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Stolen Golden toilet Maurizio Cattelan's probably already melted
ARTinvestment.RU   16 сентября 2019

British police arrested one of the alleged kidnappers of an object "America" the famous sculptor. The work itself was not found and the forecasts are not comforting. The object was made of gold

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the Sculpture "America" (2016) by Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. Two days ago she was kidnapped from the family home of the Dukes of Marlborough – Blenheim Palace. The thieves had the gold from which is made the object. According to some estimates, the sculpture can weigh 300 kg, and its cost to exceed $ 10 million. Photo - #Cattelan #cattelan #america

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a Daring robbery was perfectly planned. The investigation suggests that the outing to Blenheim Palace, near Oxford, the thieves were prepared at least six months. About the exhibition of valuable exhibits in the mansion where Churchill was born, it was known in advance. Security measures were taken at the usual for museums level, but no more. It turned out, in vain. In the night from Saturday to Sunday, September 14, 2019, attackers carried the heavy piece. Initially there was hope that this is a cruel joke — prank. All-таки the artist known as the lover to tickle your nerves to the audience. But no, alas. The Cattelan confirmed that all seriously and business is bad.

For which risked the attackers? It is clear that they were not interested in the market price of the product, and the price of the precious metal. As a work of art to sell the object would be impossible to fall 100%-но. Therefore, most likely, America will melt and sell as gold scrap. All we know about the production technology of object — is a gold alloy from which it is made: 18K, we, 750-я test. The volume of the figure — 15 liters. So it should weigh almost 290 pounds. That is, in fact, she herself safe, and there is a — try to pick it up. On collateral prices (in Moscow up to 2200 per gram) of gold it turns out to 638 000 000 rubles, a little less than $10 000 000. But all this is only hypothetical. Interestingly, the assessment of the work (not even metal), which appears in the press, — $5 000 000. Whether gold is much less guided by whether auction sale, or just write.

How many would have to pay gold "America" on the open market? Cattelan — expensive artist. His most significant work for a long time are worth more than a million dollars. For example, "the Ballad of Trotsky" (the stuffed horse near the ceiling), which now until September 29, 2019-го exhibited in the Pushkin Museum the exhibition of the Foundation Louis Vuitton, was sold in 2004 at Sotheby's for $2 080 000. And the current record — $17 189 000 at Christie's in 2016 — installed installing Him ("Him") with the wax praying Hitler. I don't think "America", even given the material, could interrupt this record. It is inferior to "Him" and the courage, and the conceptual and provocative. But that it could be a job number 2 in auction history Cattelan, little doubt. Sorry if its not gonna find.


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