work of Vladimir Yankylevsky remains one of the most promising investment for collectors. Innovative ideas of the artist far ahead of its time. The brave things that are created in the distant 1970's, ideology is still competitive and appropriate to look at a par with contemporary art.

There is a feeling that bidding MacDougalls were not only very successful (I'm joking there, 22 million dollars for a 2 day trades?), but the most revealing in terms of reference of sales. Traditionally, the behavior of buyers on the same property snobbism.

rare excitable perfectionism, where the level of the museum bought for any money. Rather, the buyer will mean a thing, but with a modest cost. But this time for good money selling items that are masterpieces of art for specific post-war painters. Continues a trend observed earlier: as soon as the price of the sixties came to significant levels, the market potekli hard work from private collections (including investment). So there is reason to assume that an unpleasant period of «empty» auction ends and the next everything is fun.

What is generally remembered «Russian Week»? To some good shopping, someone rare hustle. Customers have to make decisions цейтноте, when important steps fast, but not optimal. As a result, the second series of auctions of lots with reasonable prices could not find buyers. But on the same day or the next work of quality is no better care in excess of the already considerable estimeytov. Whether because of the prestige of the site, whether due to lack of market information. As a result, the market receives the volatility of prices and dezorientirovannost counterparts - simply because people are reluctant. But even with a discount for this uncertainty can be the preservation of past trends: increasing the professionalism of buyers, reducing the number of illogical «sensation» (shopping for unreasonably high prices) and growing interest in the art of the second half of XX century. It might seem that prices have been rising noticeably smoother. For most artists this is generally true, but there is a group of names, for which growth is fits and starts, notably ahead of average pace.


1 For the auction lots sold by Bonhams shows «hammer price», not including commission. For other auction mentioned in this article, the price specified by taking into account fees (Buyer's Premium). Vozvrat

2 It is a rare Faberge egg jewelry with a clock and a surprise, previously owned by the Rothschild family and bought by a collector Ivanov on 28 November. Vozvrat

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