Stolen in the Tretyakov gallery Kuindzhi found by morning
ARTinvestment.RU   28 января 2019

The picture, taken yesterday boldly from the wall in the hall full of spectators found in the suburbs. Visible damage on it. Suspect arrested

the footage, which was recorded the time of the theft, — just a guide for studying urban camouflage. When a large crowd of people confident the attacker shoots a conveniently sized painting off the wall and removed as if nothing had happened. No sirens, no wringing their hands at the exit, no signals from the visitors.

As it said the character Juliana Semenova?

— All so stupid and unprofessional that the work is almost completely impossible. It is impossible to understand the logic of the layman.

— And maybe he's a cunning professional?

— Cunning professional would not go to a shelter. Tricky professional would not go to a shelter, damn it!!!

and so our "tricky Pro" is not disguised, not hidden from the camera, left fingerprints on the frame, knowing that they are just there in the forensic index.

the Investigation was carried out quickly and at the highest level. By morning it was all over.

But during the night we managed to go through a lot of versions. The conspiracy against the leadership of the state Tretyakov gallery (second shot after a cut "Ivan the terrible")? Sophisticated performance? Theft for ransom? Why take the mountains, not that-то better? In the vulgar type options losing in cards, drugs and psychiatry initially believe as-то not wanted. Painfully smartly acted a criminal. But it seems that something like this is stupid just come true. The detainee Denis Chuprikov, according to "Kommersant", priors for 228-й article "Illegal acquisition, storage, transportation, manufacturing, processing of narcotics". The actions of Amateurs, it is impossible to predict: illogicality, absurdity and self-confidence is through the roof. It is therefore not surprising that the first time they get away with certain things.

in the morning on the topic of theft in the Tretyakov gallery has appeared jokes.

the Huge queues for paintings lined up today in the museums of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Despite the bitter cold, people wait for hours to get in and manage to pick up anything-нибудь.

"I Want to have time to pick up "the Stranger" kramsky, — reported by our correspondent Boris, the sales Manager of the cellular interior. — But I will be happy, even if we manage to take at least the Wet meadow Vasiliev".

But standing in line at the Hermitage engineer Leonid dreams of "Portrait of the artist's wife" by Henri Matisse. "Very similar to my wife, I want to give her for our anniversary. The kitchen will hang", — he explained.

"We have long wondered why picture no one takes — reported an unknown employee of the Tretyakov gallery, — because in order them back here and hung: art belongs to the people. Finally-то the process has begun".

all Right. All's well that ends well. Ahead — debriefing at the end of the night "teachings". In addition to more technical measures of protection (alarm for paintings), I'm afraid, will be followed by organizational for visitors. Maybe it will introduce enhanced monitoring and inspection at the exit. And ordinary people will hardly be more convenient.

What can you say about a stolen painting - "AI-Petri. Crimea"? In the worksthe master is more appreciated other stories. Brand "radiant" play of light in these mountains, too, but she is not so fascinating. Besides, the picture has a relatively modest-sized — 39 × 53. This immediately had the feeling that the attacker did not take what was best and what was comfortable quickly withdraw and hide. Being distracted, I will say that those who once tried to shoot a picture with the harness that will appreciate what he did for five. Usually have to Tinker. And then right from the first time not confused, not pulled: just amazing luck.

with regard to the market prices of the paintings of this class, I would have said $400 000-600 000. Auction record Kuindzhi is more than three million dollars. But it was once and the picture was almost ten times more.

in General, original paintings Kuindzhi very rarely appear on the auction market (and the gallery is not much more often). Last picture is good and the Museum exhibited more than 10 years ago.

What else to read on the topic on AI:
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