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ARTinvestment.RU   14 июня 2007

Record for Russian art - the category of spectacular but strained. After all, in other words the maximum price set for the paintings of Russian artists in the case of Russian bid

Actually, there are three news. Two good and one bad. First the good: a new record for Russian art. The second good news: in the first place has finally been shifted to its dubious artistic merits «Russian pastorale» (1922) by Konstantin Somov, sold in November 2006 at Christie's for 2.6 million pounds when estimeyte 200 thousand pounds. And bad news is that pastoral Somova shifted the other, in fact, the pastoral - and again Somova. Only a new record is more convincing and is called the «Rainbow» (1927). Yes, and worth 3.7 million pounds when estimeyte 400-600 thousand pounds. In terms of dollars - 7.3 million. For this money you can buy a lot of hard work of artists of global significance. In short, the strangeness continues.

D Do not get wrong: Somova bias against any particular no. Merited miriskusnik, student workshop Repina visible figure in Russian art, especially in his romantic-European branches. Somovskaya «Lady in blue dress» (1897-1900) from the Tretyakov Gallery - the canonical thing to Russian symbolism. It looks from the pages of most textbook on the history of Russian art. Also in Tretyakov is TimeZero «Rainbow», 1908, in which the subject of our story there is nothing in common. In short, the problems with the value, recognition and other «respect» with respect to the artist not. Just strange that it Somov, and it is with things that are not suitable for records. Subjectively? Rather intuitively.

It is easy to verify. Is not it would be strange if the most expensive painting the Impressionists by the specialized trades has been recognized by Edgar Degas landscape with horses and jumps? And what a bad artist? No good. Just except Degas was a Claude Monet, as well as horses in Degas were still much more successful dancer ...

And with som. Claim only one: for now beaten the next «records» Somova need much more money, so that time can not come soon. Especially against the backdrop of shortage of masterpieces.

Anyway, to lift the mood D offers to speak in another way. Record for Russian art - the category of spectacular but strained. After all, in other words the maximum price set for the paintings of Russian artists in the case of Russian bid. And it is understandable that the Russians do not tender canvases of Kasimir Malevich's 15.5 million dollars (Suprematist composition. 1919-1920. Auction Philips. 11 May 2000). No paintings of Marc Chagall for 14 million dollars (Big Circus. 1956. Auction Sotheby's. 8 May 2007). No works by Kandinsky, Yavlenskogo, Soutine - innovators, for whom the mark of 7 million dollars - the usual case. Simply, they are sold in other auctions (the same «Impressionist and Modern»), and their global importance as it sets aside the question of origin to the second plan.

In general, when viewed objectively, on the nominal figures auction, the most expensive work of Russian artist Vasily Kandinsky is painting «Fuga», sold for 22.99 million dollars (19 million dollars without commission). You know something more? So there. A Mark Rothko does not count.

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