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"Criminal history of Russian art" arrived in bookstores
ARTinvestment.RU   03 октября 2019

The author of the book — Sofya Bagdasarova, who wrote "sickening art". This time the critic has built a timeline of high-profile crimes in art-мире Russia. Gathered texture and stories. And led to the idea that boobies pictures better not mess

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a new book of Sophia Bagdasarova "Thieves, vandals and idiots. Criminal history of Russian art". Stories of gallery owners and experts, analysis of fraudulent schemes, stories of real criminal cases. Especially useful for novice collectors #Bagdasarova #book #crime #variantdelegate #of rinoceronte

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In the title of the book handed down long-standing troubles of the cultural life — "Thieves, vandals and idiots." The characters are noisy, although not the most dangerous. After all, who are the thieves and vandals in our natural and investment climate? Play tricks more when he was drunk or on the background of seasonal exacerbation. Steal like-то mediocre, spontaneously, that is bad. Smashing museums in the "the devil made me do it". Disease and ridiculous. The greatest harm they, and the more sophisticated types. On the cover you can mentally bear another role that is directly related to the art market. It is about people extraordinary intelligence, practical intelligence and outstanding immoral-волевых qualities. Those in our work, we called on-простому swindlers. During the "restart" of the art market in 2003-2008 such crooks operating under the guise of "dealers" and "antique dealers", managed hard to disappoint many sincere lovers of art and to discard our market for many years ago. We are eliminating the consequences still.

the Main enemy of the schemers — publicity and the analysis of their schemes. The author talks about the business of antiquaries Preobrazhenskiy, with an extensively redesigned "Kiselev" about the Wiesbaden art-дилерах Isaac Seruga and Mouse Ben Hatasa with "Russian avant-garde" and other memorable art-рынку stories. What-то defendants (usually those for which there are decisions of the courts), called surnames and openly. Other interesting episodes Bagdasarov tells the story in the form of fables, of Aesop, without names of their sources. To whom-то not "burn" and not to offend. However people in the know among her interlocutors known gallerists, turned from Antiques to contemporary art, individual experts, then someone else-то of art-сообщества. All of their stories from the past, even in encrypted form remain fairly instructive — for example, the insinuating "This thing will die on the wall" or the trick with the comely widow, disappearing with the Deposit left by the time the examination... Who else will talk about this to a novice collector? This is a big plus for the selected format.

And that it minus. Just as generals always fight the last war, the researchers of art are forced to rely on the case of bygone days. A significant part of the described business traditions and structures have almost disappeared from the art trade. Gone, along with the "crimson jacket" and the operas from "Streets of the broken lanterns". For 12 years after the Transfiguration on the art-рынке much has changed for the better. In the area of expertise has generally established order. Significantly increased qualified buyers. Left audience specificpeople with crazy money and, therefore, associated bustle and temptations. Gained popularity of competitive public bidding, including the Internet. Overall, the market has become more open and more civilized and safe for beginners. Even problems with crime became objectively less. Another thing is that crime in this sector also evolved. And instead of the old fashioned "spreading room" appeared more delicate and dangerous scams.

In the first edition of criminal history, it is almost nothing. But she decides its important task. In fact, for novice collectors, it will be the first vaccination against gullibility. Many understand that sometimes corny smell the picture will be 100 times more useful than reading a bunch of accompanying expert papers and publications. What is important is never to switch off the critical mind and to exercise reasonable caution. Well, the episodes of criminal art-истории — they are also useful to know and remember. At least in order not to step on the same rake that hit on the forehead of many others only-то 10-15 years ago.

"the Thieves, vandals and idiots. Criminal history of Russian art" entered the bookselling network and major Internet-магазины at the end of September. In particular, the "Ozone" paper version can be bought for 600 rubles, and e — for 350.

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