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XVIII open auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"

In: Simon Agroskin, Azam Atakhanov, Alexey Vaulin, Natalia Glebova, Natalia Zhernovskaya, Irina Korsakov, Andrew Munz, Alexander Savko, Georgy Totibadze, Yuri Shabelnikov

the fee from buyers is 18 %.

Catalogue of the Auction No. 332 and XVIII of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art".

Lots of XVIII curator of the auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art" presented in the exhibition online-выставки AI.

In the composition of the auction of 10 lots — nine paintings and one song, made by digital printing.

Simon Agroskin. Round table. 2020

living emptiness... Works United under this name first appeared in the mid-eighties. Left alone in the apartment, where previously lived a large family, I felt the presence of departed people, their warmth, signs of life (Simon Agroskin).

"Round table" can be called the interior with elements of still life. And these-то elements — pear lying on the table, — tell us that people left recently and not for good, they will be back soon.

Azam Atakhanov. Prayer of the gardener. 2012

What I want to convey? First and foremost, beauty. Maybe it sounds corny, but really the task of art — is, of course, the glorification of beauty, the divine, all that gives man the impetus to what-то to build and create, and develop. I'm trying to show the interaction of the external and internal. Beauty, as they say in one of the Muslim tracts, — is glitter of truth (Azam Atakhanov,

the Atakhanov — artist, synthesizing his art the cultural traditions of the Persian East, the Russian avant-garde and the European Renaissance, shows a different, metaphysical side of reality, only superficially similar to reality.

Source of inspiration, the master calls the beauty of nature and of man in it@the semicolon, all that is created by man: artwork and architecture, poetry, gardens, villages, dwellings, and objects of folk art, and of course, music. Art for Azam Atakhanova — is a creation of the good, the true, the attribute which is beautiful. "The music is different from noise, painting from the painted surface, the literature, from job descriptions? Only beauty. Only true beauty gives the art meaning. To comprehend and pass it — the only real task of the artist" (

Alexey Vaulin. Sakura. From the series "Other land". 2019

..."I could tell by the color of each and every day of your life!" (Alexey Vaulin).

Vaulin uses color as a textured, almost sculptural mass that sculpts the forms, as well as a subtle graphic technique, spontaneous drawing colored lines and spots; works both decorative and incredibly difficult from a scenic point of view. In intellectual abstraction Vaulina color reaches its full expression and freedom — he reveals himself, his own purity and beauty, equating painting to philosophy (

Color each time plays a different role: stresses the individualism of the model or displays a story on the level of generalization, according to the spirit of rebellion, the mood of appeasement and humility, sings of love, lust, sex, purity and Vice, the traffic and search. In short, the color in the compositions Vaulina reflects all the qualities of a controversial ending desires and inner anxieties, but such a fragile, vulnerable and tired of modern man (

Natalia Glebova. Reading and dove. 1993

Young girl reading on background old wooden background. Right on top sits a bluish dove. Reading striped dress. In his strips written phrase that girl from time to time tells me, distracted from his book. But the main theme of this picture — is a light tanned girl's body, her bare feet on the ground, a graceful gesture of his hand, propped his head in contrast with the old wood pigeon.

Many authors before me have tried to connect the power and subtlety of naïve art professional. I am among them. I want to see the world through the naive eyes of a pioneer, but to portray it with the skill of professional (Natalia Glebova).

Natalia Zhernovskaya. Fountain "Friendship of peoples". From the "VDNKH". 2010

Acquainted with the Leningrad Timur Novikov, 19-летняя Muscovite left the capital and entered the New Academy of fine Arts (NAII). "The style and technology of photography Natalia Zhernovskoe is a bewildering pearl, born between the wings of the St. Petersburg New Academy and on the pad of Moscow a mysterious knowledge that there is a culture in lace, corsets and ribbons", — writes art historian Elizaveta Plavinskaya. This is a very accurate statement: all clear — craft, technology, Hobbies, academic and neoacademism — from the Academy, all the secret — warmth, sensuality, charm — is Moscow.

Fountain "Friendship of peoples" — one of the symbols of Moscow, established in 1954 under the project of Konstantin Topuridze and Gregory Constantine. There is a perception that Topuridze, engineering fountain, focused on classic designs, including the fountains of Peterhof ( Today, photos of monumental gilded sculpture is replicated in millions of copies, often with poor water pressure or no it to water, the words of Margarita, "did not reduce the experience." And how many lovers on dates near the fountain, walked around, admired its beauty! Muscovite Natalia Zhernovskaya saw the sculpture "Friendship of peoples" very different look, realized that they can only live in the noise of high spouting water, only surrounded by water jets, to dissipate on their gilded surfaces the scattering of water drops glisten and reflect in them. And suddenly everything fell into place: the photograph Zhernovskoe girldancing, moving, and gilded surface only emphasizes the dynamics of the figure.

Irina Korsakov. Still life with olives II. 2014

I'll tell you what I love.
Peace and contemplation.
Light and shadow.
the Clarity.
the Thrill and calcification.
the Vibration of the soul, tone, and color.
Textures of materials.
Frontal composition.
the surface of the canvas and the physical sensation of touch of the brush.
the Pattern as shown.
to Search for meanings.

Understanding of meanings comes to an end. And here I am in the same position as the viewer. What I can do? Everyone sees her, and rightly so. And I already said everything on the canvas (Irina Korsakov).

Andrew Munts. Architectural fantasy number one. 2012

Urban look on the canvas Andrew Munz — is an abstract improvisation with elements of the architectural landscape, one of the favorite motives of the author. Andrew Munz — acting architect, images of Moscow churches, the backbone of his compositions, though he plays freely, but proportionally correct. Abstract and architectural elements coexist and are not opposed, but complement each other.

In the paintings of Andrew Munz always the possibility of different interpretations. The viewer is drawn into the creative process, conjecturing pattern in the direction suggested by the artist, — writes art historian Yulia Volgina.

let's Try to conjecture. In fact, this very thing Moscow. See her images in many temples in Rozhdestvenka street (on which stands MARCHI, Alma-матер of Munz) and its environs, the trees at the Church of St. Nicholas in zvonari, birds, butterflies and strange funny people.

Alexander Savko. Night scene. From the KISS. 1992

...I believe that the most important weapon of the artist is his irony. And well when she dressed in such good clothes, when it attracts attention, looks like just such malevolence street (Alexander Savko,

If the viewer has the ability to develop — then he will be able to see the source, to get acquainted with what was originally laid down in this work, to immerse themselves in the culture and see all of the wretchedness of these modern heroes whom he admires and touches, which are the attribute and the surroundings of his daily life. He'll understand then what a simple and simplistic world he implanted (Alexander Savko,

Georgy Totibadze. Landscape. Mallorca. 2017

Sometimes in Italy we pay attention to the sky when it is "Russian". Don't know why that is, but even the color of it is another (Georgy Totibadze,

Probably in Spain, near Mallorca, the artist also drew attention to the not in the southern, and very "Russian" the color of the sky and a huge cloud that could float where-нибудь over the river, and wrote it not in his beloved landscape manner — from the height of bird flight — and water, from the bottom up, in awe of its free beauty. And only a narrow strip of the sun bleached buildings, separating the water and the sky returns us to the Mediterranean coast.

Yuri Shabelnikov. The end of the movie. Legend. Marlene Dietrich. 2008

...Cinema as a phenomenon shapes the public's view of the world, the tastes, ideals and even a guide to life. And if Hollywood, as a trendsetter in film, guided installation, the happy end and the audience's tears of emotion in the final, now the movie already doesn't want to end up and turned into an endless series... (

...this story is certainly not about "the end of the movie," but, rather, about the past dreams, the lost hopes, dreams, ideals... even the star of those who already dwell in heaven and portraits which the author shows us, written not from nature, and with archival photographs and on the covers of old fashion magazines where the picture is sometimes lost, and in some places covered with the patina of time. Not to recall the name of the legendary Bernardo Bertolucci's "stealing beauty" or "stolen" in the English translation, but when and by whom, no one still knows... (

good luck at the XVIII auction "twenty-first century. Contemporary Russian art"!

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