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Person of the week: Tatiana Yang
ARTinvestment.RU   27 мая 2020

Painting — is not just an occupation, it is a philosophy and way of life (Tatiana Yang)

Tatiana Yang has a special place in contemporary art. There are a lot of artists that shocking, declare, create performances, art-объекты, and she writes still lifes, landscapes, lovingly and carefully looks at the nature, the beauty of the world and is in the art of their own way. Any conceptual ideas, schematic, formal experiments are alien to her world view, she captures in paint real images that reflect my belief system, able to see the essence of things. She works a lot and fruitfully, engaged in painting, dabbled in printed graphics and photographs, book design, design plays, monumental painting.

she was born in Jan 1965. In 1987-м graduated from the Moscow printing Institute (the workshop of the famous graphics D. Bisti); in 1993-м joined the Union of artists of Russia.

her First work was made in the technique of etching and lithography, and in 1992-м the artist has been actively engaged in easel painting. Her work — free improvisation, she writes fragments of ancient ruins, stones, flowers, plants, fruits, which solves plastic problems. Her paintings always harmonized tone, the matte painting that resembles a mural, beautifully taken color. It works, in broad strokes, to enlarge the shape, bringing the image to the viewer, filling it with creative energy. Generalizing plastic shape, it does not bring their image to symbol or sign, items retain vitality, authenticity, embedded in the movable light-цветовые the border of the shape.

the Famous art historian, curator, V. Patsukov, exploring the work of Tatyana Yang said: "This painting combines the austerity of early Byzantine icons, his energy disciplines in Russian religious symbolism and naturally flows in excess of the form of the Venetian school of Renaissance".

Tatiana Yan travels a lot. "For me every time — is a new return to yourself the discovery of a new inner space, to relate himself with the world history and culture". She traveled to Asia, Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Cyprus and other countries. From travels artist each time brings decorative fabrics, carpets, details of which organically builds into his works.

In 2003-2006 was born the series of paintings "the Way to Cappadocia", awarded the silver medal of the Russian Academy of arts (2006). "Cappadocia for me — is a beauty that sight cannot accommodate. A breakthrough in a different space, where it begins what to the human eye almost unbearable" (seasons-project.ru).

the Cycle of works "Fragments of time" (1997-1998) includes a triptych based on the works of Pierodella Francesca, the initiation of Giotto, the evangelists John, Luke, Mark, Matthew, song, "Jesus in the house of Martha and Mary", "Trinity", etc. These cycles are full of references to historical values, to the classics, and they have the power of the author's intellectual thought.

First arriving in Rome, the artist fell in love with him once and for all "He really blows the head off the shoulders and spreading your wings, whose existence you never suspected. It is absolutely incredible, because almost inexplicable — joy breathe as soon as going back what-то high density and strength, as a child, happiness. Rome takes you to the coordinate system of a completely different magnitude and eternity in this town is not a figure of speech, but literally — and its walls and Foundation" (moscow.arttube.ru). These impressions were embodied in numerous works, and Tatiana, Ian continues to work.

Often in his compositions, whether it's flowers or fruit, she portrays objects in unity with the culture with fragments of classical architecture with the details of historical monuments. Therefore, arises the idea of connection of times, the time itself, which is present, past, and present. Speaking about the artist's interest in objects of culture, I want to highlight her special love for antiquity, which it considers the standard of eternal values. "For me personally, the antiquity and Revival of significant and relevant as much if not more than modern reality. These are my roots, this is the material upon which I build my statement from author quotes to the semantics of the operations. But it's not a retelling and not a copy of classic designs. It's a constant internal conversation, the dialogue of cultures".

for Many years Tatyana Yang enthusiastically writes still lifes. She has a cycle of "Flowers, fruits, gifts" (1999-2000), which is in all its glory and vital force brought juicy grapes and wine, ripe pomegranates, lemons, figs, flowers, birds. "I love flowers, but the aesthetic admiration of my feelings at one of the last places. The flowers can learn all wisdom." At every meeting with flowers Tatiana Yang feels reverent admiration which-то almost "mystical shock", she almost deifies as "the love of God to man, created for him such beauty every day".

In 2001, Tatyana Yang designed the play Lyubimov "Socrat / the Oracle" as a set designer and costume designer. This experience she found very meaningful for themselves.It was, in her words, "a deep encounter with antiquity", the more that are fortunate enough to work in Greece, Delphi and Athens. This was another interesting experience with Tatiana Grindenko and her ensemble "OPUS POSTH" in 2003. She has created 12 paintings for the musical performance, which was the music of Joseph Haydn "the Seven last words of Saviour on the Cross."

is a multifaceted creative practice Tatyana Yang is present and making of the books she chooses according to your taste. For example, a book "De vita sua" SVT. Gregory the theologian (2011); book "In the rooms of gardens" by Philip jacotte and the "Garden of the universe" by Olga Sedakova (2014); "Song of songs and the Book of Ruth" in L. Griliches (not published).

Tatiana Yang participated in painting the Church of "Small Ascension" on the Big Nikitsky street in Moscow.

Works are in the Museum of modern art (Moscow) and in private collections in Russia, England, USA, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Holland, France, Taiwan, etc.

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