Why is the work of women artists is much cheaper than products created by men?
ARTinvestment.RU   09 июля 2008

The most expensive painting, written by living artist, is worth 33.6 million dollars. A picture of the most expensive living artist, is just 6.3 million. Were right there, those who said that women artists «falls short» to men?

«Women are hard to please people», - said renowned sculptor Louise Bourgeois in a new documentary on her and her creativity. Art critic Brian Syuell more rezok: «Not a single woman artist is not worthy of the title of a great».

One of the most famous in the world of art dealers Ivan Wirth last Saturday made a statement that women artists whose works are represented in the art market, are faced with prejudice and discrimination. Because of this, the price of their product in times less than the amount which reaches the work of male artists. Wirth represents Louise Bourgeois, who lives permanently in the United States a French artist, known primarily for its giant statues spidery. One of these «spidery» (as «mother») in the past year, exhibited in London (in front of the gallery Tate Modern) and was very popular with tourists. Despite worldwide fame Bourgeois and a lot of fans of her creativity, her big break from Freud Lusiena list of sponsors of the most expensive works of living artists is a «perpetual disappointment».

More recently bidding works of modern art Sotheby's and Christie's once again struck by all the sensational prices. Freud painting Lusiena «Portrait of naked women with reflection» was sold for 23.4 million dollars, a sculpture of Jeff Koons «flower from a balloon (Purple)» went for 25.6 million ... However, the picture is born in South Africa Marlene Dumas «visitor» became the most expensive of the living female artist, sold at Sotheby's for only 6.3 million dollars, but that the quality and artistic value of Dumas, or Louise Bourgeois, and the same can argue Koons.

Ivan Wirth very unhappy about this situation. «The value of products on the market should not determine the sex artist, - he said." - We, for example, represent truly outstanding artists such as Louise Bourgeois, Joan Mitchell and Eva Hesse, majority of which are top-class things ».

last week at Sotheby's set a new record: the picture legends op art (optical art) Bridget Riley «Song 2» left over 4.5 million dollars, and this result raised the Bridget Riley in the first place in the price ranking of British artists. Louise Bourgeois is also a record: at the moment, she took first place in the list of sponsors of the most expensive works of living French artists. It also established a record in May this year when one of its «spidery» was sold at Christie's Paris for an amount in excess of 4 million dollars. This has made its author the most expensive work of living women artists, but as we see her record was soon beaten Marlene Dumas.

Highest auction result of work of women artists has a picture of our compatriots, the Russian avant-garde legends Natalia Goncharova . Her «Flowers» were sold in the past in June Christie's for nearly 11 million dollars. However, this figure pales in comparison with the gigantic sums to buyers willing to pay for work of outstanding artists-men: in May, « Triptych 1976» Francis Bacon was sold for 86.2 million dollars , becoming the most expensive piece of post-war artist, has ever bought at auction.

Ivan Wirth expressed frustration that the paintings, sculptures and installations, even the most well-known artists are sold on average for only 4-6 million dollars, while the less valuable to the artistic point of view of the creators of some males have more impressive amount. «Oh art market has to be free from prejudices, - he said. - Of course, I was happy when the picture of Marlene Dumas went to Sotheby's for 3.2 million pounds. But we have to compare this amount with the results, which reached at the same auction works by male artists: the work of Bacon was sold for 13.7 million pounds, Basque - over 5 million, Richard Prince - for 4.2 million ... In today's market of art works women artists are the cheapest commodity ».

Author and sociologist Sarah Thornton, whose book on the art market will be released this year, noted that works of art created by women who make up only 30 percent of work exhibited in museums and galleries. In the Top-100 ranking of the artists whose works have achieved the highest results at auction in 2007, only four positions - 49 th place and below - run by women.

«unacceptable to believe that the cost of works at auction is the equivalent of their aesthetic value, - said Thornton. - In the world of art, of course, must be equality. In 2004 alone, the work of living artists (Marlene Dumas) was first sold for an amount exceeding 1 million dollars. Sverhdorogie works of art bought in most of its business men. And they like first and foremost artists, businessmen, such as Warhol, Hurst, Koons - probably because they remind them of themselves ».

The second reason for failure of women artists at auction - far fewer «breadth» of their art. Same Marlene Dumas, Louise Bourgeois, and doing their work themselves, unlike Demiena Hirst and Jeff Koons. «For women artists do not usually employ an entire factory of assistants, forever stamped paintings and sculptures - has continued Thornton. - If someone needs to work of any artist at all times risen in price, it should be kept to supply more and more creations of the artist at auction. For women artists, this situation unusual ».

But the art critic Brian Syuell notes that, historically, women have been easier to gain acceptance in the world of art than in any another area. In the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries, women artists contemporaries praised to the skies. Just remember Artemiziyu Dzhentileski (1593-1651/63) and her sovremennitsu Federal Gallitsi known as Galicia (1578-1630), who considered the greatest artist of his time.

«On the art market, there is no sexism, - said Syuell. - Just Bridget Riley, Louise Bourgeois and the like - artists of the second and third rank. First class of women artists have never been ... Only man is able to create a great work of art. In art schools 50 percent or more students - were women. However, in 28-30 years, they all burned. " Maybe this is how it relates to birth ».

Ivan Wirth, however, this view does not agree. He believes that the situation could still change for the better. «The problem is that the work of women artists at all times, seldom reach the museums, - he said in an interview with The Art Newspaper. - But now there are many female mentors, as well as the [pro-equality of the sexes. - Ed . ] young male mentors willing to reconsider the history of art ».

What about this situation, representatives of think auctions? Head of Contemporary Art Christie's Pilar Ordovas not agree that the art market, there is gender discrimination. «The work of many artists, men are sold for the same amount as the" female "works - it finds. - To say that sex or age [the artist. - Ed. ] as the effect at a price - is severely prune all ».

Material prepared Yulia Maksimova

Source: independent.co.uk , artinvestment.ru

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