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ARTinvestment.RU   12 мая 2020

He easily and confidently followed the one adopted by the "not to be abstract and not be just costed, considered, handy, easy to encode"

Vladimir Salnikov (1948-2015) — person is very well known, held a firm place in the history of modern art. He is famous not only as painter, but also as a theorist of contemporary art, critic, Creator of some extraordinary video projects.

In his work he defended the right to be open and receptive to all that surrounded him in life. Salnikova has inspired the most paradoxical things, they became the subject of his research. According to the artist Bogdan Mamonov, he "created projects that have varied and evolved over time. His whole life was a project." But Leonid Bazhanov believes that Salnikov was "an inconvenient artist", who pulled down all the usual ideas about the world, feeling the absurdity of it and so felt it more.

Vladimir Salnikov was born in 1948 in Chita. His father was a military lawyer, and the family moved frequently: China, Khabarovsk, Moscow, Rostov, Tbilisi, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg. The future artist later recalled that the art Studio was visited from childhood and contemporary art, first encountered in Orenburg, studying the work of American abstract art in the magazine "America".

After moving to Moscow in the years 1966-1971 Seals studied at the graphic faculty of the Moscow polygraphic Institute (now the Academy of printing) have remarkable graphics of Andrey Goncharov. "It was an era of convulsive artistic avant-garde that accompanied the riots in the West and in the third world, — later wrote to the artist. —, the Most sensitive was the art youth and informal. Students, we wrote an abstract surrealist compositions, made Dadaist collages. And carefully studied the academic. Why, exactly, these foreign influences were so fascinated by us and served as role models? Most likely, the reason in the stale cultural atmosphere of Stalinism. She somehow lasted until the collapse of the Soviet Union, in which-то as alive today. For our generation this atmosphere, limited initiatives were a barrier, symbolic of the overcoming of which was the easiest exit".

after Graduating from the Institute, Glands remained to teach in their Department, and worked there for ten years, until 1982. Along with teaching he worked as an Illustrator in the Moscow publishing houses. The book allowed us to engage in dialogue with authors, to experiment with graphic techniques. "...All the innovations in the official art first arose in the illustration, so pure artists, painters, etc. specially went to the exhibition of the Moscow scribes for new products. The reality it was difficult. I couldn't afford to moonlight as senior colleagues. Their competitiveness had to prove quality. Besides, from the pictures sixties modernism I was sick. I was the bearer of a different taste, a different Zeitgeist @the mdas semidesyatnikov. Your basic art experience — surreal —, I bought in the second half of the 60-х. I became interested in pop-артом, which opened to me a different reality".

In 1980-хBalling continued to experiment with art forms, was fascinated by the unique nature and language of the human body that became object of study for a long time. This is confirmed by the projects: "the Artist and the model" (1980-2000-е), created in collaboration with writer Olga Kovalik, the series "100 images of a woman", "Artist and critic", "Ostrolistnyj forest" and the cycle of works "10 000 left women's ears", on which the artist worked for several years. "for Many years I carefully studied the Nude model. ... Over time, my studies began to appear artistic. I did several series on paper, combining natural and abstract composition. Then I decided to write “100 portraits of women.” ... But on the models ' faces, give educated and intelligent, I'm not found of the individual. And decided to look for the identity on the body. According to my observations, the female body was often more original and individual persons Housewives. In addition, in the female body wasn't the ideal, and the differences".

the Main man in the artist's life was his wife, Nina Kotel, where they lived for 35 years. They were called "lovebirds", and the apartment on Palige, according to his friends, was a center of intellectual disputes, the meeting place of friends, artists, poets, art critics. Natalia Nazarova has created a deeply personal film-посвящение about life, creativity and love of these two artists, which is called "Vovania" and refutes the theory that "the artist can not love the artist." They were not similar to each other in the work, but their life together was a continuous dialogue between two outstanding personalities.

In 1990-х Balling suddenly turned to video art, created a series of conceptual projects, most famous of which was "the Salvation of spaces". The artist answered questions from viewers in real time from the TV screen. He has performed as a television preacher. According to the author,it was a mixture of the tenets of Eastern cults, psychoanalysis and philosophy.

a significant part of the creative heritage Salnikova make his art work — articles, numerous reviews of exhibitions, collection of articles "Picasso didn't hear about us" etc. He was a member of the editorial Board of "Art magazine", published critical articles in such periodicals as "ArtChronika", "Culture", "Tomorrow", etc. "In his lyrics matched the point of view of the witness of events and in-depth art analysis".

In 2018 the Museum held a retrospective show of creativity Salnikova. This exhibition was a great cultural event, aroused great interest andprofessionals and the General public. The exhibition was constructed in sections, formed according to the topics and tasks set by the artist. It is such cycles as "Product pattern", "Artist and model", "Space pictures", "Salvation of spaces". The exhibition reflects the individuality of the artist and showed his work in all its diversity.

Work Salnikov are domestic and foreign museums, in private collections of Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Luxembourg and Switzerland.


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