Kodak has suddenly postponed the launch of the blockchain for photographers
ARTinvestment.RU   12 февраля 2018

Instead of the promised start of a mass to attract investors, scheduled for 31 January, the developers have started that-то dark. Maybe everything and anything, but Kodak shares plunged twice

One of the most anticipated . ICO related market photos, suddenly postponed for a few weeks. Blockchain-платформа KODAKOne with its currency KODAKcoin will be launched, at least not in the timeframe that was planned earlier.

the idea of the project — to create a distributed registry and the automated subsystem of monitoring of the use of copyrighted photos. KODAKone will be able to calculate such cases, to take into account the likely bill. This will remove the headache with photographers and will give them more opportunities to be creative.

What happened? Why was the event postponed? The official reasons are not disclosed, but informed sources have reported that the case in the tighter regulation of ICO and Kodak decided to err. Now he needs, figuratively speaking, not "students", and only wealthy people with an annual income of $200,000 or with a capital of $1,000,000. Well, OK. Owner — master. The risks in such cases are always great, so it is better to deal with people who do not buy on the last money. So it is not like our "people's IPO".

However, on only one talking about ISO who-то have had the opportunity to increase your capital several times. It is known that mere verbal intervention (well-prepared rumors) about what the company will do their bloccano contribute to a sharp rise in its shares. Kodak is no exception. Before undertaking KODAKcoin in early January 2018, and its shares were worth slightly more than $3. After the announcement of ICO — sharply jumped to $10-11, and at the peak of 22 January 2018 reached $of 11.55. Who-то made a fortune. But nothing else actually occurred. Appeared only website, press-релиз and standard Avenue ideas — white paper. How much are the shares now? In the area of $5.5. And all these events occurred almost within a month. Learn the art-инвесторы!

Sources: google.ru, coindesk.com, blockchain.ru

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