Official: "Grabara" combined with the Institute of restoration
ARTinvestment.RU   27 ноября 2018

The Ministry of culture announced the merger of the all-Russian art scientific-реставрационного centre named after academician I. E. Grabar with the State scientific-исследовательским Institute of restoration

the creation Of a new restoration of the holding was announced on 23 November 2018.

so far:

1. The head of the combined structure will be the current General Director of the Center Grabar, Dmitry Sergeyev. And his Deputy — current Director Gasnier Dmitry Antonov.

2. The management of the museums Department of the Ministry of culture promises that will be no reductions and salaries will remain the same.

3. Previous plans for scientific work are maintained.

4. The name of the holding company proposed to choose the officers themselves. But the wish of the Ministry of culture, so that it remains the word "scientific-исследовательский" and "restoration center".

it seems to Me that everything goes to the fact that the new structure will eventually be called "the Center Grabar" (forthcoming rebrand a year ago, said Dmitry Sergeyev). Although the area of expertise of cultural values and "Grabar", and "the Institute of restoration" — are both strong brands.

Enterprises, mergers, acquisitions, creation of corporations and holding companies on the basis of structures of similar profile — course, long ago taken by the state. As the creation and restoration of the holding impact on the national art market, is not clear. Both institutions make the examinations which are respected by the market, are taken by dealers and auction houses. Maybe everything will be fine, but any large organizational movements in such cases by default are viewed with concern.


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