Alleged Caravaggio offered for auction with an estimate of 100-150 million euros
ARTinvestment.RU   04 марта 2019

The painting "Judith and Holofernes" was discovered in 2014 in the attic of an old mansion in Toulouse. Earlier work suggested the Louvre for 100 million euros, but the Museum refused

This classic story finds the attic started in 2014. Several generations of owners of an old mansion in Toulouse (apparently, completely devoid of curiosity) for 150 years looked to the closed attic space, with only an occasional leaking roof forced them to do it. And there is, of course, found the picture a cursory glance at which was enough to understand: Yes, it's Caravaggio!

the First (recognized experts) version of the painting on the same subject was painted by Caravaggio in 1599. Today, the "Judith and Holofernes" is kept in the Palazzo Barberini in Rome. But, according to the written testimony of one of his contemporaries Caravaggio — artist Frans Pourbus Junior, was a second version of the story. And saw Frans Pourbus this second version is where-нибудь, and in the workshop of Luis Pinson. Finson, was a follower of Caravaggio, was owned by two of his originals, and also copied some works of the master. For doing this, and it caught the colleague Pourbus. Copied it, according to the testimony of Purpose, just the second version of "Judith". Today is the "Judith and Holofernes", which is considered a copy of Luis Pinson, belongs to the collection of the Bank "Inteza" in Naples. But the work that was found in the attic in Toulouse, was announced by the local expert Eric Tourcoing (Eric Turquin) the lost original of Caravaggio.

Work was scrutinised by many experts. Not all agreed with the attribution. The French government first imposed 30-месячный a ban on the export of the painting until it becomes clearer with authorship. Did not. The comrades-экспертах-прежнему there is no agreement.

it is significant that refused to purchase from the Louvre. But, according to Tourcoing, this does not mean that the work is not genuine. One hundred million euros — is about 15-летний the budget of the Louvre for the purchase of new exhibits, and also at the Louvre already has three outstanding works by Caravaggio, — says Turken.

But what is really strange is the fact that the sale of the alleged Caravaggio was entrusted with the world's first auction houses Christie's or Sotheby's, and small auction in Toulouse. Auctioneer mark Labarr and was the man who in 2014 found canvas. This summer, June 27, in the gallery of Labarba in Toulouse expect to sell it for 100-150 million euros. The organizers claim the increased interest in the painting and say that the most probable buyer can become a Museum.


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