Artist Avdey Ter-Оганьян returned from exile
ARTinvestment.RU   17 июня 2019

After the action "the Young atheist", made in 1998, against Ter-Оганьяна was prosecuted under article 282 (inciting hatred or enmity). Under the threat of imprisonment, the artist went to the Czech Republic

a Performance in which the artist cut with the axe reproductions of icons took place at the fair "Art-Манеж" in December 1998. It caused the indignant reaction of the authorities at the highest level. Its condemnation was expressed by Yuri Luzhkov and Patriarch Alexy II. The action was qualified as actions directed at inciting hatred or enmity, and also on humiliation of dignity of a person or group of persons on grounds of religion committed publicly – the first part of article 282 of the criminal code. According to her, the artist was threatened with term from two till five years of imprisonment.

Avdey Ter-Оганьян became one of the first political refugees in art events. But not the last. In 2000-м year, after the commencement of the case under article 282, it left the country actionist Oleg Mavromatti. His prosecution began after the action "do Not trust the eyes", during which he was nailed to the cross. Now the artist works and lives in the USA and in Bulgaria. Actionists are not only pursued for 282-й, but also on other articles. In 2012-м "dvushechku" got Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova - participating actionist punk-молебна Pussy Riot. In 2013 it left the country of Oleg Vorotnikov and Natalia Sokol – key members of the group "War" (now in prison in Austria). In General, for reasons apparent or potential persecution by the authorities of Russia for the last 10 years have left many artists and art workers.

Avdei Ter-Оганьян left Russia a very famous person, participant in exhibitions of the resonant and bright organizer of artistic life. He was one of the founders of the Rostov art-сообщества "Art or death", which consisted of Yuri Shabelnikov, Valery Koshlyakov, Alexander Sigutin. In the early 1990-х Ter-Оганьян organized exhibitions and trade art in the squat in Trekhprudny lane. Incidentally, hosted one of his most famous performances "In the object" - where the only object was dead drunk Ter-Оганьян sleeping in the center of the room. Among easel works of the artist best known graphic cycle "the Radical abstraction" in 2004. In 2006, this series was nominated for the state prize "INNOVATION". And in 2010 Rosokhrankultura has not permitted the export of these works to France for the exhibition "Russian counterpoint" in the Louvre. Again, for "inciting". Then, in a sign of solidarity with the artist from participation in the exhibition is abandoned by his friends and colleagues, and then export all-таки allowed.

Upon arrival in Moscow, Friday, took a brief interview from the artist. Asked Ter-Оганьяна, of course, about the action which caused 20-летней emigration.

— You-прежнему believe that the campaign "Young atheist" in the Arena was at that time necessary?

— I guess if I understood and knew, than it's all over, I would, of course, refused. But, on the other hand, if we talk about the action out of this crazy scandal that arose then, it's good and quite adequate. Just when the art react this way — criminal prosecution, it is not normal, I think.

Not to say that after the emigration of the artist forgotten in Russia. Work Ter-Оганьяна regularly exhibited Gelman, what-тоnews came about exhibitions in Prague, the artist has sold at auctions, but objectively information about his projects got less and less. Sincerely glad to be back. Now there's a chance much to catch up on.


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