In Dubai set the world's largest picture frame
ARTinvestment.RU   11 января 2018

A giant installation for The Dubai Frame in the form of a gold plated picture frame has an Elevator that raises to 150-метровую height, and 93-метровую gallery with a glass floor

the Installation "Dubai Frame" — this is the kind of portal that separates one of the oldest districts of the city of Deira on the North and ultra-modern skyscrapers along Sheikh Zayed road in the South. The frame rises above the Zabeel Park 150 metres. For 50 dirhams (approx £ 10) Elevator takes visitors to a height of 50-этажного home. In the upper part of the frame located 93-метровая viewing gallery with glass walls and floors, and at the bottom — interactive exhibition about the 50-летней the history of the UAE.

"Dubai Frame" can be seen for miles around and, thanks to its concise form, a simple rectangle with the naked eye is difficult to estimate its true size. It seems simple road shield without advertising poster, it is a giant triumphal arch, disproportionately large compared to the surrounding low buildings. The installation has already become a popular backdrop for a selfie: it's ready Rama in search of his content.

from the history of the construction of the installation, The Dubai Frame, however, there is another, unpleasant, side. The fact that the author of the idea of this work — Mexican architect Fernando Donis (Fernando Donis) — were removed UAE from the realization of their ideas. Back in 2008 he won the international competition held by the International Union of Architects (Union International of Architects), a sort of "tallest building able to become the symbol of the new face of Dubai". Of the 900 submitted applications, the jury chose the project of Donis. Mexican architect with experience working in the office of REM Koolhaas offered instead of another massive building to create a "void" —-то that will frame all existing attractions. The original project of Donis was far more minimalistic: frame had to be simple white color and opaque, in the spirit of the sculptures of Sol LeWitt.

After winning the competition and receiving a prize in 100 thousand dollars Fernando Donis first feted at a dinner party in Dubai, and soon after the Dubai government asked him to sign a contract in which the architect had to abandon the intellectual rights to his work and to restrict the role of the consultant (and remote: be present during the construction of the frame he was banned). Donis, of course, refused to sign the contract and filed a lawsuit, but to hold accountable the government of Dubai turned out to be impossible: according to UAE law, to sue the government of Dubai can only be the case if the government of Dubai will give you the right to sue them in court. In the end the project, as we see, was still implemented, but without the participation of the author, and is one of the biggest creations in the world of minimalism the world finally got a ride in Golden patterns.


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