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Person of the week: Natalia Turnova

When I have to, I professionally analyze how it's done, but really to explain the painting — stupid occupation (Natalia Turnova)

Natalia Turnova — artist of bright original gift with a deeply personal creative person. She — scholar, philosopher, which is important for categories such as cognition and self-knowledge. Whose work does not fit into what-то one stylistic direction. Who-то sees in her work the influence of Alexei Jawlensky, August Macke, who-то carry them to pop-арту.

Painting turnaway first sight excite the consciousness, produce a stunning effect, they — bundle of energy thanks to the power of color, its metaphoricity. The complexity of the plastic and the shaped task it sets itself, determined intellectuality and elitism of her creative style.

Color is in the works Ternovoi the dominant role. "I was always interested in color and the ability to Express what-либо through color and form. For example, I really liked Matisse, and many who wrote about me, mentioned it. Picasso I was a little alien, although I was aware of its value. And pop-арт always seemed to me dark and never I was not interested. When critics have found in my work elements of pop-арта, I wondered: how can so little understand what I am doing? In addition to bright colors in my works there is nothing, no pop-арта exactly".

Usually the brightness of the color associated with the impression that-то joyful and life-affirming, however, the work of Turnovo it is not, much harder. Open clash of contrasting colors in her paintings creates a tension, drama and dynamics.

Natalia Turnova was born in 1957 in Kabul, Afghanistan. In 1983 he graduated from the faculty of industrial art Moscow higher is art-промышленного school (former Stroganov).

the First solo exhibition was held in the gallery "Regina" in 1990. She often worked with the gallery, showing his work in 1991 (along with her husband V. Kravchuk), 1995, 2000, 2002. She exhibited in "Krokin Gallery" in 2007, 2009, 2012, "Stella Art Gallery" in 2005 and in 2008 she organized her exhibition in the MMSI.

Natalia Turnova, fragile, graceful woman, she prefers to work in a monumental format. She creates large canvases uses very saturated, bright colors, exaggerated close-UPS. "I are looking for a large format, — she says, — because when you do the little — begin to burrow into the details. With a little work closer, you begin to “see fleas” — I do not like scary. There are people who like it, but for me — painful and absolutely uninteresting". in Other words, for an artist it is important that the picture captured the viewer entirely immersed in their space.

the Range of topics that are touched Turnov, very wide. Often it appeals to the viewer with a very sharp, uncomfortable questions, the answers to which refer to manifestations of aggression, disease, old age. "old Age — the disparity between the feeling andrelationship to you from other people. Young yells about the problem, and the old knows how to solve it, but his voice is not heard. In a traditional society, especially in the East, an old man — sage experience and knowledge which is valued above strength and energy of youth. His authority unquestioned. Unfortunately, in our country, this attitude seems anachronistic".

Portrait of — genre that prefers Turnov many others. It isn't the portrait of a specific person, but rather a portrait of a-то social phenomena, or feelings, experiences. The face of the man in most cases appears in the form of an oval spot, color-coded, where the color — is a synonym of psihologicheski, complexity of emotional experience. Hence comes the sense of new reality. "Me personally, the human face is the most interesting. This very ductile material with which it is possible to show very much. So for me portrait — fertile ground, if you know how to use it. Can't say that I know how, but trying".

the Selected format is monumental, but concise paintings often does not allow one-двух works fully reveal the topic, so Turnov prefers to work in series, she writes like a diary, reflecting my thoughts and experiments. Among her cycles — "Afghan series", "Crime", "Child", "Tennis", "Chronicles one year" (memory of the early deceased husband), "Gynecology", "Love", "Car", "Outside myself", "Generals", "Age", "Diagnosis" (portraits of contemporary people).

In 2018 in TG was realized the project "Silent," which became a new stage in creativity of the master. This was preceded by a long period of "silence" of the artist associated with the attempt to rethink the familiar values, dive in yourself, in your inner world. The result was a spectacular series, consisting of intense color, powerful energy work, different transmission state, and also restrained in color but intense in the form of sculptural objects. "the Tension amount and tension of color had to interact with each other. This is emphasised in the titles of the series: the painting is called “Passion” sculpture — “Silent”. Concentrated silence, when the man is silent, but inside there is a concentration of forces".

Natalia Turnova — a party of about two hundred exhibitions, group and solo; in 2006 was nominated for the "Innovation"award@the semicolon in 2010-м her project "the Diagnosis" came out in the final of the Russian Kandinsky prize, awarded for achievements in contemporary art.

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