IKEA figured out how to get rid of speculators artwork
ARTinvestment.RU   27 мая 2019

The company did not like that created by famous artists items from the IKEA Art Collection fell into the hands of "outbid" and put up on eBay at exorbitant prices. The Swedes applied to the problem of the engineering approach

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Publication of IKEA USA (@ikeausa)

IKEA regularly makes collaboration with contemporary artists — produces limited edition prints and even rugs. Almost always fly like hotcakes. And alas, as often happens, is art lovers, these things fall into the hands of speculators.

they buy, say, a rug for $500 and then put it on eBay for $2000-2500. That's what happened with limited carpets artist Virgil, Able, which is March 2018 serves as the creative head of menswear at Louis Vuitton. And with other authors was about the same. There was another problem: the day of start of sales the store or stores was stormed by a crowd of people, crowding, shouting, fighting. In view of those art lovers. Of course, IKEA it was unpleasant. And she decided to fight "spiculae"-новому.

Experience IKEA is particularly interesting because it is perhaps one of the future technological models for the art-рынка.

so, the Swedes addressed this problem in the Belgian Ogilvy & Social Lab and they say something like this: let's try as-нибудь to read the buyers rhythms of the brain, plus the character of the pulse changes and for him to have to determine who really genuinely excited about meeting art, and who just want to cash in on it. Said — is done. Now a potential buyer of the carpet, Able sent to a special room decorated as an art gallery and asked to wear a head wrap with sensors IKEA (HE)ART SCANNER. Further the "patient" show carpet and — voila. After analyzing the results, the buyer finds out, sell him a carpet or not.

Such an intricate high-tech way of selling gave the developers hope that no carpet goes to eBay. They even had time to say so. But not here-то was. It is now known that to completely block the channel failed, although the sale of arms is clearly considerably reduced.

What I find amazing in this story? The first: there quite a few people who were willing to go quite humiliating biometric verification for ikeevskoy of limidi. Second, it turns out that the heartbeat of the lover from meeting with a designer carpet is different from the heartbeat of the speculator who sees the opportunity to make a "four ends". And the third — is that this technological segregation, using the essence of quasiprivate did not cause any outcry. People reacted to the test as fun. Be glad that only the wrap, not the plastic jar. Amazing. I even thought at first, too not fake it all? But it turned out that no. Rather, it is a strange new future that we deserve.

Sources: rtvi.com, thenextweb.com

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