Died the Patriarch of sports photographs of Lev Borodulin
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Leonidus Borodulin, died 21 December 2018 in Israel, where he lived since 1972. Classics of Soviet photography was 95

In 1941-м 18-летний first year student of the Moscow "Polygraph" Lev Borodulin went to the front. Went from Moscow to Berlin, was wounded twice, was awarded with medals. After demobilization he returned to the Institute and only last year became interested in photography. His first picture was published in 1947 in the newspaper "Stalin's printer" of the Moscow polygraphic Institute.

after 15 years Borodulin became a photographer of world renown. Among his works were photographs of Soviet idols (Muslim Magomayev, Mikhail Zharov, etc.), construction of scenic shots of the capital, the genre pictures, romantic images new life. But an inexhaustible source of inspiration and the subject of this passion has become a sports photograph. Borodulin and he was an athlete, played for the youth team of Moscow in basketball. Maybe that's why better than others felt the potential of the moment, found the right angle, understand the beauty of sport. And that is important for those times had the courage to propose risky ideas.

In 1960 the frame Borodulin "From the tower", showing a jump in the water participating in the Olympic games in Rome, was published on the cover of the magazine Ogonek. For his trouble, of female athletes in swimsuit from behind strongly disliked the main ideologist of the CPSU Central Committee Mikhail Andreevich Suslov. Decent for the party tutor manner he reprimanded the editor-in-chief for the publication "a flying ass". Well, soon joined by responsible Soviet readers, who began to write complaints about filthiness, is not worthy of publication in the Communist press. End could all bad, but eventually the scandal subsided without dramatic consequences. Borodulin many years he worked for "look" and took pictures, which brought him international fame. In the mid 1960-х he was recognized as photographer of the year by the authoritative editions of great Britain, Japan and other countries.

In 1972, on the eve of his 50-летия, recognized and successful Soviet photographer Lev Borodulin left the USSR for Israel. There he continued the work of the photographer, including in the field of advertising and tourism. By the way, is it did in the Soviet Union. In particular, the famous poster with the caviar "All for the people!" — is also Borodulin.

the photographs of Lev Borodulin many years prized by collectors all over the world and sold in major auctions. Lev Borodulin and he gathered outstanding collection of of his predecessors and contemporaries: Rodchenko, Chaldea, his mentor, Baltermants and many others.

Sources: kommersant.ru, jewukr.org, borodulincollection.com

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