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Nominated for the Turner Prize
ARTinvestment.RU   04 мая 2009

ARTinvestment.RU talks about the four artists included in the shortlist the main prize in the field of contemporary art

recently in London, were announced the names of finalists Prize behalf of JM W. Turner - the main prize in the world of modern art . To the delight of many British art critics, this year's prize claiming artists who create original works of art, and not just «comment» creations of others. Portfolio finalists in 2008 in general were not like the public criticism and : they were called «too academic» and «detached from reality».

Recently, Guardian critic and Turner Prize juror Jonathan Jones (Jonathan Jones) «pripechatal» in his blog a popular street artist Banks (Banksy), saying that would never have nominated this «vandal», disquieting grandmothers, at such a prestigious award, which he described as «an island of intelligence». Of course, Jones collapsed in a wave of comments, the authors perturbed by perplexed: what are the specific work of the nominees and prize winners, he believes «intelligent»? And got «lifeless» Works of last year's finalists, and «Shock-Art» nominees 1990 - uncleared beds Tracey Emin (Tracey Emin) and decorated with elephant dung by Chris Ofili canvas (Chris Ofili). Interestingly, immediately after Jones was appointed a member of the jury, he wrote that the main merit of the Turner Prize, in his view, is that it «revolutionized» British art, which for centuries was «too polite». Note that one of his most popular works of contemporary art is the installation of «Al» Brothers Chepmenov, where many small plastic urodtsev torment each other all sorts of ways. Therefore, it was expected that Jones is denominated in the award of someone «edakogo». However, the main «shock» Turner-2009 is that all four finalists' works are very attractive to the aesthetic point of view.

Let's start with David Enrico (Enrico David, s.. 1966) - Italian painter from the early 1990's living in London. He studied at the prestigious St. Martins College, the same who have graduated from such grants of British art, as Lusien Freud (Lucian Freud), Gilbert and George (Gilbert & George) and Anthony Caro (Antony Caro). David creates sculptures and installations, photographs, and even embroidery on canvas wool threads, but the center of his universe is a creative graphic. Critics have compared his drawings and collages, which inhabit the various bizarre characters, with the works of Aubrey Berdsli (Aubrey Beardsley), and Francis Picabia (Francis Picabia), but lovers of Russian art work of David is likely to recall a very different - theatrical sketches and the cover of fashion magazine performed Erte . However, the creation of David, much less feminine: they are more like androginnyh cyborg. In the artist's works for Al-Al-Nouveau and Deco skipped through the prism of computer graphics, fashion and avant-garde contemporary gay culture.

Sculpture Enrico David gives the impression of «two». The most famous of his sculptural works is «hen people gong» (2005), reminiscent of the surreal works of Max Ernst (Max Ernst), who inhabit the same phantasmagoric creatures - not the people, not animals, no stones in its pure form, but linked to all related them.

  • ENRIKO DAVID Dinnisblumen

Another nominee for the award, Roger Hiorns (Roger Hiorns, r. 1975), also creates unusual sculptures and installations, but the materials that he uses far less traditional. In a recent project «Hostage» he turned to sculpture ... the whole apartment. The ceiling and walls of apartments, located in an abandoned house, were covered with copper sulfate solution. In a few weeks when the temperature fell, there were blue crystals. It has become customary flat magic «Aladdin's cave». The work Hiornsa wrote all the English newspapers. Admired journalists gave the artist the nickname «alchemist». Piece Hiornsa raises questions about the fragility of beauty - while visitors walked on «crystal cave», chemicals slowly erode the ceiling and walls. Crystals make a very nice apartment, but they also destroyed it.

Creation Hiornsa usually consist of two elements, one of which is «natural», the other - a man. He likes to create the conditions for their work, where they are subject to change and evolve independently. Hiornsu do not like the work of the previous generation of artists - Demiena Hurst (Damien Hirst), Tracey Emin and other members of the Brit-Art. According to him, they too zatsikleny to imagine, which makes their products turn out boring.

The only representative of fair sex, is one of the finalists is Lucy Skaer (Lucy Skaer, r. 1975). Earlier in his career, the artist created a huge poluabstraktnye drawings, which were the basis for the imagery of war, prison, murder and torture, which is found in magazines or on the Internet. It was these images of violence combined with various ornaments, which were inspired by a diagram Vienna, the ancient coats of arms, a Chinese painting on porcelain and sputter Rorshaha. In addition to drawings, Skaer creates video and sculpture. In 2007, she became one of five artists representing Scotland at the Venice Biennale.

Love Lucy Skaer to different ornament combines it with the fourth nominee, Richard Wright (Richard Wright, Dr.. 1960). For his abstract paintings the artist chooses unexpected places: ceilings, cornices, window sills, corners of rooms. Wright has always been a theme of fragility of art: after the end of the exhibition, all his works paint. As Roger Hiorns, he believed that the purpose of the artist - not to create a monument to «to come», rather give the viewer the impression that remains with him forever.

Works by all four finalists can be seen at the exhibition to be held at the Tate Britain gallery in October 6, 2009 to 16 January 2010. Award ceremony will be held on December 7. The jury, in addition to Jonathan Johns, includes curator Andrea Shliker (Andrea Schlieker), art critic and TV Frostrap Mariella (Mariella Frostrup), Director Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and the founder of the journal Afterall Eshe Charles (Charles Esche). Chairman of the jury - the director of Tate Britain Stephen Dyushar (Stephen Deuchar).

Material prepared Yulia Maksimova, AI

Source: guardian.co.uk , telegraph.co.uk , thisislondon.co.uk , tate.org.uk , saatchi-gallery.co.uk , artinvestment.ru

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