"The Ministry Of Healing Art" By Alexander Melamid
ARTinvestment.RU   27 мая 2011

Artist-концептуалист Alexander Melamid opened in new-Йорке clinic where patients are treated... art

creative duo of Russian artists of Conceptual Alexander Melamid and Vitaly Komar in New York know well. They are also famous for his monumental canvases, in the spirit of socialist realism, and the fact that elephants have learned an abstract painting. And of course, the project "People's Choice, which began by asking the audience, but on its results of a plan of the ideal picture, which should appeal to any American: there should be a lot of blue color, some animals and historic character or two. And get a picture in which, on the blue lake walk, George Washington, the modern American family and a couple of deer.

In 2003 the duo Komar and Melamid "collapsed, and since then Alexander Melamid create your own. First, he has written more in the style of Velazquez, portraits of rappers and Russian oligarchs. Now he thought of something more interesting: the Ministry of Healing Art ( Art Healing Ministry ). This is a real clinic at Thompson Street, 98, of New York's Soho district. Anyone can make an appointment and be treated fine art from a variety of physical and mental illness.

According to the signs, Melamid clinic can help with neurogenic bulimia, angioedema, and hives, premenstrual dysphoric disorder and benign prostatic hyperplasia (the artist says he likes medical terminology, because it reminds him of art history).

for sale all kinds of healing arts products: candles; insole with self-portraits Van Gogh, glass inners for "charging" fluids fluids from the paintings of Raphael, Botticelli, Picasso, Lichtenstein, or printed on the inner surface of these vessels; card with the prayers of the artists, patrons in a particular area (Picasso, for example, protect motorists, and Georges Seurat helps cleanse and rejuvenate the skin).

One of the" preparations ": insole with self-portraits
Van Gogh. Source: nytimes.com
vessel" charging "water art by Botticelli
Source: arthealingministry.org

«We all know about the power of art. It is the power to revive, enrich, encourage, pacify and educate "- says in the ad Melamid about opening the clinic. The artist adds: "I have always said that art is useful to me, but I still do not know why exactly it is useful. What are we good? In America, primarily health and products for health ».

How exactly is the process of healing art, it is not clear, but we are talking about some invisible particles" CREATON. Melamid: "CREATON everywhere, they get into the human body. If you use CREATON correctly, they can improve the body's functions. They will cleanse you and make your life happier. CREATON get into you through the place of kundalini energy and the eye ».

One of the first visitors of the clinic told about his impressions correspondents New York Times. The showcase was greeted by a strange-looking device, which is an enema hose fastened to the videotape. Title reads: "Supercharger art." Melamid was agitated visitor assured that these techniques of healing arts are outdated and do not apply in everyday practice.

«Nagnetatel «Supercharger art." Source: nytimes.com

Next host clinic patient seated in a chair like dental and medical survey began. Seeing that the man complaining of stress, Melamid said of the museum, which he visited recently. It turned out that the patient prefers to serials, to which the doctor noted that "masterpieces are not enough." "Your anxiety - this is a common problem of modern man. And women. And everything in between. My goal is to help you see the correct object ».

According to Melamid, not all visual images are equally useful. The museum must be selective so as not to get an overdose - is just as dangerous as an overdose of drugs. In all must adhere to the recommendations of the expert.

If you have allergies - will help Claude Monet. And our patient Melamid often advised to look at paintings by Paul Cezanne: they are a source of strength, and at the same time pacify.

One of the treatments - the projection of works of art on the faces of patients
Source: nytimes.com

And finally a man in place held a session Modigliani: some time the patient on the forehead projected paintings in the genre of nude photography. "Close your eyes - instructed Melamid - you see a beautiful naked girl, but she does not touch your senses, because its image is stretched».

After the procedure, the artist explained it, of course, not all: a full course of treatment will cost $ 125. He added: "I do not for the money, I am for art. But I need to support the family ».

Alexander Melamid old joker. He was so used to being scoffers that others sometimes difficult to understand how seriously should apply to him. "Could I I step over to the next level, whether I cease to be a conceptual artist and become a true healer? This is what I would do. I understand that it I never will, but I would very much like it ».

Preparat drug is "A box of happiness»
Source: arthealingministry.org

«This clinic is not just a good idea, there is any closer to art, it is removed from its pedestal. You can charge the art of water or vodka or buy art candle. And it's funny. Five years ago I realized that the truth is funny. Of course, not all that funny - the truth. But that's not funny - not true. That's why we never reveals the truth: because scientists do not understand what the final product should be funny ».

material was prepared by Maria Onuchina, AI

Sources: nytimes.com , arthealingministry.org , artinvestment.ru

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