Sculptural object Dmitry Kawarga height of a seven-story building erected in the Leningrad region
ARTinvestment.RU   31 октября 2017

Kawarga-Скит — hybrid architectural object and modern sculpture. Structure with a height of 21 meters is crowned by a dome inhabited biomorphic weighing a ton. Forest flat landscape allows you to see the object from a distance of not less than 10 kilometers

the Building is art-скита area of the base 18 to 40 meters, located on the banks of the river in the settlement of the Great Courtyard (the tract Gorenichi in Podporozhsky district of the Leningrad region). A place with pristine nature, quiet, remote, not to say deaf. Therefore, modern art and striking art-объект (conceived as a temple of culture) were designed to form there the centre of attraction to the educated public.

Inside the habitable dome (biomorphic cell), cast artist Dmitry Kawarga, time plays a special audio track produced by the composer Kryptogen Rundfunk special for Kawarga-Скита. Music is activated by the presence detector when a man rises up to the dome. When leaving, the track falls silent. The second entry is reproduced in the buildings of a former sawmill. It is different — you can hear the sounds of machines working, the bargaining of the workers, the industrial echo of a bygone era. Climbing the spiral staircase to the roof area of the building, the visitor leaves the echo of it down, continuing their ascent through the tower of twisted steel mechanisms. According to the authors, special acoustics and audio series allow people to "tune into your own consciousness, go into a kind of trance, as if dissolving in a special place." He Kawarga explains the idea: "the Dome is rocking from the wind, sounds meditative sound track with carefully chosen frequencies, and the cavity of the dome allows you to experience yourself in a special protected place, like in a biomorphic shell. Finally, the sky, forest landscapes and houses with height allow him a way to rise above worldly things. Thus, modern art is not the decoration of the environment, but helps people to go beyond the ordinary, to change the consciousness, to tune in to spiritual work..."

Directly in the building of the monastery will be a workshop of the author. And in the village and further it is planned to build a Park of modern sculpture.

21 meters (the height of the entire tower from the ground to the top of the dome) — is 7 meters above the Khrushchev-пятиэтажки. The building itself Kawarga-Skete has a height of 6 meters, the dome is 4 meters and 11 meters tower. The dome weighs a ton, and another tower without a dome 8 tons. The massiveness of the structure and the complexity of its Assembly almost caused the failure of the project. The fact that installation was required 25-тонный port crane. Such carry on a special trawl — faucet is heavy and slow. But by the time of the installation of the long, winding road washed away, the technique could not pass. Theoretically remained the second option. The skete is located on a Peninsula betweentwo lakes connected by a channel. But the bridge over the canal was very old, wooden, heavy equipment on it could not pass. The situation was hopeless, the only hope for a miracle. And then suddenly the bridge began to build again. Not for Kawarga-Скита, but just here by coincidence: the time has come. In the end, the due date and the artist saw from the window as the brand new bridge travels 25 ton crane and moves to the skete for the installation. A miracle has occurred.

Today, the tower Kawarga-скита — is one of the highest objects of modern Russian art. Above it I can only recall 22-метровый wood object "Beaubourg" by Nikolay Polissky, built in Nikolo-Ленивце for Archstoyanie. But the object in contrast to a hybrid solid skita — object with no utilitarian component.

Work on the creation of Kawarga-Скита took about 4 months. Now introduced the first phase of art-объекта. In the spring of 2018 it is planned complication of the dome, creating illumination, installation of cameras for-трансляции from the forest temple of art.


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