Picture of David Shterenberg in 12 times exceeded the estimate at the auction "Russian enamel"
ARTinvestment.RU   21 ноября 2017

3.2 million rubles were paid for the "portrait" painted by David Shterenberg (1881-1948) at the start from 250 thousand. A total auction of paintings, graphics and decorative-прикладного art in "Russian enamel" November 16, brought more than 8 million rubles

the beginning of trading at the auction "Russian enamel" in Nizhny Kislovskiy pereulok gathered no less than a dozen collectors, dealers and lovers of art. Online sale catalogue observed about three dozen people. However, most of the trades tonight were committed by absentee rates. The proportion of sales made up about half of the total number of lots sold. All in all, for a couple of hours of the auction sold 91-lot of 320 (28 %) for a total amount of 8.1 million rubles (27.5% of average total estimate).

Top-лотом auction was the aforementioned "Female portrait" painted by David Shterenberg (1881-1948) — artist who lived in the famous Parisian "Hive", to direct together with Nathan Altman, in the Department of fine arts of Narkompros, to establish the "Society of easel painters" and develop a style that made its author one of the key Russian artists of the first half of the twentieth century. At the auction "KABINET" exhibited "portrait", dated 1930-40-ми — period, when Shterenberg was criticized for formalism, and its past achievements in a picturesque part forgotten, which inevitably affected the state of mind of the artist and his work. However, this "portrait" is written in a very distinctive, recognizable manner. Background contrast, image flatness, the austerity and restraint of the image of women, coupled with the impressive, but at the same time a comfortable size canvases (108 × 69,5) made this item is desirable for at least two fans of Shterenberg. And fans with money. The fight became an employee of the auction house taking bids from a client on the phone, and the girl in the room, also receiving instructions from an unidentified telephone buyer. Appreciated the portrait was modestly — to 250-270 thousand RUB for example, the Russian auction Sotheby's in a week exhibited portrait Shterenberg (though early — 1914) with an estimate of £250-350. And in 2013-м in Stockholm "portrait of a woman with a book" in 1910 went for $223 thousand. In General portraits Shterenberg at public auction can be counted on the fingers. But back to our profile on the "literary Fund". The participants were steady, without a pause for reflection and requests for "half-step", apparently well aware of the real price of work. Stopped only at the level of 3.2 million rubles, which is more than $53 thousand and 12.3% above the initial estimate of the lot. Win a phone a customer whose rates were announced by the employee of the "literary Fund". This work Shterenberg was the top-лотом of the auction on 16 November and the sixth in the list of the most expensive works of the artist, when-либо sold at public auction.

the Sale of "Female portrait" Shterenberg, became the brightest event of the last auction. But not the only one. Above estimete gone also "portrait" Basil Shuhaeva, dated 1956. For work in close Shuhaeva the aesthetics of old master paintings was traded from 350 to 575 thousand.

"a Portrait of a society lady" student Shuhaeva and the eldest son of Fyodor Chaliapin — Boris Fedorovich Chaliapin (1904-1979) — were purchased online-участником at a start of 120 thousand rubles.

Several important workssold without bargaining on absentee rates. For 650 thousand rubles were bought watercolors of Charles Bryullov "Portrait of Elizabeth Sergeevny Casinoi," having been in the collections of the family Salinah and Soviet painter B. V. Ioganson (lot estimate 650-700 thousand rubles); for 400 thousand rubles. went pencil drawing "Nude" by Valentin Serov (estimated 400-420 thousand RUB) from the collection translator and literary critic E. A. Gunsta (1865-1911).

But for graphic work Natalia Goncharova "Ladies of the portrait," 1890-х years, bidding for which began with 85 thousand RUB, the telephone party has decided to compete with the part-time rate and in the end killed her at around 180 thousand.

the selection of decorative-прикладного art top-лотом became tea porcelain couple with cubist painting by Pavel Varfolomeevich Kuznetsov. The lot was bought by absentee rate for half a million rubles (estimated 500-550 thousand rubles).

For the icon "appearance of the virgin to St. Sergius of Radonezh" Moscow factory of Ivan Saltykov (1899-1908) was trading telephone buyer, a collector in the room rate and distance. In the end, with the launch of 35 thousand rubles reached a hammer price of 160 thousand RUB Won a lot phone buyer.

Auction of fine art will continue in the "Cabinet" next week, only this time the auction will be dedicated to contemporary art. Beginning at 19:00 Wednesday, 29 Nov. Don't miss.

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