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On the 23rd antique salon
ARTinvestment.RU   02 ноября 2007

At the end of October in Moscow ended the 23rd Antique Salon - stable operating event of Russian art market, which traditionally holds «Ekspopark» in the territory of the Central House of Artists on the Crimean shaft.

At the end of October in Moscow ended the 23rd Antique Salon - stable operating event of Russian art market, which traditionally holds «Ekspopark» in the territory of the Central House of Artists on the Crimean shaft. 210 participants, including foreign gallery: collections of Western European art, more and more a part of fashion, socialist realism, Russian foreign countries, post the schedule - a word, a lot of things. According to market professionals, was the last saloon genre cleaner, organized, and much safer in terms of the authenticity of things. And, of course, is not sensational «Catalog fakes» to reason and the natural processes of growing market. Thought that the salon has become a little easier: exposition more clearly zonirovana no ryabi no «time machine», when the ancient tapestries come across revolutionary porcelain (although both were present).

A very spectacular event was the exhibition galleries «school» - the project, according to the news may be even more educational than commercial. Name of the gallery associated with the name of a famous collector Andrew Eremina. It is one of the first in Moscow boldly began to specialize in Impressionists, but the French have become heroes of the exhibition. At the «school» walls are masterpieces of Russian avant-garde 1910-ies. It masterpieces things without exaggeration of the highest museum standards. Not a lot, so the individual is just a list. Take millions canvases are not allowed, but even the formal specifications in this case have much to say.

Robert Falk. «The owner of the house» (1915. Oil on canvas. 89,1 × 59,3).

Yuri Annenkov. «Lubok» (1910. Oil on canvas. 73 × 91).

laconic, but amazing «Still life with red cup» David Shterenberg (1915. Oil on canvas. 64,5 × 53).

It is another still life «Pink Vase with fruit» (1920. cardboard, oil. 116 × 74,5).

Each of these works from the stand «school» is evaluated in a few million dollars. That said, at market prices. But in the case of the masterpieces, the things of exceptional quality and rarity, no sound assessment is not obliged to work. Masterpieces worth as much as they are willing to pay. That is, can cost a notorious «any money». And if the bid price is 3-4 times higher than today's market, it is not even about the overpayment, but rather that the market price at that time were already others.

interesting intellectual program submitted gallery «Elysium». The project «From the World of Art" to the "four arts" »were shown drawings. Among the most significant are the smallest recognizable watercolor Mikhail Nesterov «St. Tatiana» Image and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin «Seated boy. Classic Stage ». Of the other rare things - theater drawings miriskusnika Alexander Golovin, avant-garde costume sketch for the play V. Kamensky «Stenka Razin» one of the founders Osta Constantine Vyalova and very decorative «Mask» another miriskusnika, Constantine Rudakova. Several mansions in the total number of faces big watercolor of 1923 «Women's model» Anna Leporskoy, pupil of Malevich, the wife of Nicholas Suetin. Interestingly, even the year before she went into Vhuteine another famous exponent - Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. But in «Women's model» that do not feel that this water completely at the mercy of the ideas of formal theoretical Malevitch department, department of the Institute of Culture.

Of «hooked» work at Salon would like to mention one more. Gallery «Water», Kazhdan Guyana (1930-1973), «Portrait of a woman with bird and aquarium», 1965, Oil on cardboard, 76 × 56, the price of 625 thousand rubles. Such things are not specifically looking for. Take a calm, and suddenly look very bright tear, great job. Kazhdan - a tragic figure of unofficial art. Preserved the legend, the rare mention, but the work was not available. Maybe that is why the legend has become forgotten. It is believed that Guyana Kazhdan re-opened to the public collector, a practicing surgeon Bakulevskogo center Michael Alshibaya. Deliberately searched for and found many of the artist's favorite works. Why - it is understandable the first time.

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