Kodak will launch the blockchain-систему for the market photos
ARTinvestment.RU   11 января 2018

In any unclear situation start to offer blockchain. As soon as the company "Eastman Kodak" announced plans to run a distributed registry of copyrights for photographers, its stock rose in price in 3 times

If you can't resist the process — try to run it. Kodak, a company with 130-летней history, were almost finished the rapid transition of consumers to digital photography. Film, chemicals, darkroom and franchises rapidly became useless. The company almost went bankrupt. And the word Kodak, which had shone from all the Windows, for current students it sounds as bizarre as, for example, Nokia.

But there is still a gunpowder in powder flasks.

"Kodak" has suddenly decided to do what thought is already too many. On the Internet street is circulating a lot of photos for which their authors do not mind getting at least a small but cost. But control of republishing on the Internet is now difficult. To argue and defend the rights — that way your whole life can be spend on such nonsense. Blockchain allows you to efficiently automate the process of copyright and receive compensation for photographers.

While it is known that the blockchain-платформу "Kodak" name KODAKOne, system maintenance will be provided by cryptocurrency KODAKcoin. Potentially, the system will remove a big headache with photographers, as she will be monitoring sites to monitor unlicensed use of photographs.

Partner of "Kodak" in this project is the company WENN Digital. The initial attraction of investments in the form of ICO will begin on 31 January 2018.

the idea of using the blockchain-технологий to automate the photo market today, analyzes, many market players and start-UPS. It was announced such projects even in Russia. The "Kodak" in this sense, the advantage that this brand is well known photographers over forty and causes trust the old memory. But, as with any completely new business, wins not the one who was first or famous, and the one who will do better. What the system can actually send photographers and artists money, and that will take root.

the Natural question: when do we have to wait for this? The feelings, not soon. And it's not technology. And in the money. Automating the process requires that the process existed according to clear rules. Blockchain allows you to make the process of collecting and distributing money to copyright an honest and almost completely transparent: so many-то money came, so many-то of money spent, so much-то went to the mediator, all the stages clear. And since everything is transparent, the "undocumented" features of the various structures, taking of the royalties, greatly reduced. They would, on the contrary, it is better to have less in their kitchen knew but did not put his "flu-like" nose. One day, however, life would go on. Progress does not stop. But especially not to hurry with the automation of the payment of copyright no one will. This here is the feeling.

Sources: kodak.com, kodakcoin.com, blockchain.ru, bloomberg.com, ru.investing.com.

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