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A case of smuggling "Brodsky": Interpol has no claims to Koch
ARTinvestment.RU   11 апреля 2017

Interpol is not found in the actions of Alfred Koch signs of smuggling cultural valuables, removed his name from the "red list" and refused to declare the international wanted list

About the fact that Interpol refused to declare Alfred Koch on the international wanted list, wrote RBC with reference to the existing copy of the letter of the Secretary General of International criminal police organization from March 21, 2017. Treatment about the search of Koch previously received from Russian law enforcement agencies. In our country, the former Chairman of the government of Chernomyrdin arrested in absentia by the court in the case of smuggling of cultural property (article 226.1 of the criminal code).

the Case a long and controversial. Koch was detained at Sheremetyevo airport in November 2013 while trying to export several objects of art, including the painting "Sunset on the beach", which was signed I. Brodsky, 1911. An export permit from the Ministry of culture of the Bacillus was not (according to his lawyer). And then began finding out what is really behind the picture he took — original or a phony? With the examinations was a mess. In conclusion, the Tretyakov gallery 1999 painting recognized genuine. But in more recent papers, 2013 ("Grabara") and 2015 (from the Tretyakov gallery) the authorship of Isaak Brodsky is not confirmed. "Grabar" write "unknown artist". And the Tretyakov gallery in the conclusion of "diplomatic" points out that "the author is an artist of the European school of painting neoakademicheskogo directions, possible I. I. Brodsky". Asks to add: "and may DOE," or whatever-нибудь. The circle turns, that we are talking about the painting by an unknown artist, spoiled fake signature of the future classics of socialist realism. Why this phony is recognized by experts of both organizations "cultural value", for many it remains a mystery. But that phrase is in one and in another the conclusion. The texts themselves expert conclusions we previously published here.

However, Interpol has made it clear that looking at the matter differently. RBC says, with reference to the letter of the Secretary-General that all information about Koch from the databases of Interpol removed and any operational cooperation with Russian law enforcement in the case of a German citizen Koch will break the rules of Interpol. Experts of Interpol doubted that the painting by an unknown artist, signed under Brodsky and other seized items can be considered cultural property objects of national importance or cultural heritage.

it is also Interesting that in one of the expert opinions and the message appears RBC rating unfortunate pattern in the region of 200 000, which is also difficult to accept. On the public market in Russia for such amount of paintings by unknown artists, and even spoiled a fake signature, it is impossible to sell. Except for what-то token money. However, there is a caveat. Now this particular Sunset could have who-то memorial value — for the dashing history of the work. As-никак, direct it is for this nameless painting in Russia was going to arrest the former head of the state property Committee, the Deputy Prime Minister, the curator of the pledge auctions, Senator and General Director of "Gazprom-медиа".

Source: rbc.ru, artinvestment.ru

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