Paintings from the collection of Alexey Ananiev disappeared from a Museum IRRI
ARTinvestment.RU   19 июня 2019

After the seizure of the collection of the Museum was closed for visits of the public. Now it turned out that part of the works removed from the walls, Packed and moved to storage. After 15 days came the bailiffs and entered the vault, some of the paintings are already gone

About such circumstances of disappearance previously arrested of paintings quotes RBC.

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Involved in the Action Museum Week. Every year museums, galleries and libraries around the world participate in the campaign, spreading the culture. Each day of Museum Week devoted to a specific topic which matches your hashtag. Today we tell about women. Our main - Athlete Deineka! Artist Alexander Deyneka was always attracted by the expressiveness of monumental forms, anatomical plastic and dynamic camera angles. These qualities define the work of "Спортсменка tying the ribbon" 1950- years. Drawing made with sanguine and charcoal on paper in the artist's poster style. The triumph of youth, moral and physical health, as embodied in the model correspond to the ideals of femininity of the Soviet era. Before us is the new Soviet Madonna. A strong-willed person trained hands, powerful but feminine figure. That is the heroine, and glorified the Soviet art of the 1930-1950-х years. Looking for a woman on the first floor #IRRI! #museumweek #womenmw

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But it is known while a little. I don't know "escape plan". Don't know whether to bring it to fruition. It is unknown in Russia these paintings or not. Can't even be sure that all of this was done at the direction it Ananyeva, not anyone-то else, including opponents of the current leadership of Promsvyazbank. But if this is what it looks like, and the collector actually managed to smuggle a favorite work in a safe place, that was famously done. No words. No leaks from the staff, no plates. Smoothly and clearly.

And purely-человечески, I like to believe that the paintings will return to the one who collected them. It is clear that the economic argument, which led to the arrest of a great private Museum – confusing and ambiguous. Broke the Bank or had been ruined, people have lost money, and God knows what this was followed by personal tragedy. Nothing to do about it. Just looking for money – locate and return. Time searching for property – seek. But picture - a special case. The collection is not just about property, not just a set of liquid assets with market price. This topic is very personal. Not just the money and not the walls. And I would quite understand, when a man in love with the art, the arrest and the threat of sale and distribution to museums of his paintings becomes a matter of personal. It kind of is akin to arresting a purebred dog or bring out the stable, his beloved horse. Also because the formal property? That's just where is the good? Is it not necessary for-другому as-то to negotiate?

the Official data even on the list taken to an unknown destination paintings yet. In information agencies it can be assumed that the officers were missing only seven large paintings. Almost all of them were purchased in English and Russian auctions 6-10 years ago. In those years the best things Alexey Ananiev bought for any money, sometimes with a strong overpayment. For example, in 2014, more thana four-foot canvas "Over the snow" George of Nyssa, he bought at Sotheby's for $2 952 000 — fabulous price for this author. Now this would be worth in the region of $400 000. The other choice of Nyssa "In the way" in the same year was acquired at a "Sotbis" for $947 000 (now it is possible to estimate likely $350 000). Painting of Victor Popkov "Three artists" in 2016 was bought in London for $275,000 (now maybe $150,000 or less). Portrait of Voroshilov brush Stalinist academician Isaak Brodsky was bought in 2008 in Moscow for $185,000 (now can $100 000). Portrait of Roosevelt and the Shah of Iran, written by Alexander Gerasimov, ten years ago was bought at a London auction for $74 500 (now you can start with the same price, but it is difficult to imagine the buyer). Painting by Vasily Svarog "Voroshilov and A. M. Gorky in dash CDKA" bought in 2008 at Sovkome for $74 000 by the exchange rate. Its current price is unlikely to exceed $10 000. Finally, sanguine Deineka, the girl with the ribbon – the flagship work of the Museum has also purchased back in 2008 at the Moscow auction space $925 000 (now well over $200,000). However, this is only opinion and conjecture.

But, what exactly is the fact that the story of the arrest of the collection is bad on all sides, anyway. Destroyed a great Museum, dealt a blow to the industry, on the investment climate, for all who wanted to work with art openly and publicly. This is a very bad signal for the sponsors and organizers of private institutions. Confidence has been lost. And demonstrated that even before the arrest of the personal collection can easily be reached. It is a pity that many do not understand. However, the story is not over, the development of intriguing. We'll see who wins.

Vladimir Bogdanov, AI


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