The person of the week: Diana Vouba
ARTinvestment.RU   14 апреля 2020

I am not a teacher of life, not a philosopher and mystic. I — finder new beauty. My task - see the invisible and make it visible to others (Diana Vouba)

Diana Vouba — established master with its system of views on art, the owner of original artistic style, active figure in the world art-сцены.

the Path to the knowledge of the art began in early childhood. A native of Abkhazia, it is already in six years enthusiastically experimented with the colours: "Remember how I managed to mix their children's watercolor paint with white oil paint for the Windows and painted the mountains, horses, buffaloes — everything that surrounded us in the village with my grandmother. The choice was made, and even then, I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life." At the age of 14 entered the Sukhumi art school, then graduated from the Tbilisi Academy of fine arts and the Academy of arts in Moscow.

having Received a fine education, Diana has defined his career path as a researcher: "As a rule, artists are divided into two categories: researchers and followers. Now, I consider myself to first... <...> I am moved by an irresistible thirst for knowledge of ourselves, of the world, mysteries of the spirit." This process has been a driving force and stimulus to the constant search and understanding of one's own "I".

In the work of Diana vouba much of the work is devoted to Abkhazia. This landscape series and portrait loops, one of which was the project "Abkhazia: New Generation" (2008).To participate in the project were invited Abkhaz students of Russian universities. In this cycle the young generation appears as a symbol of the future prosperity of their country. Here is a portrait, as well as in the Renaissance, is the quintessence of beauty and harmony. According to the author, portraits of young people embody the dignity and aspiration for the future.

the Originality of the author's style is determined, in particular, a combination of fresh and bright colors, the simple composition, often built on the principle of geometric abstraction. As example, the series "City-Алфавит" (2015-2016), Manuskript (2016), etc. is probably the basis for creativity is the ornament as a dominant plastic image.

Symbols of beauty are portraits of flowers from the series "Geometry of the rose" (2008). In these works, the "design" of a flower is decomposed into independent geometry and color embodies an incredible wealth of flavors which characterizes the artist as a subtle colorist. Color rhythm is like a musical orchestration by the artist plays on his canvases, moving from the real to the abstract way, catching hidden meanings.

In many works of musical rhythm becomes a support structure works. Form possesses inherent rhythm, and the artist needs to capture and convey that music is the language of art. "If you look at my works, you will see that many dedicated musical-цветовой synesthesia: "Dynamic symmetry" (2010), "rhythms of the cosmic frequencies" (2011)... It's like Scriabin heard of color." we All know how bright the composer gave color to music the poem "Prometheus (Poem of fire)", which became the first musical work in the world culture. "Apparently, the same thing is happening to me — continues the artist. — When I was 10 years old, I bought a piano. Over the year I graduated from music school, but never gave me away to study music further and I began to draw. Apparently, since the sound and color are inextricably linked for me".

Infinity series "Walking in the sky" (2014), "the Road home" (2014) is unique. These cycles total tranquility, nostalgic feelings, thoughts. They evoke thoughts about the eternity of the universe, of the beauty, beskonechnosti space. They are rich in associations and virtually no narrative ness. "Our thoughts, emotions, feelings hidden from everyone, but it is an absolute reality, it's just not visible and only a very perceptive person will know what you think. <...> There are things that people do not notice, but these things enrich and fill your life. <...> I Want to share the beauty and the sensations that I feel when something or a phenomenon".

"the Art of Diana Vouba — inspired improvisation. The paintings Diana's breathe authenticity and get pleasure. Passion in them, they are the inspiration, pain and paint Abkhazia," — said of the work of the artist world-famous writer, philosopher, sage Fazil Iskander.

Diana Vouba — participant more than 40 exhibitions in Russia, France, USA, Switzerland, Tunisia. Works of the artist represented in the State Russian Museum in St.-Петербурге, in the Moscow Museum of modern art, in the collections of the Russian Academy of Arts, in the gallery of the Royal family Boncompagni-Ludovisi in Rome, at Kolodzei Art Foundation and private collections in Russia and abroad.

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